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Teaching with modern and traditional methods

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When we talk about teaching methods then our society divides into three groups; one group favours the traditional teaching methods, second group favours modern teaching methods and third group is the one who supports the combination of both for effective teaching. In this article I will explain that what are the pros and cons of each teaching method and how we can integrate both traditional and modern teaching methods for effective teaching?

A sound education system is the prerequisite for the development of any nation. This is a well-known fact that our education system still relies on traditional methods and there is a need to combine the traditional teaching with modern teaching aids for a better and advanced education system. There is a difference in the opinion of the people regarding the use of traditional teaching methods and modern teaching methods. Some people say that traditional teaching methods are best for imparting the education in the students while some favour that we should use modern teaching methods for giving quality education. In my view there is a need of maintaining the balance between the use of traditional and modern teaching methods. Both traditional and modern teaching methods should be used simultaneously for the betterment of education.
Before going deep into the discussion first let us have a look on the both traditional and modern teaching methods with the advantages and disadvantages of each system-

Traditional teaching methods

In most parts of our country traditional teaching methods are used in the educational institutions. In the traditional teaching method, teachers illustrate the concept to the students with the help of chalks and blackboard. Every important thing regarding the topic is written on the blackboard and students make important notes from the blackboard. After the lecture is over students revise their notes and try to memorise the notes. The main objective of traditional teaching is to pass the examination. Traditional teaching system has its own merits and demerits.

Merits of traditional teaching methods-

Traditional teaching methods used in the educational institutions have many advantages. These advatages can also be seen as disadvantages of modern teaching methods-
  • Traditional teaching method is cheaper than the modern teaching methods which make it more suitable in the schools of rural areas.

  • Some subjects like mathematics or chemistry are best taught on a blackboard as there is a need of explaining the concept at each every step.

  • There is more interaction between the teacher and student in traditional teaching methods as compared to the modern teaching methods. We can also say that in traditional teaching there is more discipline in the class.

  • In traditional teaching methods teacher does not require any special technical knowledge and can focus more on his subject for imparting the best knowledge to the students.

  • traditional teaching methods don't put any strain on the eyes of students whereas modern teaching methods can adversely affect the eyes of the students.

  • Modern teaching methods-

    From the last decade the use of high tech equipment in the educational institutions is increased with a rapid rate. Now there are lots of modern gadgets which can be used for improving the teaching in the classroom. Here is the list of most popular equipment which can be used in modern teaching-

    Use of computers or laptops with wi-fi connection in the classroom- This is the most important tool of modern teaching methods. Teacher demonstrates the subject on his laptop/computer which is connected to the laptops/computers of the students through wi-fi connection. This type of teaching is seen mostly in the higher education institutions which have good infrastructure.

    Use of LCD projector in the classroom- Use of LCD screens in the educational institutions is becoming very common nowadays. Teacher prepares the power point slides and which are displayed on the LCD screen with the help of a projector. The projector can also be connected to a laptop/computer for displaying the relevant videos of the subject on the projector.

    Use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom- Whiteboards are very interactive and provides the touch control of the computer applications. On whiteboard a teacher or student can draw, write or manipulate images so providing a very interactive and interesting platform. The main advantage of whiteboards is that it can show anything on it which can be seen on the computer.
    The other less popular modern teaching methods include-
  • Use of digital games in the classroom

  • Use of special websites or blogs for teaching in the classrooms

  • Use of microphones for delivering the lecture in the classroom

  • Merits of modern teaching methods-

    Modern teaching methods have various advantages over traditional teaching methods. These merits can also be viewed as disadvantages of traditional teaching methods-
  • Modern teaching methods create more interest among the students with the help of interesting animations and videos.

  • Research has shown that use of visual media for teaching helps the students to understand the subject better and also helps students to memorise the concept for longer time.

  • With the help of modern teaching methods teacher can cover more syllabus in lesser time as they don't have to waste their time in writing on the blackboard.

  • Videos and animations used in the modern teaching methods are more explanatory than the traditional blackboard methods.

  • Integration of modern and traditional teaching methods for effective teaching-

    Till now we have studied that both modern and traditional teaching methods have their own pros and cons. So it will be beneficial for our education system to combine the advantages of traditional and modern teaching methods for effective teaching. Here main question arises that how we can combine both traditional and modern teaching methods for effective teaching? Let me explain this with following points-
  • Blackboard and LCD projectors can be used simultaneously in a classroom; for teaching complex mathematical equations teacher can use blackboard while theoretical subjects can be taught on a LCD projector with the help of slides.

  • Practical subjects of basic sciences and engineering can also be taught best with the help of combination of both traditional and modern teaching methods. Teacher can explain the theory on a blackboard and for better understanding of the procedure of the experiment videos or animations can be used.

  • There is also another aspect through which we can combine both traditional and modern teaching methods for better teaching. Teachers can teach the subject first through traditional methods and then can take the help of modern teaching methods for revising the subject.

  • Conclusion-

    I think main motives of the education should be to build the overall character and to bring the all-round development of the students. There is no point in discussing that which teaching method is better than the other? Instead we should concentrate on providing the best education system to the students as it's the students who will run the nation in future. I think we can develop a better education system only if we will be able to combine both the traditional and modern teaching methods.
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    Guest Author: RT   31 Jul 2014
    Interesting and useful article. The whole point of this article is to discuss which is better system and it is indeed useful to discuss about this. So you could have avoided the sentence that there is no point in discussing.


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