Interview focused Java Object Oriented questions for IT

This article emphasizes on Interview Questions that are asked while interviewing candidates who are eligible for IT jobs. Object Oriented concepts often cause a problem for the candidates and in this article, Object Oriented Interview questions are only mentioned. One, who is perfect in these concepts can easily break through the Interviews with B.Tech Qualification. I mention B.Tech because these questions are designed as per the syllabus of B.Tech.

These are the Questions that interviewers focuses maximum on:

1) What is Abstraction?
2) Explain Encapsulation. Why is it needed? How is it realized in Java?
3) What are the different protection levels available in Java? (or) Explain private, public access specifiers. Why do we need them?
4) What is Inheritance? Why is it needed? How is it realized in Java?
5) What is Polymorphism? Why is it needed? How is it realized in Java?
6) What is Interface? Why is it needed? How is it realized in Java?
7) What is Package? Why is it needed? How is it realized in Java?
8) Explain key words abstract, final, static, transient.
9) What is the difference between String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder Classes?
10) " Strings in Java are only read only objects ". Explain.
11) What is Serialization in Java? Why do we need this? How to serialize an object in Java?
12) What are the rules for writing a constructor?
13) What is finalize() method? What are the issues in using the finalize method?
14) What is garbage Collection in Java? Explain how does it work.
15) What are Errors, Runtime Exceptions, Checked Exceptions in Java?
16) Explain try/ catch/ finally blocks.
17) Why Java is called portable language? How does it differs from C/ C++ in this regard?
18) What IDEs do you use for developing Java Projects?
19) Explain how to debug a Java Program.
20) What testing tools do you use to test your Java code?
21) How do you measure the performance of your Java Program?
22) What are Generics in Java? What is the need of Generics?
23) What is a Java Archive? How to create an archive (jar file) ?

Those are the Questions any Interviewers definitely concentrate on.
They are the Questions which are mostly asked to my Seniors during my College Placements held this year by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). I have gathered them for the sake of posting them here so that they will be helpful for students like me who aspire to attend interviews and succeed in get placing in Companies. The below given topics are also concentrated in Interviews. They are " Out of Syllabus Questions " for B.Tech. Look at them and develop thorough knowledge even on them.

Basic Java :

* Collection of Package Classes,
* text, io, Swing Packages.

Advanced Java :

* JDBC (Part 1, Part 2),
* NET Packages,
* Tecting - junit, other tools.

Any Java certification is highly treated in terms of Interviews and hence it acts as an add-on to certified candidates. But, the certificate if presented at the Interview should help you in keeping you atleast a step ahead of other members but should not destroy your reputation. To simply say, certified candidates should have the minimum amount of touch on concepts that brought them such important certificates but shouldn't imply the financial effort involved to get those certificates. A normal candidate with average knowledge without any extra certificates is given much priority to the one who have many certificates but have no knowledge.

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