Domestic remedies for some common diseases

Described below are the domestic panaceas of some commonly prevailing diseases the remedies of which are easy in your hands. This article simply is an attempt to refresh your mind just to use this dissertation as a ready reference for treating some commonly occurring diseases at your home itself

The following detailed remedies should be used in case of diseases indicated as instructed:-

Remedial cures for children’s diseases

Teething problem:
  • Apply the edges of borax yakshawar (suhaga) with honey slowly on the gums of the child.
  • You can apply the peeppli churna with honey also.

In case of children’s cough and diarrhoea:
  • Take little bits of each of th three ingredients, Dhania (coriander), indrayav, mishri (candy) and grind these with starch (of rice). Give the child to lick this to provide him succour from his teething disease.
  • Take Marodphali and Issabgol, 6 gm each, and grind these in 250 gm of water, filter it and give this to the child to drink.

Milk vomiting of children:
  • Powder of small ilaeechi and daalchini mixed with honey should be used to apply on the gums.
  • Aply the paste of hing mixed in water o the umbilical cord of the child and the areas of the entre stomach.

Sukha rog (weight loss):
There is one Ram Booti for this disease i.e. ‘Hansraj’. Rub the root of this herbal plant with water and give this to the child to drink. Its root tied around the arm of the child in a white cloth piece is also high effective in this disease. No matter how serious is the sukha rog, it immediately gets cured.
Scabies and itching in private parts:
  • Bathe/rinse/clean the private parts with phitkiri (alum) water.
  • Thinly grind Haldi (turmeric), widang, sona geru, kattha, rasaut, seeds of mago, neem tree bark, and make a paste out of these ingrdients. After cleaning the private part, apply this paste over the part to get rid from itching and scabies diseases.

Excess of urinating:
  • Tke munakka-3 pcs, black pepper-6 pcs, pista-6 pcs at the bed time daily for 10 days.

Hair fall:
  • Boil chameli, bhringraj, kaner, chitrak, karanj in tiil oil and use this oil to stop hair fall.
  • Prepare a paste out of the ingredients’ of the equal measures of bhringraj, amla, mulhethi, harad, bone of mango, iron powder, kasis in curd and apply it over your head to rid off the hair fall. Repeat this process thrice a week. Hair will become longish, blackish and shiny.

For a shinning/glowing skin:
  • Prepare the paste of lemon juice, multani mitti, and barley floor in honey and apply (ubtan) it all over on skin to get a softand shiny skin.

Loosening of breast:
  • Grind well the root of small kateri, root of anaar (pomegranate), and kandori. Applying this paste all over the breast makes it hard and toned up.

Waist pain and inadequate menstruation:
  • Make the decoction (karha) out of trikut( saunth, mirch safed, peeppar, ) and bharangi each in 3 gm measures with old gud (jaggery). Drink this to chase away the
    waist pain and menstruation complications.

Abortion or contraceptive measures:
  • Grind the beat (excreta) of pigeon and lick it with honey thrice a day to abort.
  • Take ral -3 gm daily in morning for 7 days or drink it after boiling it with 2 gm of jaggery . This will be effective as a contraceptive for a whole year preventing from conceiving

Som Rog:
Take ripe banana, amla juice, and honey, mishri, all together to cure the disease of ‘Som Rog’ so commonly prevalent among women.
Leukorrhea/ white watery discharge:
  • Break all the petals of the marigold flower and put it into a cup of water and let it soak water for 2-3 hours. Afterwards, mash it on a piece of cloth like you mash the thandaii while preparing sherbet. Filter it. Drink this liquid twice morning and evening in a day along with honey to cure the leukorrhea ( pradar).

Sukha Masan (enlargement of children’s stomach):
The children’s faces are on their own look attractive and beautiful bewitching in this disease but wrinkles fall on their hands legs and neck and his stomach and head become bigger. Hunger in them boosts up but no benefit is gotten from their too much of eating or hunger dies out also.
  • Ingredients- 1 tola of kakronda leaves, 1 tola of ajwaeen, 1 ttola of black pepper, 1 tola of saunth, 1 tola of black salt.

    Make all the above mentioned ingredients thinly fine by grinding them and filter. Gobble up the prepared item with the juice of kakronda and make tablets in the sizes equivalent to gram and dry it in shadows.

Pneumonia: Ingredients- 1 part of Jaiphal- (half fried up and half raw), 2 parts white sugar, suhaga (borax), swollen up from hot pan equal to 1 ratti. Grind these all. Give 1 pinch of it to the child of 1 year morning and evening. With the use of this medicine, the child shall gradually grow stronger, healthier and stronger by the days. The effect of pneumonia would subside also.

Indigestion amongst children:
When the child suffers from indigestion, his heart is restless, face has fallen yellowish, wakes crying in the midst of his sleeps, remains afraid while sleeping, sees dreadful dreams then give him the decoction (karha) prepared with the ingredients of the likes of mint ( pudina) – 3 gm, grinded saunf- 3 gm, water- 75 gm, sugar- 12 gm. The child will drink this happily. All the complications of the child will vanish into the thin air.
Worms in the intestines of children:
  • Thinly grind dhak seeds kuda chhal (bark), vaividang, filter these and give this ½ to 1 masa with hot water in the morning daily for 5 days. All the worms from the intestines will flush out through the alimentary (anus) along with his excreta.
  • Gulping 5-7 seeds of papaya with fresh water also destroys worms and germ of the intestines.

