Role of education and teacher all over the world and importance of teaching aids

In this resource, I have given role of education all over the world. Need of teacher in international level that I have explained in this resource.I have given the importance of teaching aids. I have explained about teaching aids that are useful for teachers to teach lesson easily.

Role of education all over the world:

In African countries, if we find the children, they quest for food but not for education. Mean while if we find developed countries such as U.S.A. France etc they give much importance to education. Come to India, as developing country, which gives much importance to education by entering RTE-2009 act. Due to this act, government schools in India some what has developed. In Andhra Pradesh, government is giving free text books and free uniforms to every student upto elementary stage. UNICEF and UNO gives much importance to education by suggesting developed countries to help undeveloped countries such as African countries.

Need of teacher in international level:

Teacher position is not filled up by any machine. Even computer does not fulfill the duties of teacher. In present situation, medical and educational fields are being given most importance all over the world. Every country advertises to seek for teachers on web. If we find on internet we can see how much importance and need of teachers in international level. In Olympiad and international schools, teachers are being given pretty salaries for their services towards students.

Teaching aids and its importance:

Teaching aids assist to teacher to teach the lesson effectively but they do not substitute the place of teachers. Some children do not understand the lessons in abstract manner. For them, teacher has to made a model or teaching material to make understand the lessons. For example, if the student does not understand about letters in any language. Teacher has to prepare a sheet on which those letters to be written in big size with different colors. Generally, science lessons are not understood easily. For that, science teacher has to prepare working model or experiment by which he has to demonstrate the lesson.

Over head projector:

This teaching aid can be used in the place of black board. Using this aid, student can attract towards lessons and improve their concentration on lessons. Using slides, one can understand the subject with diagrams.
Photo of overhead projector

Power point presentation:

Through power point presentation, a student can easily understand the subject point wise. A student can get certain idea about the subject with interlinking points written on power point.


These are simple teaching aids. Using sketch pens and markers with beautiful design one can make a teaching aid that can attract students.

Non working models and working models:

Non-working models made the students to understand the topic in abstract way and working models are some other teaching aids that help teachers to teach effectively. Using working models, students are inspired to think in scientific way. Mainly, in science fairs, students can observe different types of working models.
The below my links is giving importance of teacher in the society and information of education.
importance of a teacher in the society
importance of education in everyone's life

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