Boban and Molly - My favourite comic characters

This article is about my favourite comic characters. The comic characters I love the most are Boban and Molly. The stories of Boban and Molly come in a famous Malayalam comic called ‘Bobanum Mollyum’. The creator of Boban and Molly is Toms.

Boban and Molly

Boban and Molly are twins. Their story come in a Malayalam comic called "Bobanum Mollyum". When I thought about the comic characters I love, I remembered Boban and Molly. I couldn't select only one comic character. I should select Boban and Molly together because they are twins and best friends. We cannot make them two. The story happens only when two of them are together. The writer and artist Toms created Boban and Molly. Toms is his pen name. His real name is V T Thomas. Bobanum Mollyum is among the first comics in Malayalam language. So it has so much importance. Toms writes this from 1961. My parents too have read this in childhood.

The story of Boban and Molly

The stories of Boban and Molly are very funny. Boban and Molly are very smart and intelligent. The book has many characters who have many shortcomings. The main job of Boban and Molly is to make fun of these characters. This is the main story of Boban and Molly. The same thing is shown in different stories. But they change the scenes. They also tell new jokes. Every story ends with a comment from Boban and Molly. The story is told like every other comics – through pictures. The pictures in Boban and Molly are drawn by Toms himself. He also writes the story. Toms wrote about Boban and Molly because two kids like them were near his house. He liked them very much. They were naughty.

Reason for loving Boban and Molly

Boban and Molly are always happy and they are very clever. They always makes fun of others. But they are not trying to hurt others. They are just laughing at them. They make fun of the wrong things happening in their place. When we read them, we understand that doing such a thing is not correct.

For example, Boban's mother always fights with their father. We can see this in our society. Children don't say anything. But Boban and Molly makes fun of this. Another person is Hippy. He tries to be the boyfriend of every women he see. But Boban and Molly laughs at this and tells the women not to marry him. These are some examples.

What I like the most is the jokes made by Boban and Molly. Boban and Molly makes clever jokes. They are not like the ordinary jokes we read in messages. When we read the jokes of Boban and Molly, we laugh again and again. Their jokes are about the bad things in the society. They joke about too much religious belief, about fights in the family, about woman's condition etc. They also make jokes about things that happen in that time. For example the price increase of gold, the high fees in schools, loss of jobs by people etc. Normally children read ordinary comics and they do not understand such things from ordinary comics. But when we read Boban and Molly, we can understand these bad things. We can understand that poor people cannot conduct weddings when cash of gold increases. Also poor children cannot study when schools ask for high fees. Boban and Molly is not only for laughing. They help in reducing problems on the society.

Now new comics like Tintumon jokes are coming. People think that they are more good than old comics like Bobanum Mollyum. But these new jokes doesn't have the quality of old comics. Because of these, I love Boban and Molly. They are my favourite comic characters.

Written by
Gayathri (age – 12)
Sacred Hearts Convent School

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Author: Akshay10 Jan 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Wow well its a famous cartoon character. Specially for us they are the comic kings of gODS OWN COUNTRY. I am also a big fan and admirer of this characters. I have read many stories and books when i was a kid. Thanks for making remember all the childhood days. I still remember how ma grandmom used to tell us stories of B0ban and m0lly . Me and my friends had a lot of fun listening to her stories. She used to make up the stories and tell but we were not aware of this untill we grew up. Well childhood days are always fun. Every one wishes that " i want to be a child again ".

Author: Venkiteswaran06 Feb 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Those who know to read Malayalam in those days never forgot to read the last page in the famous Mlayalam Weekly "Malyala Manorama Weekly". In fact the first page they usually turned to on getting the weekly was ironically the last page. It was in the last page the strip cartoon " Bobanum Moliyum' was published. Though the cartoon story centred round the brother-sister naughty pair Boban and Molly, and their childhood naughtiness they were all with wit and wisdom. Hence children and adults both enjoyed the cartoon much. The other characters-- of their parents, Panchayat President, uncle, Appy-hippy, mariyamma chettathi-- all contributed o the hilarious reading.
One episode lingers in my mind even now.

The naughty Boban-Molly go to exams with ease and don't care attitude. Knowing that they have not put any efforts o stud, their mother warns them that they may fail.But very cooly the pair replied that as the saying goes" God's half-man's half" in contribution, they need only God's half to pass. They need just 35 marks o pass and God's half itself is 50.

Their crispy comments against their 'ceaseless" advocate father and short tempered village mother, reflected the happenings in an average family.

'Bobanum Moliyum' is no more there in Mlayala Manorama weekly as such and it is now published as collection and a periodical of its own.Long Train journey is incomplete even now without a copy of compiled 'Bobanum Moliyum'.

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