How To Promote Reading Habit And Reading Skills In Children

It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to inculcate the reading habit among the children. Readers for the print is decreasing on the other hand people like listening news through television. There are billion of s lying useless in all national and state libraries with no readers.

We are at the 21st century now the electronic media dominated at all walks of life. The news paper readers are decreasing at a faster rate everyone feel much comfort in listening news from their cellphone, television or from the internet. This brought a decline in the reading habit of people. Children are not an excuse, in the same way the reading habit of children also got down to major extent. It became our habit to go through the subject of the letter instead of reading all words of the letter. We pay much little attention in reading books, newspapers, magazines etc. So, it is a time to develop the reading skill among the children too. The present trend drag the new generation away from reading habit. Children find themselves boring in reading any kind of books that is why they want to hear the story from their elders instead of reading and understanding the story because reading needs comprehension skill which they feel tougher.

How to inculcate reading habit of children

In my view, in the primary classes there should be a reading class in which the child should be asked to read a paragraph and comprehend accordingly. This may improve their reading skills. while developing reading skills they should be assessed of their pronunciation and vocabulary skills too. Apart from the text books of prescribed syllabus they may be given short story books, comic books, cartoon books and so on. These kind of books will definitely enhance and sustain their interest in the field of reading skill development. The recent reform in indian system of education, Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation reiterate and reinforce over the development of reading skills in the primary level of a child. Under the Right to Education act, every school must have a library which should be directly utilized by all children by reading books other than textbooks. So, the concerned department is asked to provide all necessary children books to the library of each and every schools of this country.

Role of parents in the development of reading skills of children at their home

In addition to the school activity, parents play a vital role in developing reading skills among their children. Nowadays, parents spend on electronic requirements like television, cellphone, computer, video game player, iphone etc but they feel little bit uncomfortable in spending money on purchasing newspapers and magazine. By purchasing these kinds of books at their home, children will definitely pay somewhat attention to read those books at their leisure time. This will improve their reading skills. Parents should practice reading habit at their home which may reflect on the child at the later stage. Child simply learns everything from their parents. Always they think mother or father is their role model and they want to be like their parents. So, reading habit should be inculcated in the parents itself which may flow passively to their children. Nowadays, children feel that there is nothing to read everything is available in ready-made form. This made them lazy and inactive.

Conclusion for developing reading skill among the children

It is a combined effort of both parents as well as teachers. By playing their role honestly and worthy, they can bring a positive change among the children in the development of reading skills. No one is taking the things serious to inculcate the reading habits of children. Teachers should take pain for the betterment of children in the school and in the same time parents must support the view of teachers and upholding the reading habit in their home. This type of mutual effort will earn a good result in the years to come.

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