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How To Use Modern Teaching Aids To Make Teaching More Effective?

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In this article I am discussing the modern teaching aids, types and its importance in enhancing teaching and learning experience for teacher and students. With my experience as teacher and sharing thoughts with teachers I am sorting out the advantages and disadvantages of modern teaching aids and use modern teaching aids more ly.

What is a teaching aid?

A teaching aid is something which makes teaching easier for the teacher and make learning more effective and enjoyable for the student. An example of timeless teaching aid is Blackboard and chalk. Though with time blackboard has been evolving to be in different eye-catching colors and chalks are also becoming more colorful, sometimes digital and dust free. But the universal appeal of a blackboard is never going to decease from a classroom.

So though blackboard is considered traditional it can be also be counted among timeless and modern teaching aids with.

What are the modern teaching aids?

Modern teaching aids are varied in nature and utility. From learning laptop to toys todays kids have an world of opportunities in terms of variety in teaching aids. There are games, activities according to the developmental stages of a learner, tools and systems etc which can make a teachers task more enjoyable.

But looking from a different point of view many teachers also complain about the complexity of of modern teaching aids. But that is a different aspect altogather.

Modern teaching aids list

Teachers now have a array of teaching aids which can help them in effective teaching. They are of different types according to their uses and characteristics.

Overhead projector(OHP) or LCD projector
Camcorder and voice recorder.
Latest gadgets like Android phones and Tablet PCs instead of computer.
Accessories like U.S.B cable.
Clay models,
Learning/educational laptops in classroom. Mathematical puzzles
Word puzzles
Magic pencils and drawing brush
Above all creativity of teacher.

Types of Teaching Aids

Interactive Teaching aids: Interactive teaching aids include which involve both teacher and her students in learning. Any teaching aid can work as interactive teaching aid if teachers creates scope for students participation.

Latest gadgets like Android phones, tablet PCs can be utilized instead of bulky computers and TVs in classroom.

Visual teaching aids: All types of aids that makes learning happening through visuals are considered visual aids. From flash cards, pictures to TV or LCD projector can be considered visual aids.

Audio Teaching Aids: Audio teaching aids can be very effective in language classes. Tape recorders or voice recorders can produce better results while correcting mistakes in pronunciation in spoken English or even the first and other languages.

Alphabet and charts: Alphabets and numerals in clay or plastic play very important role in pre schools while teaching alphabets and numerals for beginners. Alphabets can grow up with students age and play an important role in increasing vocabulary.

Charts can be prepared both by teacher and students and becomes handy in discussing complex ideas like judiciary system etc in science and social studies in higher classes like IX to X.

Abacus : Abacus is a very old teaching aid. In fact it is considered the predecessor of computer. But for beginners it is still considered one of the most effective teaching aid for learning basic ideas of addition and subtraction.

Puzzles: Similarly for the students of higher classes should be given mathematical puzzles, word puzzles etc which help in intellectual development and vocabulary build up.

Books as Teaching Aids: Books are actually teaching aids, though many find it difficult to buy the idea. Even during our high school books were both the purpose of school education and a means of learning. But experts today believe and are trying implement to the idea that books are basically a teaching aids. And with handy instructions, activity ideas, games incorporated with a lesson books are actually becoming the best teaching aid for a teacher. Unlike yesteryears when books, its lessons, and question answers were the only purpose of learning, today books are more interactive.

Modern Teaching aids and books

The books prepared by authorities like NCERT have very well constructed guidelines for teachers to create learning situations with the active participation of students. Books are also prepared in a way that incorate lots of puzzles, games, and activities for the children.

Educational Toys as teaching aids: Educational toys are integral part of play schools and nursery classes. While it is difficult to create all types of situations in classroom even though the teacher wish to create, educational toys can make it possible. Even the regular toys that a child play at home can be great to teach child many things.

Skits or sketches, pictures and flash cards as teaching aids : All these are very effective for teaching in classroom from pre-primary to higher classes. Only thing matters is that teacher should use them effectively and instead of preparing them y themselves they should engage some professionals so that teacher can devote more time in finding ideas to interact with students.

