The Different Kinds Of Lamps (Diyas) And Their Significance

The Deepawali the festival of lights is fast approaching now. There are different sizes and shapes of lighting lamp as we know of them. But we should also have the knowledge of their significance and the meaning hidden within them. This article will unfold this hidden mystery for your benefits and its uses.

Subham karoti kalyanam arogyam dhan sampadam I
Shatru buddhi vinashay deep jyoti namastute II

Diyas (light lamps) could be inflamed made up of fruits and leaves apart from it being made up of earthen pots, gold, silver brass and floor etc. There is a different specific story behind every diya. Let's come to know why is it so special into itself.

In the very distant past, earthen light pots were not made so easily available to the then people, therefore, in homes, diyas made of floor were inflamed. Pandits say, these floor light pots thus made were immersed in the river waters after their uses so that the floor could be eaten up by fishes and other water animals. During auspicious praying for heart's yearnings to God s like kuldevta, sankashti Ganesh, kshetrapal, Gauri Ganesh etc, light lamps made with floor is lighted.

To make this diya, knead the wheat floor; take a duvet (loii) of it to give it the shape of any big or small size of diya according to choice. Put a cotton wick in the centre of this diya soaked in ghee. If you are making a big sized diya, pitch in 3-4 match sticks in the centre in standing position. Add some ghee in the middle of this diya to burn it longer. Afterwards, feed the diyas of floor to cows after picking the match sticks out of it. There cannot be a more pure and sacred action other than this.

Beside this, during the course of suffering from black fever, lighting lamps made of rice floor in the room bring relief and succour from this complication. While praying votive offering in temples, lighting diyas in odd numbers such as 3, 5, 7, and 9 is supposed to keep diarrhoea and measles at length.

  • Silver lamp: To please the moon God, silver diya is inflamed. This action is supposed to keep penury at an abeyance.

  • Gold lamps: Golden lamp is inflamed to be blessed with wealth and to be cured of some serious disease like cancer etc. This lamp is inflamed to expand the business also.

  • Iron lamp: To appease God Shani, this diya is inflamed.

  • Earthen lamp: The significance of the earthen lamp is paramount in all types of prayers and worshipping, and religious rituals.

  • Brass lamps: Brass is easily available , therefore brass lamps are inflamed in every households.

Lighting lamps made up of vegetables

  • Lemon lamp: Lemon lamp is inflamed in some special religious performance.

  • Lamp of beet (chukandar): Chukandar is made hollow from inside within and ghee wick is inflamed into it. This said to pacify mangal grah, invite peace and purify blood.

  • Pumpkin lamps: It is inflamed after the 'Devi Poojan'.

  • Coconut lamp: Cconut oil is made in the hard skin of the coconut and the wick is then put on to it with ghee or oil. This is said to be propitious for child bit and bringing good fortune and wealth.

Lamps of leaves

To light the lamp on leaves, a round cotton wick dabbed in ghee or oil is put on the leaves.

  • Mango leaf lamp: It is assumed prosperity visits the place where the lamp on mango leaf is inflamed.

  • The lamp on blackberry leaves: On any auspicious worship-ritual, lamp is inflamed by putting the cotton wick on the laves of black berry.

  • Lamp of paan (betel leaf): The lamp ignited on the betel leaf wards off evils and invite good omen.

  • Lamp of peepal leaf: This lamp acts as destroyer of diseases.

Wick of lamps

Just like the materials of the lamps, the oil in use in it has its own significance. The light is the heart of the lamp. The diya is worthless without light. Therefore what medium to inflame the lamp has been brought to be used occupies great significance. To inflame the lamp, chiefly, oils of chameli (jasmine), mustard, til, coconut and ghee are used.

  • Jasmine: Hanuman ji loves chameli oil. To offer chola, this oil is used. Mother Lakshmi also gets pleased with this oil.

  • Mustard: This wards off diseases.

  • Til: This defeats all hurdles as well as pleases Shani God.

  • Coconut oil: If you have some suspicion that a person is having problems due to some outside evil eyes being casted upon him, burn the coconut oil lamp to ward it off.

  • Pure ghee: This is used to please the kuldevta, Shree Ganesh, kshetrapal, kuber, and gram devta

  • Ghee from cow milk: Is used in specific performances of religious importance..

Never use vanaspati ghee or soybean oil in pooja and religious anushthan. This only invites troubles in stead of warding these off.

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Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman19 Oct 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

On any account the diyas made of Iron should be avoided in case of lighting in houses. It is better using clay diyas than the iron one.

Author: Poonam Mishra19 Oct 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Could you possibly elaborate Ramchandran Ji, why the iron diya must be avoided. This diya is considered to be propitious to appease the 'Vakra Drishti' of Shani God.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman23 Oct 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

According to the Hindu Mithology, different metals,tree sticks(called as samith),flowers,colors are specified for different devathas/God. Accordingly the color black, metal iron, blue colored flowers are meant for saturn(sani). So, the metal iron is excluded for all pooja except some apara kriyas.

Author: Poonam Mishra23 Oct 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Thank you for having responded Ramchandran Ji.

Author: Yash23 Oct 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Hi Poonam it is a nice effort put by you on the elaboration of the diyas. Ramachandran Pattabiraman I am happy to learn more about the
iron diya use.

Author: Poonam Mishra24 Oct 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Thanks Yash for appreciating the effort which will go a long way in exhortation.

Author: Kannan02 Nov 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Hi Everyone,

Can you please help me, how to prepare these lamps (Mango, Paan, Peepal, Beet, Blackberry). I would like to try in my home. Please help

Guest Author: Akhilr29 Feb 2012

Thanks for the information . Could you please tel me how to make a betel leaf lamp? , Do we need to place cottonwick dipped in oil directly on leaf?

Guest Author: indira ramlogan11 Nov 2012

I wish to thank you because I have been looking for the longest while on how to make flour deyas, your site has been very informative, once again thank you.

Guest Author: Prerna10 Oct 2016

Do various burning mediums like ghee / oil have any environmental benefit too? Like I read somewhere that burning cow milk ghee produces oxygen. Is this true?

Guest Author: Krishnan Kutty13 Feb 2017

Is it good to use silver lamp and gingelly oil with ghee for Pooja room?

Guest Author: Namitha06 Dec 2017

What about stone diyas? Do they have a specific purpose or can we use them just like earthen lamps.

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