Liver failure and the procedure of liver transplant

After the initiation of the process of liver plant in our country, the transplants of liver after its damage has been made possible now. After the transplantation of the liver, a patient can lead a normal life which was not possible earlier. This article is aimed at making people aware of the procedures involved in this process of liver transplantation.

Liver is one of the vital organs of body. It helps digest the nutritional elements present in foods. Among its main functions are to produce bile, and protein and chase away the toxic elements from body. Proper none- functioning of liver is indicative of this fact that the days of life are now numbered to be counted on fingers.

Causes of liver failures

  • The hepatitis 'B' and 'C' diseases which turns the liver diseased up.
  • Drinking alcohol excessively. This condition turns the liver damaged in due courses.
  • Liver cirrhosis in which the functioning of liver gets destructed.
  • Attack of cancer on liver.
  • Diseases afflicting the person due to the changes in the life style which are called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In majority of the cases, these diseases spring forth owing to diabetes, obesity and increase in the cholesterol level.

In case the above conditions turning a serious turn, one has to opt for the liver transplant.

International directives in case of the liver transplant

In connection with the liver transplant, there also are some international directions. According to these, any person who is suffering from liver failure or liver cirrhosis whose chances of living is less than a year should only be treated for liver transplant. In the case of liver problem, treatment on time yields better results.

The measure of gravity of liver disorder

Due to the reason of liver cancer or liver complications, around 2-2.50 human lives are lost in our country. Within the country alone, about 25,000 people need liver transplant. The success rate in such cases is above 90 % in the Medanta- the Medicity (The Medanta Institute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine), which is Asia's first dedicated Institute of its kind offering all treatment options for liver through the procedure of liver transplant.

In fact, there is a lack of awareness among the people regarding liver failure. Due to this flaw, people don't reach the liver transplant centres on time when there is yet the chance of cure. Hence the people whose lives could well be saved meet their ends of lives.

Method of commandeering of liver

Liver is gotten through two methods.
  • First is the living donor. For this purpose, donor is selected from amongst the nearest kiths and kin such as mother, father, brother, sister.

  • Second is through taking out the liver of a dead person for transplanting it into the body of a needy person. This second type of donor is called cadaveric donor.

An overview.: Due to hereditary factors, liver related disorders could crop up in children too. In some people are such in whose case, the problem of liver failure suddenly erupts up sometimes after. This is an emergency situation needing immediate liver transplantation within the shortest possible time.

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