'Ohm' is not merely a word but the hymn of God

The entire universe is integrated into the word of ohm. Originated from the umbilical cord, the chanting of this mantra turns the entire environ unearthly. The researches conducted through the word over indicate that pronouncing the word ‘Ohm’ provides succour and peace to mind relieving both physical and mental pains. Let’s have a glance over this sound of God through this dissertation.

Fitness is the most often used word these days round. Whomsoever may you see, in stead of running for fitness, they are running behind fitness. Fitness funda is saleable like a hot cake. Somebody is fitness expert while some are fitness guru. Everyone has their own method. In the whirls of imitating foreign life styles, we have forgotten we have our own century old science which is still relevant to even this day. This is the travesty of the irony that as long as the yoga system of the yoga of our country didn't come forward in shape of 'Yoga', we couldn't realize its significance. The history of entire mantra science is with India. Their explanations have been detailed in the Shasta, but we do not know their utility. The power of the mantra science of India is recognised throughout the world. One amongst this universally recognised hymn is the chanting of Ohm.

Impact of the chanting of ohm

The research conducted in the world over reveal that the chanting of ohm gives reprieve and respite from both physical and mental pain. It is becoming very popular in the foreign countries also besides our own country. This is the reason the faith of the people in this mantra is soaring high. Glasgow University concluded after experimenting with this sound on over 100 people that by chanting this sound regularly, clarity comes in thoughts and words. According to them," If the chanting of ohm is regularly done, then its power permeates into every corners of the body creating a newer kind of energy everywhere it circulates in the body. The reaction of the pronouncements of this word impacts on the brain, stomach and the entire parts of the body.

Medicinal values of ohm

The Indian religious preachers are also of the opinion that this hymn chanted in a proper way cures incurable diseases. This is such a medicinal mantra chanting of which doesn't have any side effect. When the word is chanted, its impacts fall of every parts of the body. It cures of both the internal as well external disorders. This has been discovered from researches that the effect of ohm influences the aura of the person. The negative lamentation dissolved in the aura tends to move towards positivity by its approaching sound thereby augmenting it.

Professor Herbert Benson of Harvard University is researching on ohm since 20 years past. He has written a book basing his inferences on his experimentations in which he says, "pronouncing Ohm impacts both the conscious and unconscious states of our mind".

Methods of chanting ohm

  • Select a peaceful place.
  • It is better to prononce this Ohm after rising early in the morning. If this is not possible, chant this pious mantra in the nigh before going to bed.
  • If any open place like field, park, roof or garden is not available, chant it in your room.
  • Switch TV, Music system etc while singing this hymn.
  • Do it on a cleaner place on ground by sitting on a woollen cloth preferably so that the energy don't get transmitted under the ground through the direct contact of your body with the earth.
  • Never do it sitting on the bed of cot, palang or any fixture or furniture.
  • Chanting this hymn doesn't require any idol or image of God, Dhoop, incense sticks, or a diya.
  • Sit in padmasan posture on a clean asani.
  • The eyes should be closed.
  • The chants should emanate from the umbilical cord in a loud volume. The sound should be stretched as longer as it could be. Give longer stress on the letter 'M'. Take a pause when the stomach is filled with the air fully. Repeat this process again. Repeat this process 15 times over at least.
  • After chanting the mantra, meditate for a little while (2 minutes) and then stand up.

Chanting this mantra regularly rids off tension. Tension is the mother of numerous types of diseases. This sound of God Almighty provides peace and succour to the body resulting into a calmed down body free from the vibrations of any negative aura.


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