How to remove fat from the face

Facial fat is bane for most people. Years of neglect and wrong eating habits add up layers of fat on the face which looks ugly. There are ways in which this fat can be eliminated. The article discusses natural as well as cosmetic methods for removing face fat. Find how you can get rid of the fat using different options available.

There are two ways in which you can fat on the face; the first is through natural means and the second involves artificial procedures. There is however one thing to remember - there are no short cuts if you are going to follow the natural way. The fat loss will take its own course and maintaining a healthy regime is the key for getting desired results.

This article focuses on both natural and artificial ways to lose face fat.

Natural methods for losing face fat

•Exercise – Include an exercise routine if you want have fat accumulated on your cheeks. Exercise burns excess calories and the effect would soon be noticed on the face along with the rest of the body.
•Diet – Eat healthy. Cut down fats and carbohydrates and foods that could contribute to over all body fat. When the body receives fewer calories it will automatically burn the stored fat to meet its energy needs. This in turn will help to burn fat from all over the body including the face.
•Stay Hydrated – Water not only quenches thirst but also removes toxins from the body. Sometimes the face appears fat and bloated because of lack of water. So fuel up with water every half an hour.
•Facial Exercise – Facial exercise does not help to remove face fat. However, it helps tone the facial muscles giving the face a structured appearance.
Cosmetic medical practices use various procedures to help individuals remove the fat from the face. These methods require to be carried out by skilled medical practitioners.

Medical procedures for removing fat from the face

•Ultrasound – Not many are aware that ultrasound is also intended for cosmetic purposes. Special ultrasound machines are used when the aim is to remove fat. These special gadgets are able to target layers of fat beneath the skin, without being invasive. The ultrasound device is used to transmit high frequency signals that penetrate layers of skin and liquefies the fat. The melted fat is naturally excreted by the body.
•Liposuction – This is an invasive procedure and requires deft hands to carry it out. Anyone who wants to lose fat through this procedure should be willing to undergo minor incisions. The surgeon decides where and how many incisions are to be made depending on the amount of fat on the face. Tiny tubes are inserted inside the incisions and the fat suctioned out. If facial fat is excessive then the skin on the face will tend to sag. The skin will need to be surgically tucked away to avoid the ugly sag.
•Cosmetic Surgery – This method was once popular with only celebrities in showbiz. Now a lot of people go in for cosmetic surgery to remove fat from the face. The results are usually remarkable; but once in a way the procedure can also go wrong. Cosmetic surgery involves facelift and skin tucks which give the face a leaner and younger look. The procedure is performed by specialized surgeons and is the most expensive procedure yet to lose face fat.


Wanting to lose face fat is a good thing but you need to decide how to go about it. The natural methods are best as they are safe, least expensive and healthy. If you opt for medical procedures then ensure the practitioner is well experienced in the field.

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