Movie Review of Hollywood Movie: RIO

Here's a movie review of a Hollywood movie "RIO" which was released on 15th April 2011. It is one of most successful movie of the year 2011. I have tried not to reveal the main things, but just the outline.


RIO is an animated movie from the creators of "Ice Age" and the story is based on birds, released on 15 April 2011 (yeah, I know I'm a bit late!). Yes! That's unusual but the Ice Age creators did not disappoint. The movie is directed by Carlos Saldanha, a Brazilian. The advantage of having a Brazilian director can be seen in the movie. The main character of this movie is a blue macaw parrot. The story is about how he was separated from his kinds when he was a baby and then how he came back to his own kinds, to his actual place. Let me mention that Rio is not the name of the bird (as what I thought before watching the movie!) but the name of the place, Rio De Janerio in Brazil, South America where the movie starts and where it ends. I'll try not to reveal the interesting scenes, instead I'll provide the outline of the movie. So, let's start with the characters.

Main characters (as per their appearance in the movie):

>Blu, a male blue macaw- The hero! (Formally named Tyler Blu Gunderson)
>Linda Gunderson- Blu's owner (Human character)
>Tulio Monterio- An ornithology specialist (Human character)
>Nico- A friend bird
>Pedro-another friend bird
>Nigel- the evil cockatoo
>Jewel, a female blue macaw- The female main character
>Fernando- an 8 year old orphan boy (Human character)
>Marcel- the villain (Human character)
>Armando-Marcel's team mate (Human character)
>Tipa-Marcel's team mate. (Human character)
>Rafael- and another friend bird, a toco toucan
>Luiz- (better find out in the review who was he!)


It's an animated, adventure, & comedy movie. It's a very good movie, you can definitely watch it with your whole family.

Here the story begins!

The story begins with the dance of the birds at the jungle of Rio De Jenario, Brazil. Here you get the first sight of the blue macaw, our hero, as a baby (a cute one!). The blue baby macaw can be seen dancing in an empty nest, shaking his tail and dancing on the beats of bird dance going around him. The bird party is interrupted by human beings; catching the birds and making deals on them. Unfortunately in the rush of escaping, the baby macaw falls off his nest and finds himself in a cage!

Next, he along with many other birds are taken to Minnesota, US. Due to the driver's carelessness the box, which contains the baby macaw, falls off from the truck. Poor little, scared bird couldn't understand anything, he's blank and very much scared. Here's comes Linda Gunderson, who is a 7 or 8 years old girl. She finds the box and opens it to check what's in. She finds the scared blue baby macaw at the corner of the box, completely terrified, and decides to keep him and take care of him. She named him "Blu", because of his blue feathers. Here starts the story of their friendship.

Time flew away slowly and steadily. Linda and Blu collected unforgettable memories together. They are now more like best friends and not like a pet and owner. And now Blu is 15 years old and Linda too is a young lady. Linda loves Blu so much that she don't even visit her mom because she don't want to leave Blu alone at some pet keeping! Blu too loves Linda and loves his cage! He likes his pet life and living as a free bird no more suits him. Oh, he's domesticated and hence he can't fly but is great in walking and climbing up and down using his feet and beak. He rests in his cage but surely he knows how to open it! Blu is oftenly disturbed by the "free" birds who throw snow balls on him from outside and tease him and laugh at him. But Blu likes a domesticated life more and doesn't bothers. Linda owns a book shop.

One fine morning Linda and Blu are visited by a funny character, Dr. Tulio Monterio, doctor of ornithology. He breaks the news to them that Blu is the last male of his kind and he has come from Brazil just to see Blu. He tells them that they have found a female macaw of Blu's kind and told Linda that their plan is to bring the two birds together to save the species. He asks them to come over to Rio De Janerio in Brazil for the same. But Linda, who doesn't even visit her mom because she doesn't want to leave Blu alone, refuses at first but of course she's a nice hearted girl and decides to go to Rio for the good cause.

