A travel to the Genting skyway in Malaysia

Also known as the fun city ‘Above the Clouds’, Genting is like heaven on this planet earth. The adventure of Genting begins with the ride in the cable car which gives off the thrills and adventure of fun and frolicking above the cloud. This article will take you along a trip to this magnificent place which will be an experience of a lifetime for you. Hope you would enjoy the trip of Genting along with other beauty spots in Malaysia.

I have had the chance of going to Malaysia twice earlier on, but during both times, I was not able stay for more than 9 hours. Thus I chanced upon noticing a new offer from Air India and pounced upon the opportunity of booking the ticket within no time. The both way ticket (going +coming back both) from Mumbai cost me 8 thousand and just the following day got the opportunity of going to such beauteous spot in Malaysia that journey proved to be a joy for ever.

Genting Skyway in Malaysia

My heart was feeling as if it was ringing tabla (the Indian drum) on my ribs. There was peculiar kind of kinking happening in my stomach and my lips were uttering continually- non stop the name of somebody who lives up above us all. Only I was not perspiring as the environs were too much cold to let it happen. Evening was descending down and the mercury had drifted down a bit due to the downpour a little while ago.

I am afraid of a standing steep height and at that time, I was fight back from this very fear of mine. The direct telecast of my internal movement was evidently noticeable probably all over my face for all to see. The stewardess standing over there had perhaps smelt the smoke of fear emanating from my ears because she was smilingly watching me with amusement. She locked up my safety belt. At this Godly hour, I was in the Genting of Malaysia- a 'Resort World' situated in the lap of mountain. I was prepared to cover the distance of the steep height of 185 feet on mountainous terrain with a cyclonic speed in the 'Space Shot'- the most adventurous cable car of the world over. My condition was getting thinner, but had known by looking at the faces of the people returning from the ride my experience of this ride was also going to be unforgettable.

I was tied within one out of 12 chairs fitted all around in a rectangular tower. Suddenly a slight jerk was felt and my ascent began skyward like an arrow delivered from a bow. My legs were swinging in the air, felt as if I was flying without wings. After reaching up, the chair stabilised for a moment. Now was the time for the chairs to come down, in such a speed which gave off the feel of a open fall from sky downwards but without any parachute.

The thrill of this cable ride was unique, but much more surprise was in store when after reaching up and a pause, I glanced around the scenes and sceneries surrounding the area which was unimaginable. This really was something like 'A Fun City above the Cloud'.

There was river of clouds all around it and emanating from this river cloud was the peak of mountain and situated at this peak was the multi colour resort, as if some painter has blown life into it after etching it up.

The thrill of the Genting Highway

The excitement of Genting begins with just after climbing into the cable car. Its name is Genting Skyway and is the fastest running mono cable car of the world with a speed of 21.7 km per hour. The journey of 3.38 km crisscrossing from atop the mountain and between the clouds is covered within 10-12 minutes. This is so much adventurous tat you may not want to bat your eyelids. The trolleys begin eating at the heights right from the word go from the base station. There is an extremely steep climbing after traversing the half distance. After reaching in the middle of the height above, when you look in front and back, all that would come to sight would be the greeneries of the mountain and the long queue of trolleys coming from across the whites of clouds. The fear of height for me was present here also, but only in the beginning. It later on disappeared after being accustomed to it due to a bit of exposure to it. The surrounding around there was bedazzling which kept me bounded up.

The Genting city- situated at 6000feet above sea level.

After alighting from the cable car, I reached the lounge and stood transfixed for a while. Two roads were originating from the lounge and there was no any indication there anywhere which road to go pursue. The map of the Resort World came handy under the circumstances, which my hand had the chance of laying upon in the lounge. It transpired through the map that the lounge I was standing on was a corner of highland hotel among the 5 hotels of that place where the cable car station had been constructed. This map had changed my conception about the Genting which was by far much bigger than I had expected it to be, there is a small city populated at a height of 6000 feet above the sea level where apart from two entertainment parks, there are also:-

  • one plaza,
  • Two casinos,
  • Several sports bar,
  • Discotheques,
  • Concert halls,
  • A resort going by the 'Avana Gentinh Highlands.

And 5 hotels namely:-
  1. First World,
  2. Theme Park Hotel,
  3. Resort Hotel,
  4. Highlands Hotels, and
  5. Maxims Genting Hotel.

There are more than 210000 roms in these hotels. There around 6118 rooms in the First World Hotel alone. This is the 4rth largest hotel of the world from the rooms' point of view. The indoor theme park of Genting is built up in the plaza below this Hotel in which besides from the Theme Park, there also shopping malls, arcades, food courts, casino and an auditorium named as Pavilion. Among all the Hotels, the Theme Park hotel is the oldest which was constructed in 1971. In fact, the beginning of the construction of resort in Genting was followed after this Hotel which was the firstly built up construction in Genting. When you shall reach the entrance of the theme park you shall be able to see the hotel on the left side of the entrance of the theme park.

