Project details on Employee perception with a questionnaire with reference to Hospital Industry

I have made an article with the questionnaire that would help the management students to get an idea on the project both summer and main project. I have used the topic employee perception to discuss the project and I feel the Questionnaire will provide a basic information on how to prepare a questionnaire and what tools may be used to elaborate the study on a particular aspect.

Employee perception

Employee perception is the aspect to know how mush an employee is satisfied towards the organization. It is the most essential aspect that can drive the employees towards the organization. It should be noted that a satisfied employee would used his maximum effort for the company rather than that of the unsatisfied person. The employees can be motivated by introducing various facilities like good Infrastructural facilities, transportation facilities, canteen facilities and various other facilities. There can be a questionnaire made in order to calculate the perception of the employee towards the organization.
Samples of such a Questionnaire to calculate the perception of the employees is as stated below. The management students can get an idea on how to prepare the questionnaire from the following pattern of questionnaire which is based on Hospital Industry.


Employee perception towards an organization with reference to Hospital Industry

1. NAME:
Male female
3. AGE:
18-24 24-30 30-36 36-42 42-48 48-54
5000-10000 10000-15000 15000-20000
20000-25000 25000-30000 35000-35000
0-3 3-6 6-9 9-12 12-15 15 and more
7. Are you an employee of this organization
If yes, are you a permanent employee or a visiting employee?

8. Have you shifted from other hospital
Yes no
If yes what is the reason for shifting

9. Which facility attracts you the most in the hospital
Good reputation of the hospital
Scale of pay
Work schedule
Technical advancement
Infrastructural facilities
Others (specify)

10. Do you think that all the employees in the hospital are treated equally
Yes no

11. Rate the services provided by the hospital in an five point scale that starts with 5= Excellent and 1= Poor.


Shift system
Cab facilities
Pay packages
Work schedule
Cabinet/restroom maintenance
Safety measures
Canteen facilities

12. According to you what is the reason behind customers returning to your hospital again and again. Tick any choice that you think is correct from the following options.

Quality of service
Speedy recovery
Reasonable charges for services
Weighting time
Infrastructural facilities
Infrastructural facilities
Well trained employees
Medical advancement

13. What do you feel about working in holidays/ weekends

14. Do you feel that the work schedule causes a strain in your family relationship
Yes no

15. Does the hospital provide facilities for higher education to the employees
Yes no
If yes specify

16. Do you think the waste after treating patients are properly diffused off the hospital?

17. What do you feel about job security in the hospital
Very satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Totally Dissatisfied

18. Is there any revision made on the wages in the hospital
Yes no
If yes how often it is revised

19. Is there any awards distributed to the best employee of the hospital
Yes no
If yes how often it is distributed?
Four times a year thrice a year two times a year once a year

20. Which hospital would you feel is the best competitor for your hospital

21. How would you rate your hospital in a five point scale that starts with 5= Excellent and 1= Poor

22. Would you refer others seeking job to your hospital
Yes no
Provide explanation to facilitate your answer

Conclusion of the study

You may use various methods like Chi square, percentage analysis and ANNOVA to facilitate the study. The sample size should be more in order to get the perfect result. I would say that a sample size of more than 1/3 rd of the total employees would be the minimum scale to do the project. You can get the samples through various methods like questionnaire issuing, Observations and telephonic interview method.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha29 Jul 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The author has tried his level best to motivate the aspirants in the jobs being sustained by them. However, the essential element for motivation is the real interest in the assignment. If there is inner urge for continuance of any job, nothing will deter them. Bus facility, canteen and the comfortable working environment do create positive impacts in creating motivation within the mind-frame of the aspirants but all these perquisites are meaningless in absence of the inner drive not felt in course of their performance towards the job.
As far as the jobs in the Hospitals are concerned, they demand concerted efforts to provide relief to the patients in terms of bed facility, food and provision of proper medicines to alleviate the diseases.

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