How to do the ‘Time management’

Often, we can’t complete works on time only to regret later. This is all due to not doing the time management efficiently. As a safeguard against this, in place of setting higher goals, fix smaller tasks, and take steps to complete them. This article explains how to focus on time management on this ‘New Year eve.

The below detailed problems are pervasive everywhere.

Alarm is ringing. It’s already 7 ‘O’ clock in the morning. The night was too cold and Rohit is still twisting and turning whether to come out of the warm quilt he is wrapped in. The alarm kept ringing till late and Rohit shuts it off at last. He abruptly wakes up in a flurry sometimes after, “Oh God! It’s 9 ‘O’ clock already, late in office again!” He gets fresh and readies up in a hurry for his office and gets out of his flat eating bread in the process advancing towards his car. He drives his car in a faster pace but blows horn with blowing hot and cold as well due to the traffic jam at this peak hour. At last he enters his office after 11 ‘O’ clock, and no sooner than he surreptitiously puts his bag above the file cabinet and settles down in his chair that the message of the call comes through the peon to meet the boss. The heart of Rohit begins beating fast. He enters the cabin of his boss with immense fears. The boss, without looking at him enquires whether the file handed over yesterday to him was complete? Rohit begins looking northwards upon hearing this and answers back giving the alibi of some system flaws that had cropped up yesterday in his computer system. The boss plainly appeared agitated and asked him to hand over his charge to Navnit- a colleague of Rohit. What must’ve happened after this encounter with his boss to Rohit is up to you to surmise.

This problem is common. Majority of us take works lightly due to our lethargic attitude. After the works get meshed up and getting the drubbings from the bosses, we regret later thinking the situation wouldn’t have to such a pass had the work was completed on time. Even afterwards we do decide not to repeat the mistake of not doing works on time but do not follow this rule strictly when the going remains smooth.

The question is, would the cart of life keep on running like this? Don’t you disapprove of such a life style? If you don not wish your self respect to be often attacked upon to take up the resolution from today itself to rectify this on this very New Year Eve.

Time management is about keeping the focus clear

If we repent for delays and really want to bring about improvement s in it, we will have to keep our focus clear. It should be known exactly what is it we want. Where lay our goals. Unless we won’t move forward after ascertaining our targets, we shall we shall be rotating in circles wandering round and round around it confused and frustrated.

Divide the targets in bits and piece- a must for time management

In order to move forward in the direction of reforming oneself, he will have to split his targets in small parts. Never set big and non-achievable targets for God’s sake which is not possible or practicable to achieve. Divide it into long term and short term compartments. Make a plan first of all of the duration of 5 years and again divide it into the portions of a year.

Begin with the number -1

In your plan of one year, give stress upon reforming one of your nasty habits. The journey of the train engine of achievements and improvements would just start chugging up from then and there. These smallish steps forward beget the success on one day.

This year “New Year” fell on Sunday after years of gap

Forgot beginning the above stated number-1 step from the very first day of this ‘New Year’? Never bother! It’s still not too late for you for such things to do even from today. The most interesting part of it is that Sunday has fallen this newer year round after 6 years almost.

Accord red-green star *

Make a passbook while pursuing your agenda and accord green star for each of your achievements. When target doesn’t get achieved, accord it the red star.

Suppose you have fixed the target of rising early in the morning everyday, you go to sleep in the night after fixing the alarm. The day you wake up on the ringing of the alarm, accord a green star for that day. The day you feel lethargic in getting up despite the ringing of the alarm, Strike the day with a red star. Make a regular entry of the red-green star. Make a monthly and weekly review of this record.

Measure the confidence in the mirror

This passbook will act as a mirror for you. Whenever you would look at it, on one side of it red and on other the green stars would distinctly be visible to you. To see your green stars, your confidence level would augment. Such a time might also come when the red stars would gradually vanish from your passbook and the reign of your life will be fully under your command.

Of the types of managerial mismanagement

Below is being cited examples of the category of persons who are adapt in mismanaging their time and destructing the scope of success.

  1. The persons living always in tomorrow:
    Problem: Such type of persons always postpones things for tomorrow- will do tomorrow- will start from tomorrow. Such persons never say ever that they will things from today or right from this moment because they never mean nor are sure of doing the work when they utter such rubbish. Will do tomorrow is their favourite refrain. And tomorrow never comes for these sorts of persons. Today never hold good in their agenda, therefore they make no plans for today. A day comes when the mountains of work accumulate up threatening them to be paid immediate attention to turning bogged down with its huge load which are impossible for them to clear off and these people buckle down under the pressure holding and beating their heads virulently.

    The problem with such lot is that there is no alignment between their thoughts and action. They always remain confused. They cannot comprehend what to do when. They are never focussed on the present. They realise only when they fall in hot soup they as a result of postponing their works on tomorrow. They do realise at least on being bogged down but they never call this nasty habit a quits.

    Action plan: The beginning of the time management should be done with small tasks. Care would have to be taken on this also that the tasks are realistic. Try first to know that during which time during morning and evening you feel active and energetic and fix up your activities accordingly. Begin with one task. For example decide it that you would go office on exactly the right time from tomorrow. Plunge full throttled in achieving this goal. No matter how late in night went to bed to sleep, next morning office has to be reached on time. Keep a record of this daily and keep it reviewing on weekly basis how many days you have stuck up to the goal thus fixed and for how many days you have failed to achieve the target. Award a green star for every day you succeed and a red against days you fail. Continue this process until you fully achieve the goal thus fixed, no matter how many days or months it takes to achieve the goal set.

  2. The dilly dalliers:
    Problem:The day of persons of such category begins delayed up. They go to their bed thinking they would wake at 5 pm in the morning, would go to walk, , will breakfast on return, , would read the news paper and would reach office 10 minute before time. But when in the morning the alarm sounds giving him the wake up call, irritably bangs the alarm button off and with this ends their time management.And what happens with the routine of their whole day long is utterly useless to talk. The problem with these late Latifs is that they live life with a guilt feeling and they begin believing they cannot d a thing on time.

    Action Plan: It will have to be accepted that you are to blame for your delaying attitude due to which you are being criticised everywhere. In order to reform this delaying attitude, live in the present moment. And keep your focus clear. Give emphasis on today in stead of tomorrow. Quit the habit of postponing the work of today on tomorrow. Fix your monthly target. Begin your day with the work of reading the news paper for 30 minutes.

  3. Over smartness does never pay up:
    Problem: Such lots always rest assured of every works they have to do. They belabour under the attitude that they will finish up the tasks for certain. Never begin works on time and when the deadlines approach hammering, they anyhow finish the work thinking the good or the bad finishing in the one and the same standard. They don’t shy away from blaming others for the delay or the deformed results derived in the process.

    Action Plan: Pay attention on organising at the routine which you can easily perform. Never take up such assignments which you can’t complete. Quit immediately the habits of blaming others for the delay committed by you.

  4. Casual personality:
    Problem: These types think always they can perform tasks on time but cannot complete a work on time. They don’t have any qualms about this as well. They like to be called Mr or Miss cool.

    Action Plan: You will have to accept this that you are yourself to be blamed for this sorry state of affairs. Follow the tips given in Para 1,2,3, above to reform yourself.

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