Modern Teaching Aids - An Innovative Teaching Method

In this article you will find various modern teaching methods. You can find advantages and disadvantages of modern teaching methods and also comparison of traditional teaching with modern teaching methods. Development of technology will really change our education system which I given here.


For improvement of our education system we are developing a lot of innovative in technology or we can call them modern teaching aids. Modern teaching aids include use of electronic gadgets instead of a human teacher. Modern teaching aids will replace a human teacher with an electronic teacher. This may be more helpful for today's generation because today's generation is more believe in usage of electronic gadgets instead of applying their efforts to solve a particular task. Below you can find different aspects of both traditional teaching methods and modern teaching methods. Then you can rate which methods is best according to your thinking.

Old teaching methods

  • In old days we were taught by a teacher on a black board with a white chalk in his hand. We have to do many hard calculations by our self there were no calculator or any electronic gadgets which could solve your problem in a second without applying effort to it.

  • There were no computer in the olden days; we had to write in notebooks instead of writing in Microsoft Word and Notepad.

  • If we want specific notes of a subject then there were no internet, we had to go his home and took notes which could waste a lot of time. There were no tablet at that time for reading many books on a same topic, we had to take books from our teacher and a single book is read by the whole class.

  • But in olden teaching methods every hard work were done by our mind not by any electronic gadgets. By this students used more mind capacity then current students.

  • Also there was no electricity especially in villages, so students would learn in front of lamps. So students were more focus to their studies in olden days. Learning was harder at that time comparison with current. But students also work very hard and perform their best.

  • And one most important thing we had a teacher with us which always ready to help us in any form. An electronic gadget will never replace a place of teacher in term of teaching because a teacher is a human and electronic gadget is a machine.
  • Below you can find the new innovative comes in today's teaching methods.

    Modern teaching methods

  • Modern or current teaching methods are totally based on the use of technology. Now we have invented new technology to give better education to our younger generation.

  • Modern teaching methods include uses of projectors, computers, e book readers and many others. By usage of more and more technology student efforts will drop down. They have to work less in comparison to olden days. If we have some Mathematics problem then we have calculator. Within a single click answer is in front of our screen. There is no need of efforts applied by our mind in solving that problem. The works of us is doing by a machine.

  • But for doing complex calculations calculators are very helpful for us. Specially for doing scientific calculations, calculator can solve it very easily. That use of calculator is helpful not by a fifth grade student for his Mathematics calculation.

  • For better understanding of a particular subject we uses projectors which are really help a lot in understanding of a subject. With the help of projectors a teacher can be able to teach more and we grab lot knowledge from him.

  • With the coming of internet students can find solution to most of his problem on the internet. Today's we have to hit a single search button on Google and we easily finds out anything.

  • There is no need to go market and purchase books; they are already available on the internet. You have to download your subject book and read whenever you want. There is no problem of time for reading that book.

  • With the help of technology we are now creating real life situation for our problem, so that we are understand them more accurately rather than just read it and try to solve it. Especially in Physics we have such software present which can virtually create such situation same exactly given in the situation and we can solve them easily.

  • To gain more and more knowledge we have a lot of books to study. Now there are fewer loads on a teacher and in today's Google will likely to be a teacher for every internet users. If you have a doubt you just Google it and Google can give solution to user answer without charging any fee.

  • But modern teaching methods make us more dependent on machine rather than use of our own mind and doing hard work.

    Comparison of Modern teaching methods with Olden teaching methods

    If we compare modern teaching methods with olden teaching methods than might be modern teaching methods wins.
  • In olden days we had a teacher for teaching and now also we have a teacher but today's instead of that particular teacher a new teacher is come which is called Google. By coming of this new teacher students have two teachers one for a particular subject and other for any subject. This will really reduce load from the teacher but in past teacher had more load. So they would not able to fully teach each and every student. Also they would less explain to their student problems because the queue was very long and teacher was only one. But now if a teacher fails to explain something than students go to Google and finds appropriate solution to their problems.

  • In olden days we had blackboards for studying but now we have projectors for presentation and computers. On blackboard a teacher can solve your problem but with the help of projectors and computers you can create such situations and then solve it. This will more understand by the students rather than solving a problem on blackboards. Now you have e book readers for reading books in your tablet or laptops. There is no need of buying lot of books and also we are stopping wasting of papers by using of e-book readers. But no such facility available in the past.

  • Today's communication system is so much improved that if you urgently needed some notes than you just connect with your friends with the help of social networking sites and tell them they can send soft copy of notes to you through email instantly. But in olden days we could not find such easy way of communication.

  • We can feed ourselves with latest news and ongoing research through internet. I think from the above comparison it look likes that modern teaching methods are always ahead of the olden or traditional teaching methods.

  • Advantages of Modern teaching methods

    We can find lot of advantages of modern teaching methods. Use of calculator in solving scientific problems will save our lot of time. Use of tablet and e-book readers will save our both time and money. Also by using tablet and e-book readers pollution will reduce. With the use of modern technology we can get more news in lesser time. Use of projectors in our education system is really advantage for students. With the help of projectors a teacher can easily present with more creativity about a particular topic and also student easily grab those things which are taught them on projectors. This will also save lot of time of a teacher. In modern teaching methods we are making students self dependent. By this a students will try to solve more and more problem by themselves. This is really helpful for every student. Now teachers have sufficient time for the weak students. With the help of video conferencing our students can easily gains some knowledge by foreign teachers and also with foreign students. This technology is very helpful at college level. These are some of advantage of modern teaching methods and this will increases as technology develops.

    Disadvantage of Modern teaching methods

    There are very less disadvantage of modern teaching aids. Like use of calculator in lower class can reduce your mind capacity. We are replacing our teacher with technology. But without a teacher we are not able to learn anything. We develop any great technology for education but without a teacher it is useless. Hence use of technology or electronic gadgets is not bad but we are not forgetting our teachers also. Because a machine can never teach those things which can only teach by a teacher.


    From the above, I think use of both modern teaching and traditional methods are best for providing best education. The combination of latest and old always form a best way. In mixture of both methods we are providing best education system to our younger generation. Now its your turn to decide which method is best traditional methods, modern methods or mixture of both.

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