Save The Indian Rupee Before Its Too Late

Hello friends. Recently I read an article on net regarding the Indian Economy and came across a shocking fact that the value of Indian Rupee has declined in comparison to American dollar. I want to share the reasons behind this with you all and what we can do to save our rupee.

Recently I read an article on net stating that the value of Indian Rupee has declined in comparison to American currency.

Here's a small example:-

Before 12 months 1 US $ = INR Rs 39
After 12 months, now 1 $ = INR Rs 52.73 (data reffered from site:

The article said that the this statistics does not mean that the American Economy is booming but Indian Economy is going down. The biggest reason for this is that even today we are dependent on them for small-small things that we use in day-to-day life. Or rather these things are even produced in our own country but dont know for what reasons we Indians always tend to have belief in products produced in foreign countries.

For example:

1) More than 50% Indians will prefer Colgate or Pepsodent over Dabur Lal or Meswak toothpaste.
2) People will prefer Lux more tha Medimix or Margo.
3) We all will always prefer Ponds over Santoor or Boroplus.

And there are so many more products to list that we prefer them over Indian products. Why do we Indians have no confidence in our own talent and productivity? Why dont Indian companies have confidence to produce products that can capture foreign market just as their products have capture our Indian market today? Let it be any field we always try to imitate the west. Take the example of our own film industry. So many film's story, hairstyles of actor-actresses, clothing styles, promotional styles of films, everything is been imitated from the west. Why? Do we have less creatitive people in our country that we need to copy their creations?

People say that India got independence in 1947, almost 64 years back. But after observing all these things can we say that India is really independent? No. Even today we Indians are dependent on them for so many things. Even today foreign markets dominate Indian markets. Its high time that we all realize this.

We are not against globalisation. Ofcourse we should try and use foreign products if they are really good. But not to the extent that they reach till the root of our market and make the survival of our Indian products in the same market difficult. People of our country should realize that our nation has got talent, creativity, minds that can bring change, brains that can lead to inventions. But all these things have rusted as a result of underestimating ourselves.

I urge that whosoever reads this article will help me in spreading the awareness about this serious issue among the people so that we can save Indian economy before its too late.

I have done my bit for India. Have you?

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