Simple step wise preparation for Computer Science and Engineering External Semester Examinations

Stable Engineering Examination results play a vital role in providing us a good aggregate which has huge prominence during On-Campus or Off-Campus Interviews. This article emphasizes on the same constraint, providing you with confidence during Recruitment. If you are a Computer Science Engineering student, you need to have a minimum of 65% during your Semester Examinations and anything above 70% would help you more. All the tips that are required to obtain the above percentage is depicted below.

Best way to prepare for Computer Science and Engineering External Semester Examinations

Each semester consists of 6 subjects to be written and 2 labs to be performed practically such that each written subject carries 80 marks and Lab External carries 50 marks during External Examinations conducted by the concerned University and 20 marks during Internal Mid Examinations for written subjects and 25 marks for Internal Lab Examinations conducted by the Engineering College. Overall, the maximum marks awarded for Descriptive Examinations is 100 and that of Practical Lab Examinations is 75. Follow the following steps to gain good
number of marks in each and every Descriptive Examination of each and every semester of each and every academic year. For gaining good marks in Practical Lab Examinations, refer to the following article which is exclusively written only to imrpovise yourself in gaining marks through External Lab Examinations.
Steps to gain good marks in Practical Lab External Examinations in Computer Science and Engineering

Steps to be followed to attain good aggregate through Descriptive External Examinations

Gain maximum marks during Internal Mid Examinations which are conducted during the regular semester's mid term. Try to attain 20 out of 20 in each and every subject or atleast 15 and above in the following way.

  • You need to write 2 Exams manually and attempt 2 Online Exams which comprises to 4 Exams such that the best out of 3 exams are taken and the average is calculated among them which helps you a lot to improvise your Score.

  • The open secret is that many sites release the dump of Online Exam Questions for almost all the subjects. All the sites relaease the same set of questions in different formats. We can make use of these questions to gain 20 out of 20. One should at least score a score of above 17 after preparing from the given dump of questions so that you would obtain an average of above 17 in 2 Online Examinations. Now, it depends on you to get maximum score in any one of the Descriptive Mid.

  • To score maximum in Descriptive mid exam, you need to prepare thoroughly, the 4 units that are prescribed. At a maximum case, you should be knowing the important questions either from the faculty of by gathering the Previous Years Question Papers from may sites like our ISC. For previous Question Papers, refer the Question Papers section in our ISC where you would obtain almost all the Previous Papers.

The most important step to be followed to obtain a good mark in each Descriptive Exam is by following this step effectively.
Attend to your classes very regularly such that you would be able to understand the concepts well which helps to gain knowledge and also to obtain maks during Examinations.

Refer to the text books prescribed by the University mostly. The best thing to be followed while preparation is " Referring to only one prescribed text book entirely perfect is better than referring to many text books imperfectly ". The University prescribes more than 2 to 3 text books but its better if we are able to get perfection in any one of the text book that is very closely understandable by you or which is easier for you to understand. You need not doubt that concepts differ from each text book because, University prescribes a particular book only when it extremely meets its syllabus.

Simple but hard one to follow is to refer to the concept that is dealt in the classroom daily after reaching back home. One finds it hard to implement but if followed, its the best way to gain at least above 60 out of 80 in every subject. Its really possible to manage a 1-2 hour study daily that doesn't disturb your recreation.

One should keeping on comparing the theoretical concepts that are taught in the classrooms with the Practical Applications that are done during the Lab sessions for subjects that have importance both practically and therotically like Programming Languages. This would help us in gaining strong basical knowledge and also improvises our thinking ability by comparing and contrasting well. Try to do the programs on your own in the lab sessions though you may complete them very slowly because Time is not the criteria during Preparation, Accuracy and Knowledge gaining is the criteria.

The most followed way of preparation in Engineering is to study All in Ones hugely ( Spectrum All in 1 Series ). This would be the prescribed way of preparation for 95% of Engineering students including myself. But, I would like to mention you through this article that JNTU validators that too especially JNTU, Kakinada validators doesn't give you more than 8 marks out of 16 marks for each of your answer if you write it from an All in 1.
You may have a doubt that how would they know that we wrote it from an All in 1. The answer for that is as follows:
The University provides an answer key depending on which the Answer Sheets should be validated. The Answer key is provided as per the prescribed text book format but no as per the All in 1 format. Also, not only you, another 95% of your friends writes the same answer in Exam like you and hence it would clearly be understood by the Validator that its an answer from the All in 1. So, you would be depreciated and thus will be granted only with a very less percentage of marks. So, Use All in 1 to refer to the Previous Years and Most Frequently Asked Question Papers instead of using them as Text Books for gaining marks easily.

After your preparation, the major step you need to follow is Writing Exam in a prescribed format that fetches you better marks. Writing an Exam is an art, friends. The one who can write exam well can gain more marks than the one who can study well. I would mean to say you that though you don't know a particular concept well, still there is a chance fro you to get maximum marks for that particular question and the trick is that you need to write it in a formatted way depicted below:

  • Provide headings wherever possible.

  • Provide pictorial representation wherever possible.

  • Provide step wise answer formats instead of lenghty paragraphic answers.

  • Try to write neatly such that it should be understood at least, such that there shouldn't be more number of scratches making the paper a mess.

  • The most important thing is to represent the most important points of the required answer initially and underlining them to grab the impression of the validator.

Don't try to act too smart by writing too much formal english in your papers because that would give a negative impression to the Validators because they need to understand your answer terminology as per the Text book and if it is not found, that would lead to depreciaton of your marks entirely.

Last but not the least, read the Question Paper well and develop an internal idea on how to approach to the answer and where to lead it and then attempt it according to your views that meets the criteria well. Also, don't get confused in selecting the right Question first to be written. Judge ot well because the first Question you attempt reflects very much in your score. So, write the best one you know among the given Questions by following the Step7 above.


Thus, the above article gives a clear understandable idea for both preparation and attempt to write External Exams very well. The most important which I consider to be the mark fetching ones are the Steps 1,4,6 and 7. So, try to gain an average of 15-20 during the Mid Internal Examinations so that 45-60 in the External Examinations would fetch you with a minimum of 68% aggregate finally. You also need to gain good marks in Practical Lab External Examinations in Computer Science and Engineering for obtaining maximum marks during Practical Lab Externals which play a vital role in helping you to gain good percentage.

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