What Leadership Quality Do You Think Is The Most Important For Young Leaders To Learn?

This article is the best resource for young leaders. Because it tells almost all important qualities that are essential for young leaders. It includes almost all important qualities of great young leaders. No doubt the most important quality for young leaders is to influence others.

Leadership is basically about influence and the most important quality for young leaders is

"to learn to influence others".

If you are not influencing others you are not a leader. So influencing others is the first and foremost important quality for young leaders.Leaders are learner hence the most important quality for any leader whether young or old is learning. Learning to influence others can make any common man a great leader.
Other important qualities for young leaders are-

1.Learning to delegate effectively-

Delegation of work properly is utmost requirement for any leader and this the quality that determines whether a manager can become a leader or he will only manage things in all his life.

2.Learning to train the team-

Learning to train is very easy quality but learning to train the right people is the main challenge.

3.Learning the team work-

Ledership is related with leading hence team work plays a major role but always remember there is a big difference between team work and playing politics, it can be office politics or any other kind of politics.

4.Learning honesty and integrity-

There is a difference between honesty and integrity. To understand this diffrence I would suggest you please read Bhagawat Geeta. In Geeta the role of Krishna will tell you a lesson of integrity.


Without character you can not lead for long time.

6.Learning courage and to be brave-

Without courage a leader can not be a true leader. But be careful this is the term that create confusion sometimes, to understand this term rightly I would give you an example of the most courageous leader in the history and i.e. Mahatma Gandhi.

7. Effective listening-

Listening does not mean hearing there is a difference between hearing and listening, to listen carefully you have to focus.

8.Learning to develop vision-

Sometimes vision develops leaders and sometimes leaders create vision. But without vision there is no leadership.

9.Forward looking -

Forward looking is related with vision and focus. How leaders adujust themselves according to changes like changes in Social Media.

10.Learning to inspire others-

Inspiration develops motivation and without motivation no one can take great actions.

11.Learning to lead by example-

Leading by example is major problem you can find in young leaders.

12.Learning to control emotions especially anger-

Although emotions play a good role in leadership and its human for yong leaders but they have to escape from negative emotions like anger.

13.Creativity and innovation-

According to Steve Jobs innovations distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

14.Positive attitude-

Leadership is attitude and young leader have to maintain positive attitude. “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”
Zig Ziglar

15.Good communication skill-

Basically there is two kind of communication i.e. Verbal and non Verbal and young leaders have to develop both the skills.


Without broad band connection you can not develop a broad mind. LOL But openess is an important quality for young leaders.

17.Sense of humor-

What I am trying to say in the point no. 16 is sense of humor.


For example in social media you can not expect immediate results.


Once young leders find their passion than this quality plays a major role


In today`s world young leders are lacking this qulity they have to learn humiltiy.

21.Loyalty & commitment-

Without commitment and loyalty young leaders can not lead for long time

22.Learning to ask relevant questions-

Leaders ask tough questions like why question.


Empathy can be developed in young leaders.


Without determination young leaders can not learn anything.


This is the quality that differanciate between manager and leader. For example if you are reading my articles consistently you also can become a great leader.
Nurturing above qualities can enable young leaders to be great leaders.

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Author: Sankar. C29 Oct 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

I appreciate your thoughts and views about the leadership qualities. A good leader must have minimum of 15 important points which is mentioned above. And also, he/she should be a role model for his/her teammates.

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