What is a student council for? Tips/schema for it

In our college we wanted to form a student council. We wanted to have something which would give the students a platform to express their ideas and a platform which would encourage them to speak out. We had all kinds of meetings but not much success in framing a proper schema. Finally, this is what got us approved

Student Committee

The students can't express their views & ideas to the faculty/management as they fear what'll happen if they do. Thus, a gap is formed b/w the students and the faculty/management. Many students can't communicate properly due to language problems. But, if it is the talks b/w students, the language and fear won't be as barriers and can express their views freely without any hesitation/problem. The students might be having many brilliant ideas that maybe either for their projects or for effective learning. But, they will be afraid to bring it to the management/faculty's notice, fearing what they would say. These fears can even suppress the most brilliant of the students.

These are the things in general about all the students combined. But, even amongst the students, there are many differences. But, even in the students, there are many differences. Communication gaps are established b/w all the 1-4 year students. This is because the senior-junior thing kicks in the middle. Even if the students don't be rude like "we are seniors", the year difference gives the feeling. This causes very less interactions b/w the students of different years.

Sir, many of the students are poor in communication skills. In the interviews, there is a separate stage which tests the student's ability and grip over the language. Many students are afraid of speaking in a group, developing an inferiority complex on their counter parts, and thus unable to express their views. This is a very common problem that is faced. For example, seldom do girls come out and speak in events/Group Discussions. The interviewer also checks the student's ability to interact with people in a group/environment with many people as he'd have to work amongst them tomorrow. Interaction is a key part of survival and communication. There are very few events that test the abilities like these.

The management and the faculty already are trying to help us out in the best way they can. But, as you know sir, many burdens can't be managed by a single person. So, we have come out with an idea to help you all in helping us even better. We want to form a student council, sir, that'd help solve all these problems that we've stated. This will reduce the stress on you, and also help in better functioning and development of the students.

Advantages/Goals of the student committee:

  • The basic principle of the committee is to bridge the gap between the management and faculty, thus leading to a proper development of the student and also in the prosperity of the college.

  • As students ourselves, we will be able to communicate better amongst ourselves and thus get to know what the problems are and thus help in dealing with them more effectively.

  • We will be having separate representatives for each department and representatives from each class among all the 4 years, thus abolishing the senior-junior difference, also the gap between the departments and leads to more proper communication.

  • We'd have Idea room which will encourage the students to come out with their ideas and thus help in knowing what's on their minds, promoting their thoughts.

  • The technical and cultural fests will be organized by us completely, thus reducing the stress on you. This will serve as a platform for the interaction and learning for the students. You don't need to search for volunteers, sir.

  • We, as the student committee can organize seminars and workshops, with your permission and guidance, to facilitate better learning and practical knowledge of the students.

  • The final year students are unaware of the placements that are going on in other colleges, and thus lose golden opportunities to find off campus jobs. As the committee, we can establish a link with a same body in the other college and thus provide some information to them, which will help in their prosperity, in turn leading to the development of the college.

  • With all due respects, sir, the students are supposed to have industrial tours. It might not be of much importance to the CSE/IT/ECE dept. but are very crucial for MECH/EEE dept. sir. They have to understand the practical approach. The permission has to be obtained for these companies, which of course you can do, but , instead of you taking out some time from your busy schedule, we'd love to share some burden and thus help you, obtaining permission and thus helping the students to visit the industries.

  • There will be events organized like debates, group discussions, essay writings in which students will be encouraged to take part and increase their vocabulary/communication skills. They will be able to interact more effectively. People can really learn from these kinds of events which are very useful to abolish the inferiority complex developed.

  • Mock interviews can be organized for the final year students, which will boost their confidence by a lot while facing real interviews, making them ready for it, both physically and mentally.

  • All of us can come together and prosper better, develop the college using this platform and increase its reputation by producing quality pass-outs every year. This will inturn affect the freshers that will be coming in and the amount of students that will opt for management in the college as well.

  • Sir, for all this to happen, we'd first need your support. We'd be glad to help you in helping the students, but will need your support. The students will fell that the management has taken a step towards them through the committee and feel confident and respond more effectively. Sir, kindly permit us to start the committee for a better tomorrow altogether.

    Thank you Sir.

    It was very much useful for us. There might be many other people who have a similar thought in mind, but may not understand what to say. I hope this helps.
    Sorry if anyone is offended, but I just wanted to share it.

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