Tourist's importance of Genting

When I tried to illicit information about Genting from Kualalampur, 2-3 negative comments came to be heard from some for example…what will you do to go there…a complete wastage of time and money etc…But I wanted to take the experience of every places. When I read about the number of tourists visiting Gentng every year, it was not hard to evaluate the popularity of the place for me. Around 2 crore tourists throng the place every year from the world over. What on earth for the people crowd this place in such huge number if there is nothing worth gaining here? I got the inkling of the reason when I reached there and when I discovered that even one day's of period was not sufficient enough to cover the entire tour of this great place. Over 60 rides, over 170 food and shopping outlets, every conceivable medium of entertainment along with staying arrangements for every type of budget were available.

Talking of staying in Genting

Let's come to talk of the joints of staying in Genting. Both the 'First World and 'Theme Park hotels of this place are 3 Starred and the tariff of rooms is the least possible. The charge of 1 room begins with 150 Ringgits. A10% rebate is allowed on online booking. Looking at it from the room rent point of view, next to these hotels comes the 'Resort Hotel' the next to this comes the 5 star 'Highlands Hotel. The costliest of all is the 'Maximums Genting Hotel' which is a premier ranges Hotel which is a location for the splendorous and affluent rich. In fact, this is a group of two hotels in which the 5 Star Genting Hotel is the older ones whereas the later constructed 'Maximums Club' is 6 Star. The fare of the 'Maximums Signature Suit' during the super peak season for one day is 5225 Ringgits i.e. 86 thousand rupees. In all the 5 hotels, there are more than 35 restaurants, cafes, bars and bakery meaning thereby, Genting wouldn't disappoint anybody by not providing anything of his choice.

I selected the coffee terrace restaurant of the 'Maximums Genting Hotel' for my lunch where there is the buffet system where the lunch costs 53 Ringgits and the dinner 61 Ringit but this cost is nothing compared to the quality and tastes. My experience of 6 Star hotel is given ahead.

Genting- the Malaysian Vegas

Most of the people give this name to Genting that the Genting is like the Vegas in Malaysia. This is the only place in Malaysia where the casinos are permitted. There are 2 casinos here and the main casino is attached with the Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel and Resort Hotel. The speciality of the casino named as 'Casino the Genting' is that the facilities of entertainments here are likewise the 'Las Vegas' and almost every conceivable type of games are available for the tourists to enjoy. The second casino is in the 'First World Hotel' which is named the 'Star World'. Every body except the Malaysian Muslims are allowed to try their luck here.

The Theme Parks in Genting

One cannot feel when times slip by in Theme Parks. I felt it was 6 PM in the evening only when I reached the outdoor Theme Park for a ride in the fun cart. I was told it was already 6 PM and it was time up for closure of the rides. Very regretfully, I convinced my mind not be sorry for the bus just missed thus. The first 5 days of the week, the outdoor park remains open till 6 PM and for the rest of the day, it is open till the late hours in nights whereas the indoor Park remains open till 12 PM in the night. In fact both these two Parks are the chief attraction of Genting. The ticket for the outdoor Park is 50 Ringgits in which, 29 rides are included. The ticket for the indoor Park is 30 Ringgits which includes 12 rides. The majority of the rides are adventurous here. If you have to enjoy the rides into both the Parks, you will have to buy an all park ticket for 66 Ringgits.

The Malls in Potali and other attractions in Genting

If you wish to have the experience of the highest standard of adventures and thrills, there is nothing better than the 'Sky Venture'. There are some signature rides in Genting in both the Parks for which separate tickets would need to be purchased. One of these is the Sky Venture' in which, in a glass tunnel, air is blown into with a speed of 193 km per hour. The tourists going into the tunnel feel the same sort of experience what a parachute diver feels just before the opening of the parachute after taking the plunge from an aeroplane- the feel of falling downwards in the air. The ticket here is 50 Ringgits while the ticket for 'Sky Venture is 38 Ringgit if you have an all park ticket.

There is one other attraction here- the 'Snow World'. You can spend some times in a ticket of 25 Ringgit. When you will enter into the 'Snow World' with the snow boots and snow jackets on, you will feel as if you are wandering through polar areas.

Apart from the Theme Parks and Signature Rides in Genting, there other medium of entertainments such as Video Games Park where the fun of simulations could be derived and times could well be spent over playing Virtual games in cyber world. You can enjoy here archery and balling also. You will have the joy of watching newer movies in Cineplex's. Your eyes would remain gaping in the 'Replay's Museum and 'Haunted Adventure'. If you want to see the unique samples of art and paintings, go visiting 'Baril's Chocolate Wonderland'. Similarly, the experience of rock climbing on the 'Expedition Wall' is of an unparallel kind.

The Power Punch Lunch of Genting

Okay, enough talk on entertainments has been going for long and it was high time to talk of the stomach worshipping as well.

I have already stated above in the middle og this essay that we would traverse through later to the 'Coffee Terrace', therefore let's move towards here now. The eyes are squinting in its glaring lights. Soon after reaching this the circular dinning hall of this shiny terrace, my hunger climbed up straight up on the palm tree. There were numerous varieties of dishes arranged on the table. There were altogether 6 kitchens offering th cuisines of the world. On the one side were the Japanese, Continental, Indian varieties of dishes, while on the other side were strewn on the table, Chinese, Malay and Baba Nyonya.

Before folding up:
This is a must to visit place the experience of which would remain glued to your heart for the rest of your life.


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