They flew all the way to Brazil and reaches just a day before Carnaval, the biggest party of the world! On the way Blu finds two birds, Nico and Pedro, cool birds, and gets some tips to impress a Brazilian girl (as in the female macaw) as Blu tolds them that he's in Brazil to meet a girl. (Ahem, Ahem!)

Finally now their journey is over to the Bird Conservation Park at Rio. They saw a lots of birds there who were rescued from the smugglers. One of them was Nigel, a cockatoo, who appears to be very innocent and hurt! Anyways, without wasting time, Blu is sent to a small room (a kind of small jungle) to meet the female blue macaw, Jewel. But of course, first meeting is never fun! Jewel is not impressed by the last guy of her kind. See the movie to check the happening, why she didn't liked him! Tulio and Linda left them at the treatment room, although Linda is not so sure to leave him alone.

Now, here comes the evil one. After Linda and Tulio left for dinner, the cockatoo, Nigel, the villain, attacked the gaurd (he's smart evil bird!) and a kid, named Fernando, stole the two precious, last blue macaws on the earth with the help of Nigel and sell them to a smuggler, the main villain, named Marcel and his team mates Tipa and Armando. Both the birds are chained together in their cage and hanged on the wall. The kid didn't wanted to stole but did for tummy's sake, he had a feeling of guilt after doing this! (Poor kid is an orphan!).

Now, the birds are stuck in the cage. Jewel, completely irritated, tries to escape and they somehow did. See the movie to check out how! Jewel tries to fly away but couldn't because, firstly, they are chained together and secondly... Blu can't fly! Somehow, they escape, but still chained together. Walking all the way they reach a jungle. A lots of fun stuff in the jungle as well!

On the other side, Linda is worried and blames herself for whatever happened in their absense. She starts searching Blu with the help of "missing posters". Fernando, the kid who took the birds find one of those and decides that he should help them because he had the guilt feeling. So he did. He takes them to the place where he left the birds but finds that no one there except Armando and Tipa. But somehow Fernando manages to get out some of the information from Armando and Tipa that they are going to smuggle the two birds along with many more taking the advantage of carnaval's crowd. He also manages to go with them to help Linda and Tulio. On the other hand, Blu and Jewel are safe now, at least for the moment, trying to free themselves from the chain and move on on their separate ways. There they met, Rafael, a bird father of 17 and a loving husband but a bit scared of wife (as all men are)! They three then set off for another journey to find Luiz, a friend of Rafael, who he thinks can help them getting rid of the chain. But this is another great task for the flightless, blue macaw; to walk up to Luiz! On the way they meet the two birds again, Nico and Pedro. They adds some more flavor to their journey to Luiz. Now, how do they reach to Luiz?? That I'll leave up to you to watch in the movie, how they managed to reach up to Luiz (That too is very interesting).

Nigel takes help from the monkey "thieve" group to find out the macaws. They succeed too but the macaws manage to escape, again! Watch the movie to find out how. The birds somehow manage to reach Luiz, and finds out that Luiz is a bull dog! He's a very friendly, funny and slimmy, saliva dog (saliva pouring down from his mouth all the time!! Yikes... but cute!). He tries to cut the chain off but ended up almost killing the two birds! But his saliva do helped them getting the chains off from their feet! Find out how, in the movie.

Now is the climax. There's a little misunderstanding between the two young birds and they chose different paths to go off. Rafael, Pedro and Nico tries to make the things light but couldn't make it. Jewel, completely broken, flies off on the opposite direction to Blu, crying. On the way she is caught by Nigel, the evil bird! Nico and Pedro, who were till now following her, reports Rafael and Blu that a cockatoo took Jewel with him to the carnaval. Blu did knew who was that cockatoo! Now, Blu and friends set off to the carnaval to save Jewel. Other side, Linda and Tulio too set off for the carnaval to find Blu. Blu did find Jewel and other birds but he himself got caught by Nigel! They took the birds to smuggle through a plane.

Now, Marcel and his two mates loaded the birds in the plane to smuggle them. In the meantime, Linda and Tulio too reaches the spot and tries to stop them. But couldn't succeed. Now, it was time for the hero to do something. And he did. He freed everybody somehow (watch the movie!) and one more thing happened. Guess what, Blu can fly now! I'm not going to break the suspense how, watch the movie! Linda is very happy to see her bird flying and she's even more glad to see her pet back!

