Istanbul, the bridge between two continents

In this article, I would like to share the information regarding the city named Istanbul. This city is situated in Turkey and has the name of great historical city. This article will help to know about the history lifestyle and most visited places of the Istanbul city.

Introduction to Istanbul city

On hearing the name of Istanbul one can recollects the details of Constantinople and Turushks attacks Istanbul is the bridge between two continents some part of this city has spread in Europe continent and some part of the city has spread in Asia continent. Istanbul is the only city in the world that spread among two continents. Istanbul is the old capital city of Rome kingdom. It also entered the list of UNESCO's world kinship heritage. The city also the acted as the home for Greek settles before Christ. Istanbul is the small geographical area between black sea and Marmara sea. Even though Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey it is the first big city in the country.

Mixture of historical and traditional arts in Istanbul city

Istanbul is the historical city. Three museums with names Archaeology Museum, Museum of Ancient Orient and Museum of Turkish and Islamic art are situated at same place in the city. Along with the statue of Alexander, the great there are many more statues belonging to Turkey and Rome countries art forms. Majority of the constructions are in the form of Ottomans Vaasthu. We can find lakhs of statues of Turkish died warriors in the Museum. From this observation we can expect how bigger the museum is. Along with these three museums circles the tiled kiosk museum, Eldig Museum, Top kopi museum etc are also noted museums in Istanbul.

Accommodation facilities in Istanbul city

As Istanbul is known for tourism city we can find a large number of hotels in the city and people earn lots of money through the business of hotels. Conrad is the famous hotel in Istanbul. Iyt has won many awards for doing more business through travellers. Rumours rounds that even the dangerous and died terrorist Osama Bin Laden also stayed in this hotel whenever he visited Istanbul. Apartment accommodation and budget hotels will be available near of Grand bazaar, Blue mosque and column of Constantine. Even facility of taking bread and breakfast without accommodating any room is also available in hotels. Depending upon the facilities the rent in a budget hotel may be from 25 to 50 liras per a day. Lira is the currency of Turkey. 100 kuru is equal to 1 Lira. In Indian currency 1 Lira is equal to 28 rupees. Travelling in the cruise in black sea under the bridges of fathesultan mehmet and bhosphurus is really a great experience for all.

Blue mosque in Istanbul city

The famous construction in Istanbul is blue mosque. Apart for Istanbul it is the only mosque in the Turkey country that has 6 miners. Sultan Ahmed has been constructed in 17 th century. So it is also called as Sultan Ahmed mosque. Inner walls and ceiling is built with blue colour enamel is the reason behind the name of Blue mosque. It is not only big in area but also has specialities in skilled Vasthu and interior design. We can find the inlay work which appears in Tajmahal in each and every part of Blue-mosque.

Shopping in Istanbul city

There is a shopping district near Conrad hotel. Uncountable number of shopping malls are available there in which grand bazaar is very famous. Each mall contains 180-200 shops Grand Bazaar contains a total of 3000 shops. Grand Bazaar is the world famous and ancient mall. It spread among 60 streets starts from Nuerosmanio-mosque and ends at Beyajith-mosque. In this mall, Istanbul culture oriented products and items are sold by various shops. Jewellery shops sells culture based models, designs and modern models, designs which are more attracting. Special Shops are situated for individual pearls and pearl jewellery in them pearls of 25 -30 colours attracts the shoppers more. In the shine of the light various colours pearls looks like rainbow. The small shopping complexes are even bigger if compared to our malls.

Life style of Istanbul city

The cost of living in Istanbul is more. Prices of essential commodities are normally sky range. House rents are also high we can find these high cost of living towards Europe side. The villas rent will be 10,000 US dollars which has the facilities of garden and 24 hours security. Due to high Import tax the prices of cameras, computers imported processed food from West countries costs more. During Ramadan and Christmas season prices of all items will be less. Normally middle classed and limited income group buys item during these festive season.

Daals, Small grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and medical treatment consumes less spending in Istanbul if compared to West countries. We can even find weekly market in Istanbul in which prices of items will be very less. In the city workers will be available easily and there is difference between workers of west and local Turkish. A Turkey person works with less salary but won't know English. Charge will be done on the basis of hours for to take care of kids. Drivers are very expensive here in Istanbul the salary will be minimum 100 Turkish liras and health insurance facility. The charges of taxis per kilometre will be 2 lira. The cost of coffee in restaurants is 5 lira. McDonald's meals is 7 liras. Pizza is for 12 lira. Food in restaurants will be cost from 80 to 150 lira.

Nightlife in Istanbul is more joyous especially for youth. Belly dancers and Trendy clubs are available in Istanbul. Western classical music and Turkish cultural music concerts and ballets will be organised in Ataturk Cultural Center. Movie theatres are also more in Istanbul. We can find large number of theatre in malls itself. Along with local language movies English movies are also runs in theaters. Other language movies run by showing sub titles of turkey language. Public and residents of Istanbul likes to play golf and horse riding sports.

Pollution free Istanbul

Living Istanbul will be a dream for People living in the polluted cities of India. We can't find any traffic jams in Istanbul. We can't find any environmental pollution. Istanbul is apart from historical features is the specialist in civic beauty.

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