How to increase the immunity during winter?

It is essential to maintain a deep stranglehold right from the childhood to develop the disease resisting capacity. Why after all children fall ill during the winters? In fact their disease fighting capacity is not fully developed to withstand the onslaughts of the bacteria falling on their body. This account is just an attempt to refresh your mind with some easy tips to increase your immunity, especially when the winter is knocking your doors.

Children fall frequently ill because their immune system is not fully developed at this stage as a result diseases attack them with a rate of 100 % success taking them into grips. But don't worry. It is during the winters that the fruits available contain all the elements that are supposed to increase the disease fighting capacity. There are ample of fruits providing vitamin 'C' which brings up shinning on the skin and augments the immunity also.

First of all, make the habit of drinking enough water during the winter. We don't drink even as much as 20 % of water during winter as much we drink during summers. There remains no moisture in the environment also. These conditions could prove to be difficult for both the skin and the health. Therefore, drink a lot of lot of water.

Ginger or saunth

Ginger tea is the favourite drink during the winters. This is an effective medication to provide relief in sore throat. When there is cough and phlegm, drink the ginger tea. It regulates the blood circulation well activating the low lying digestive system fallen due to cold back to its normal functioning.


Soup is liked the most during winters. You too can prepare soups of the different varieties. Generally the tomato soup is the common choice of all. The home made tomato soups works wonders on the skin and the overall state of health. Whenever you cook it, don't forget mixing it with a little of butter and a pinch of black pepper. This is useful in digestion and cough conditions. Besides the tomato soup, you can also prepare the peanut soup, pulse soup, corn soup, vegetable soup etc.

Jaggery (Gur)

Make uses of gur during the winter. It generates heat in body after eating. It contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, potassium, phosphorous etc in ample measures. The blood circulation fallen idle due to cold becomes activated by its use, enhances the pace of the digestive system. Children generally do not like eating gur straight, hence feed them with its halua.

Gooseberries juice (Amla)

Amla is rich in vitamin 'C'. Amla has a tendency to get destroyed on heating. But the properties of amla never destructs by any means or or due to being exposed to heating. You can use as chutney, murabba, direct and many things more. Not only the digestion will improve, skin and hair will be shiny too. It sustains the immunity greatly


Orange during the winters is one of the wonder fruits. It is rich in vitamins. It chases away the skin related problems during the winters and various other types of diseases including cough and cold. It is better eaten under the sun as its property is coldish in stead of eating it or taking its juice either in the morning or the evening. If you eat 2 oranges daily, it would be a perfect diet for perfect health strengthening your immunity.

As for taking tea, it is taken for umpteenth times over during the winter. If you take lemon tea, you will be highly benefited and will also get the full energy of tea. The vitamin 'C' you would be getting from the lemon tea would be immensely beneficial for your health. Use ample lemon in your salads and pulses too.

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