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Whenever we see any kind of miss-happening around us or in the news channels or other media sources, planned by any suspicious persons or due to any suspicious items, then we always says that why the police department do not perform their duty properly, why the terrorism increases very rapidly. But ever we think that it is our own responsibility too, to be an alert citizen for suspicious and to do all possible efforts to avoid these miss-happenings. This article explains about all of its aspects.


Preventions is better than cure how far is that true. This article is all about on these words. In this article I have discussed about some facts and points which is to be followed by all the citizen of the country because it's our social responsibility to be an active and alert citizen for suspicious persons and suspicious object. As it can harm up to many human life, therefore we must have consider safety for ourselves and for others. We all know that terrorism has increased very rapidly worldwide, therefore in order to maintain the peace and be safe in our life; we must have to do fulfill our social responsibility too, here are some points to be considered by us:-

Places where we must have to be alert

Suspicious persons mostly choose these places to fulfill their plans in order to harm the common people and to disturb the peace. We all must have to be alert and secured at these following places, because the chances of illegal and harmful activities are more at these places.
These places are -

  • Railway stations
  • Trains
  • Bus stops
  • Buses
  • Banks
  • Temples
  • Cinema halls
  • Airports
  • Local markets
  • And other major crowded places.

Suspicious items

We must have to be alert regarding some suspicious items as it can be harm full or create trouble for human being, it can be a kind of bomb, or chemical or other explosive and harmful item. These items can be summarized as follows-

  • any heavy toys which seems to be attractive
  • any bags
  • any article with unusual attached batteries or wires
  • any dark colored Tiffin's or thermos or any other packed utensils
  • And any other unattended articles for which no one claims ownership

Suspicious vehicles

Suspicious persons usually use some vehicles to plan what they want to do, or to harm human beings or to disturb the peace in the nations, we must have to aware about these vehicles, and we can avoid future miss-happening by following these considerations always.

  • Vehicle with tinted black glass or having very dark glass on their doors and windscreen
  • Any vehicle with folded or without number plate
  • A common vehicle moving in No entry zone.
  • any vehicle with heavy sound system making a load noise,
  • any particular vehicle unusually moving or passing your premises from the past few days regularly.

Signs of a suspicious person

We can easily recognize these suspicious persons by just considering these points into mind always, while going to any crowded place or any other place/premises.

  • wearing oversized clothes, which can hide any object inside.
  • wearing odd cloths (e.g. - wearing warm clothes which is heavy and oversized even in summer season.)
  • a person with nervousness in the premises.
  • Moving hare & there in the premises without any reason.
  • when a person gets nervous and can't answer properly in good manner when asked about his identity and purpose of visit in the premises.

Suspicious activities

You must have to be alert when you find activities similar to the following listed activities.

  • Videotaping or taking photographs in no camera zone.
  • Standing nearby any box, item or place where any object can be easily hide, without any prior permission
  • Placing or putting unusually any bag or other object into any box, item or place with a suspicious personality
  • Any person leaving his/her bag, packet or any other object in bus, train or any other crowded place and de-boarding that bus, train or going outside the premise.
  • And any other activity which seems to be unusual by any unknown or suspicious person, around you.


In case of any emergency please follow these steps.

  • Make aware others nearby you, if you see any unusual thing of miss happening.
  • If necessary call the Police, Fire brigade, and Ambulance or other emergency help lines.
  • You can even take video or photo of suspicious person and any activity around you, that will help in future
  • In an extreme emergency case, if you are at very crowded place kindly first inform the person who stands there for security purpose and can handle the crowd in a manner and safe way.
  • Some other safety measure would be also considered.


In case of any emergency we must have to keep these things in our mind that we have not to do.

  • Do not confront the suspicious person alone or solely as he/she may contain some weapon and can harm you and others besides you.
  • Do not try to touch or pull the suspicious item yourself, It can be a bomb or explosive item or a dangerous chemical that can harm you.
  • Do not make extreme noise in case you find any suspicious activity or item, if you are any crowded place, like cinema hall or and other crowded building or place. Because it can create the stampede situations.

Join the hands for human safety and spread the words worldwide.

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