The 70 year old hero of Japan

There are so many people in this world who contribute what they can for their own countries in their own ways, from young to old.In Japan was such a person of 70 years who set an exemplary situation for all of us to learn from. This is the story of how he is saving Japan from the recent leakage of radio-activity.

What a 70 year old man did to save his country

2011 December, Japan was washed with a tsunami and an earth quake and right after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster followed.
As soon as the news about the reactors leaking radio activity was released, a 72 Year old retired nuclear engineer Yesuteru Emada reported to duty. Along with him he contacted 200 of his formal friends via email etc and associates and brought them also to work in the affected areas. They formed a group "Skilled Veterans Corps" within a day. All in this group were above sixty five, retired and on pension. Their objective is to save young engineers from working in the reactors thereby allowing them to be exposed to certain radiation effects and sure death at a young age.
Their logic was that they were any ways at the end of their lives and for the radiation effects to precipitate, it will take another 20 years and by that time they all probably will be dead as they are any way between the age groups of 65-77 years. But if the young engineers who are working in the reactors were affected by radiation, then they will become sick and may die prematurely as they are now in the age groups of 30-40 years. In 20 years means by the time they reach the ages of 50 – 60 years they will be affected. Hearing this retired cook Michio also reported to duty so that a young cook can be saved from the radiation. To entertain them another 70 year old singer also went along.
Very reluctantly the Japanese government allowed them. They worked day and night and brought the radiation levels from 250 milli siviets to 100 milli siviets.

What our older generation mainly does

Japan got freedom from the US occupation in 1952, 5 years after our country got 'freed' from British occupation. When the older generation in Japan is striving to save few young engineers in Japan, our current generation leaders are on a war path to loot every resource available which could provide basic employment and quality life for next 60 years for the coming younger generations of India.
While all qualified senior employees, even though not reaching the age of retirement, were forced to take volunteer retirement as directed by World bank or IMF, so that there will be none to object whole sale export of resources to the same Britain based companies for few pence a pound in the name of Development, will not using all the seniors experience and training the young graduates (engineering, medical, general) produce competent young Indians to tap their resources for their own benefit ? Yes it will. If this happens then we don't need to pay huge monies to foreign companies for just extracting our resources. But this will not enrich few who wouldn't want that. So this training should obviously have to be stopped. When we will awake? What is wrong with us?


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