Green yellow diarrhoeal complications:
Ingredients- Harad kabli yellow hard)- 5 tolas, baheda- 5 tola, deshi ajwaeen- 5 tola, saunf- 5 tola, nausadar (fried)- 3 masa.

Grind all the above mentioned ingredients, filter and mix sugar in the equal quantity.

Doses- For children of 1 year old- 1 pinch- thrice a day-morning, noon and evening.
Doses- for children of 3 years old- give this without sugar.
The diarrhoeal bouts in children of green yellow colour will disappear with 3-4 doses of the above medicine.

Dysentery in children:
Ingredients:- Saunf, black harad, (jung harad), belgiri, .
Take all the above ingredients in equal quantities and fry it to red in deshi ghee and grind it thinly. Mix deshi khand in it. Give a pinch of it to lick it to the child 3-4 times over in a day. Benefits will be evident within two days.

Constipation in children:
Giving the child to lick castor oil with honey in 6 gm of measures each is ram-baan for constipation among children.

Bloody wrenching and diarrhoea in children:
Ingredients:- 2 tola of bilvkath, 2 tola phooldhawa, 2 tola of ral, 2 tala of naspaal (peels of anar, pomegranate). Pulverise all the above mentioned ingredients to powder. Give 4 masa of this empty stomach morning and evening.

Cough in children
  1. Take equal quantities of nagarmotha, atiish, adusha, chhoti peepal, kakadasindhi. Grind all these finely and kapadchhan it. Make it like chutney by mixing honey into it. Lick a bit of this chutney to the child. This medicine is like ram-ban for all types of cough which gets cured within 4 days of its uses.
  2. Only kapadchhan kakadasindhi and prepare chutney by mixing honey in it. Give it lick.

Bal pal:
For children’s diseases such as cough, najla, cold and chill, fever, constipation, vomiting and diarrhoea.
Put to boil guda amaltas (5 tola) in 1 kg of water. Also put sarana patra into it by breaking its stems. 1 tola of banafsa and 1 tola of rose flower should left in water for the whole night long. Mash it the next day in the orning properly and put it on the burner to boil. When about 250 water is left in the pot after boiling, put the pot down to cool. Filter it. Make chashani. Make syrup by mixing 250 gm of honey by heating it.
Doses: 7-15 drops mixed in water.

Vesicles of mouth in children:
  • The reds and whites of mouth vesicles in children is the signs of good omens and is supposed to be highly propitious bringing to be good fortunes and good news for the family. All this is the doings of the mother’s milk. Stop giving the mother’s milk. Give cow milk after boiling with peeppli mixed with 1/4rth quantity of water into it. Give this milk to drink to the child after the water mixed is dried up on boiling.
  • Rub the mushroompowder inside the mouth of the child. Vesicles will vanish.
  • Pour the currents of goat milk into the mouth of the child. The vesicles will go.

Aushadhi chikitsa (herbal treatments) has since centuries been used to cure all diseases afflicting the human body. These are time tested, well experimented and ideal treatment methods having no side effects like the allopathic medicines and destroys the diseases fro roots.

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Author: Chitra21 Nov 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

I would like to add some remedies for tooth ache and hair fall.

1. Tooth Ache: Tooth ache is a disease caused due to the improper brushing and oral habits. Always brush your teeth twice a day, that is in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Never brush your teeth immediately after meals as the acid contained in food can act badly on your teeth. Always give a gap of one hour after meals before brushing your teeth. These steps will prevent you from getting tooth aches.

If you are affected with tooth ache, then try the following steps.
- Wash your mouth and teeth with warm salt water.
- Remove the skin of garlic and chew it. You may also rub it in your affected teeth.
- Chewing cloves can help to reduce the pain of decayed tooth.
- Take a cloth and keep it in contact with ice cubes, then keep the cloth in your cheek near to the affected area. This will help to numb the area and to reduce the pain. Never directly keep the ice cubes as it may cause more pain.

2. Hair Fall: This is yet another problem the youth face today. The main reason behind it is the high use of hair gels, hair colors etc and the change in climatic conditions. Firstly we need to remember that hair straightening, hair coloring etc makes us look good but will definitely affect our hair as these contains chemicals. Secondly avoid using shampoo and conditioner daily, these too have chemical contents in them. Also apply oil atleast once in a week to keep your hair healthy.

If you face severe hair fall, then you will have to apply oil to your hair and avoid using chemical contained products. Try the below steps which might solve your problem.

- Get coconut oil, heat it by adding fresh curry leaves to it. Once the oil becomes slightly green in color ?(due to the presence of curry leaves), off the flame and allow it to cool. Remove the curry leaves and store the oil in a dry bottle. Take as much as oil you require daily and heat it slightly, then apply it to your scalp with round massage. This enhances the blood circulation in your head thus keeps your hair stay healthy and reduces the hair fall.

- If you have the habit of using shampoo daily, avoid it and grind green gram seeds into a fine powder. Mix it with water and use it as a shampoo to clean your head and hair. It will give the same effect as shampoo with a cooling effect to your hair.

- You may also soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and use the water to rinse your hair. Also use the fenugreek to make a paste out of it and use it as a shampoo. This helps to remove dandruff as well.

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