Construction and working of Semiconductor Laser

This resource gives the construction, application and working of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor laser. These semiconductor lasers are widely used in optical communication. It works at threshold voltage condition resulting in laser gain at 9000 Angstrom wavelength.

PN-junction Laser: A semiconductor laser is a specially fabricated pn junction device (both the p and n regions are highly doped) which emits coherent light when it is forward biased. It is made from Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) which operated at low temperature and emits light in near IR region. Now the semiconductor lasers are also made to emit light almost in the spectrum from UV to IR using different semiconductor materials. They are of very small size (0.1 mm long), efficient, portable and operate at low power. These are widely used in Optical fibre communications, in CD players, CD-ROM Drives, optical reading, laser printing etc.

p and n regions are made from same semiconductor material (GaAs). A p type region is formed on the n type by doping zinc atoms. The diode chip is about 500 micrometer long and 100 micrometer wide and thick. the top and bottom faces has metal contacts to pass the current. the front and rare faces are polished to constitute the resonator (fig 1).

fig 1

When high doped p and n regions are joined at the atomic level to form pn-junction, the equilibrium is attained only when the equalization of fermi level takes place in this case the fermi level is pushed inside the conduction band in n type and the level pushed inside the valence band in the p type (Fig 2).

fig 2

When the junction is forward biased, at low voltage the electron and hole recombine and cause spontaneous emission. But when the forward voltage reaches a threshold value the carrier concentration rises to very high value. As a result the region "d" contains large number of electrons in the conduction band and at the same time large number of holes in the valence band. Thus the upper energy level has large number of electrons and the lower energy level has large number of vacancy, thus population inversion is achieved. The recombination of electron and hole leads to spontaneous emission and it stimulate the others to emit radiation. Ga As produces laser light of 9000 Å in IR region.

fig 3

fig 4

Energy Level Diagram of Semiconductor Laser

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