Colors and Lessons plans: Colors are very important for lower classes. It adds the fun element so easily that children learn without knowing that they are learning something.

A lesson plan is the most important teaching aid for a teacher. Without a lesson plan his class will never be as successful as it should be. The purpose/objective of the lesson well states, points to be focused, interaction ideas, and testing ideas all should be incorporated in the lesson plan. The use of other teaching aids and how they will be used should be clearly stated in the lesson plan. Each and every trained teacher understands the importance of a lesson plan.

Science Equipment or models: For teaching science lessons equipment are unavoidable. They encourage students to be more participating, more inquisitive and inspire them to work as team. This creates the ideal environment for science classes and by getting students interested in the basic idea of the lesson the teachers task is much easier now.

Modern teaching aids for higher classes

For higher classes like IX or X etc, models are very useful technique and aid. If a student actively participate in making models and teacher encourage them to create models and guide them this can be a great teaching aid. Besides, computer and internet too can play a big role in teaching. Now-a-days actually kids are more dependent in taking help from the internet regarding preparing projects for different subjects. But this is not always good because instead of collecting information today most students collect readymade projects prepared by experts. Anyways computer and an internet connection is a great modern teaching aid now.

Use of latest gadgets in classroom

Students of higher classes will definitely love to use and handle the latest gizmos like Tablet PCs. Apart from giving them the opportunity to learn about new technologies they can learn with apps like Google maps.

Apparently today's new generation is very much well versed with new technologies. New devices being user friendly the young students from privileged class have been using such devices like iPhone, Android phones, iPads etc for entertainment as well as learning. In such cases teacher has to keep them updated with such technologies and be prepared to answer questions from students.

Teacher can and should use gadgets to keep them updated with resources about latest scientific developments, political changes, lifestyle changes and diseases etc, so that they can supplement what they teach from book in the classroom. In this regard Google search and referring to reliable websites can be very useful.

How modern teaching aids are effective in pre-school

Pre-school is the phase where a teacher cannot make learning possible without teaching aids. So modern teaching aids are of the best use in this phase. Cartoons, TV programmes, interactive TV, Learning laptop, educational toys like alphabets, numbers, animal models and so on. Nursery rhymes, kid's stories etc are now found in the stores by which a teacher can provide very enjoyable learning experience to pre-schoolers.

Kids basically love the fun part of learning. So it is must that a teacher should not insist on learning part. Instead they should encourage kids to enjoy the fun part. Lessons should always taught through some activities, be it coloring, drawing, enacting the characters and dramatizing the lesson make the learning more fruitful.

While talking of modern teaching aids, we must remember all these teaching aids, excluding the last one that is teacher's creativity comes with a cost. So in context to more than 50% of Indian schools cannot afford these kind of modern teaching aids. Those schools that get government aid and those who takes higher price for students enrollment can afford the above mentioned teaching aids like Television, OHP, Computer, and learning laptops. So for the lion share of Indian schools teacher's creativity playds a great role in inventing and creating teaching aids and learning situations.

There are huge advantages in using modern teaching gadgets for both teachers and students. But at the same time the teacher should be aware of the disadvantages of using modern gadgets and aids in teaching. Because young minds are very much impressionable and they know whether the teacher is really willing to interact with them or simply keeping them engaged in the class.

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Article by Runa N Borah
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Responses to "How To Use Modern Teaching Aids To Make Teaching More Effective?"
Author: Rajani (Raji)  10 Nov 2011   Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
Good contents are posting in both. Really it must be in remind that all teaching aids are not good for the all classes. For UKG students only use the funny aids, funny in computer will bad effect to a kid. All teachers want to aware of it.

Author: elizabeth vinod  06 Nov 2014   Member Level: Gold   Points : 4
Very good article about using modern teaching aids in teaching. Teaching is really a difficult task if we take it seriously. We can read the text book and describe it to students but whether he or she gets the correct meaning of it, that is very important. Teaching for so many hours makes the child less attentive in the class. So these types of teaching aids are essential for teaching. Nowadays children are more advanced in learning and practicing things. So we can use these technologies in teaching them. Also what we sees that remains in our mind more stronger than what we hears. So this is a very good idea and I think teachers should use it appropriately for each child group.


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