Is the world a subjective term differing on the basis of perception?

Abstract topics are really eccentric in a way. They don't give you anything in particular to talk about and that's where the creativity comes into picture. You can be given a topic like "Red Sky" and people will have a hundred different opinions. It's always exciting to see how people's minds work, and with this I come about with a topic that always has been such an interest to me-whether or not the world is a subjective term that differs based on the basis of perception?

What is the world?

The world is a big ball to some, is a the creation of impossible to some, it is the source of life to some, it is one amongst the 9 planets for some, it's the third farthest away from the sun to some, it's just a ball of mass to some, and the perceptions go on.

An insight on what the world means to me

This world has so many goods and evils and everyone is judging them in their own way. How do we determine what is right and what is wrong? How do we decide what is correct and what is not? To a murderer the act of killing is his passion. It is his livelihood and therefore it is correct for him. We have a different lifestyle, and to us this would be inhumane. This brutal act is a sin. How do we decide what is the right way to live? Maybe the murderous way to live life is correct and we are all living it wrong. We are very double-faced people. We tend to cross our own paths while trying to follow the plan that we ourselves etched. We always preach but never practice. How can we be the judges of the on-goings around us when we have extreme partiality towards the ones we love, towards the work we do. How can we decide what is right and wrong when all we think is about ourselves?

What do we do with choices?

There are so many choices available to everyone, and all one has to do is weigh the options. What is fair to one can be totally unfair to the others. The situations of every one aren't constant. So when you put forward a question to ten different people with different backgrounds, then how do we evaluate? Should The basis of performance be judged perpendicularly to the amount of technique he/she posses, or with the persons mentality, or the persons age, or the persons experience, or how many factors can we pull out?
Again, coming back to the topic, the world IS different in the eyes of different people, and no matter how much one does or says, the picture may change, but the image remains engraved.

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