Basic steps to make your computer virus free

This article provide some basic steps to make our system safe and secure from virus. All of us were already suffered from virus attacks many times, so this articles state some basic steps that should be keep in mind to make our system secure.

Have you ever wondered what makes your system vulnerable to virus and other network attacks , or do you ever try to think what steps we might have to take to make our system virus free.

This article explains you what makes your system vulnerable to virus and what steps we have to take before our system is infected by a virus and what steps we have to take after our system is attacked by a virus.

Virus is nothing but a small program then is written by a programmer is order to reveal some important information that are currently present in your system, it may be an important file or it may be some useful contacts or any useful media also.

We are the only one who is responsible to make our system vulnerable for virus attacks as we attach any USB in our system before scanning it from a good antivirus or we download any file from the internet claiming to give you something free or we click on various spam post and advertisements .

These all things make our system vulnerable for a virus attacks so we should follow some steps so that our system is secured from virus attacks like Trojan, Phishing attacks etc.

The steps that are taken for our system protection are:

1. You should have a good antivirus installed in your system with proper updates.
2. You should always scan a USB before taking any useful data from it.
3. You should click on various spam post and advertisement claiming to give you discounts or some free gifts.
4. You should always check a site whether it is a good site with the help of Google search engine.
5. Avoid the use of fake Software and crackers because all these things may harm your system.

So now I think you all might get clear what precautions we might take to make our system virus free but what to do if our system is already attacked by a virus.

The steps to be followed if our system is already attacked by a virus are:

1. Update first your antivirus and make a quick scan, so that it might delete some viruses.
2. Now run your PC and start a boot Scan which is a good option available in most of the antivirus.
3. If you might think that still your system is infected through virus restart again and now run your pc in safe mode.
4. Make a back up of all your important data as you might have to reinstall the operating system once again.
5. Now try to scan your system through deep scan .
6. If the problem get correct its good otherwise you have to reinstall the windows .

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