This is what called a "happy ending". Now, Linda and Tulio have a Blu Bird Sanctuary and the orphan kid, Fernando too is with them. Blu is free now and lives in that sanctuary, named on him, with his family. Yes! He has a family now, he's three kids and Jewel as his soul mate. And this is a happy "The End".

My opinion

I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend you to watch with your family. It has its own score and the music direction is by John Powell. It's a unique movie. Usually you don't find an animated movie based on birds, surely you would have seen on other animals but not birds. Story is not predictable at most of the parts, it is at some points. (at least I think so. I tried not to reveal a lots of things. Just an outline. The adventurous part is definitely unique). Picture and sound quality is very good (as I said, creators of Ice Age don't know how to disappoint!). You can feel that the scene is going on in Brazil. Sound effects too are very good. I love the soundtracks as well. So, overall it's a good work by the Blue Sky team. You'll not find any obscene like you see in Bollywood movies these days! A must watch movie with family. I'm glad that movies like this exist. (Do share your opinion if I miss a point)

My rating:

If I have to rate, I'll rate 4.5/5 (or maybe 5/5!). You better watch and rate, don't trust on me! I can tell I like the movie, that's it.

IMDb ratings

7/10 (keeps on changing)


Total duration of the movie is 01:35:57, including the names shown at the end. So, you can minus 10-15 minutes.

Size on disk

(In case you watch on your computer or laptop) 271 MB (284,434,432 bytes)

RIO soundtrack

1.Real in Rio- 3:48. (Artists- Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, and the rio singers)

2.Whoomp! There it is-. (Artist- Tag Team)

3.Say you, say me. (Artist- Lionel Richie)

4.Let me take you to Rio (Blu's Arrival)- 1:54. (Artists- Ester Dean and Carlinhos Brown)

5.Sapo Cai- 2:46. (Artists- Carlinhos Brown and Mikael Mutti)

6.Copacabana dreams. (Artists- Sergio Mendes and John Powell)

7.Girl from Ipanema. (Written by- Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicious De Moraes & Norman Gimbel)

8.Pretty bird- 2:04. (Artists- Jamaine Clement)

9.Funky monkey- 2:24. (Artists- Siedah Garrett, Carlinhos Brown, Mikael Mutti & Davi Vieira)

10.Mas Que Nada- 2:44. (Artist- Sergio Mendes)

11.Balanco Corioca- 3:01. (Artist- Mikael Mutti)

12.Forro Da Fruta-2:12. (Carlinhos Brown & Mikael Mutti)

13.Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)- 2:16. (Artists-, Jamie Foxx & Anne Hathaway)

14.Fly Love-2:39. (Artist- Jamie Foxx)

15.The Chicken Dance. (Written by- Werner Thomas & Terry Rendall)

16.Telling The World- 3:33. (Artist- Taio Cruz)

17.Take You To Rio- 3:26. (Artist- Ester Dean)

18.Samba De Orly- 2:49 (Artist- Bebel Gilberto)

Voice of....

>Blu- Jesse Eisenberg
>Linda Gunderson- Leslie Mann (young Linda)/ Sofia Scarpa Saldanha (Kid >Linda)
>Tulio Monterio- Rodrigo Santoro
>Jewel- Anne Hathaway
>Nigel- Jemaine Clement
>Fernando- Jake T. Austin
>Marcel- Carlos Ponce
>Armando- Davi Vieira
>Tipa- Jeffrey Garcia
>Nico- Jamie Foxx
>Rafael- George Lopez
>Luiz- Tracy Morgan

Success of the movie!

RIO made $143,619,809 in North America, along with $340,246,709 in other territories as of September 8, 2011 and a total of $483,866,518 worldwide, This made this movie the seventh-highest grossing film of 2011. It was the first film (Hollywood) of 2011 to pass the $400-million mark.

Watch the movie trailer here: RIO TRAILER

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