Preparation of Biology for PMT

Biology is the major part of any PMT exam and its worth can not be denied by any of the PMT aspirants. This article is written with the intention to give you some worthy tips for the preparation of Biology for the PMT.

What is PMT?

PMT stands for Pre-Medical Test. It is an entrance test conducted on all India level as well as on state level for admission into MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) or BDS (Bachelor of Dental Sciences) degree. PMT is the most important test for the students who choose medical field only to become doctor and this exam can help them to fulfil their dream.

Constituents of PMT exam:

PMT exam consist of a preliminary examination which contains multiple choice questions and a main exam which contains subjective questions and this part needs elaborated answers. Only those students which have qualified their preliminary exam can appear in the main exam and then the qualified students were called for counselling and admitted into MBBS/BDS course.

Eligibility for the PMT exam

Students opted medical (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) or both medical and non-medical (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) in 11th and 12th were eligible for appearing in PMT examination.

Subjects to be studied for PMT exam:

The subjects to be studied for this exam were biology, physics and chemistry. Biology constitutes the major part (50%) of the preliminary exam. 100 questions were from biology only and remaining 100 questions were from physics and chemistry both. So, major part was only from biology and that's why it was considered as the most important subject for the PMT exam as a lot depends on this subject.

How to prepare biology for PMT exam?

Preparation for PMT should be started on the very first day when you decided to become doctor and entered the biology stream. Some students relies upon self-study, some likes to prepare it in discussions and some of the students prefers to join the coaching classes along with their normal school routine from the 11th or 12th standard and this thing helps them a lot when they actually start preparing for the PMT. But if a student is capable and dedicated enough for this exam then self-study is the best option along with some guidance and tips from the experienced persons.
Biology portion is easy and requires a lot of hard work from the student's side and if a student is serious about this exam than he/she will start his/her study from the very beginning. When you study and finish one topic then solve the MCQs from different books related to that topic as many as possible. This will increase the confidence and efficiency of your study and also you can evaluate your-self for that particular topic.
The best method to study biology for the PMT exam is by making a schedule which is suitable and effective, so that one can devote enough time for the biology portion. Morning time will be the best time for studying biology as one can remember the terms and methodology of biology easily and a minimum of two hours a day for biology were significant from the very first day when you entered into the 11th class. Daily study of the biology and regular practice of MCQs will be beneficial for the PMT test. "More polishing provides you better and shining finishing". For the more details and some worthy tips on the preparation of the PMT, you can also have a look on this article

Biology: The milepost of PMT exam:

Biology is considered as the milepost of the PMT as it constitutes the major part of test and need to be more focused upon and also it is an interesting subject to study. Preparation should be started from the very first day when some-one thinks of adopting the medical field and self-study should be done regularly as a lot depends on it. Out of three subjects which were included in the syllabus for PMT, biology portion is the easiest one and the student who prepared this portion well can have full confidence on themselves that they can qualify in this exam. A thorough study of this part can boost up the moral of the students which is very necessary at that point of time. The students which were in regular touch with the biology portion will face less difficulty when they prepare for the PMT test. Biology part is the most scoring part in the PMT exam as one who prepared well in this section can solve the biology questions quite fast and easily and can save some time for the numerical problems of other subjects (physics and chemistry).

Important topics of biology for PMT exam:

Almost all topics of the syllabus were important but still there are some topics which need more attention than others. Some of the topics of the given syllabus were very important as they constitute the major part of the PMT exam. Some topics from the 11th and 12th standard like genetics, taxonomical classification of plants and animals, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, morphological characteristics, histological studies of plants and animals, cell discovery and its organelles, digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system, ecosystem, green revolution, white revolution, metabolic cycles, reproductive systems, diagnostic techniques etc. were considered to be more important.

Preferred books for biology portion in the PMT exam

NCERT books of class 11th and 12th were considered as the best and most trusted books for the purpose of study for PMT exam. These books had covered almost all topics which were considered as important for PMT. These books were also included in the theory syllabus of 11th and 12th classes so this is will be more beneficial to study these books as compared to other books. When you will study one topic from one book again and again then it will also develops your photogenic memory, which helps you to remember that particular topics for long period of time. There are other books also which were considered good for studying the biology portion like Pradeep's textbook of Biology, Truemans Elementary Biology, Modern's ABC of Biology etc. These books contain elaborated and briefly discussed topics which provide deep knowledge and also consist of MCQs at the end of each chapter. These MCQs were helpful for purpose of self-evaluation and practice.

Other study material for biology in the PMT exam

Some students prefer to study from the material provided by their coaching institutes. This material is good and very helpful when you have less time and you want to revise all topics quickly. Synopsis and test series were also helpful for the preparation of biology for PMT exam. These test series are important students were fully prepared for PMT and these test make students familiar with the pattern of exam and helps in time management and also helps for developing a suitable strategy for PMT exam.
Previous year question papers were also helpful for preparation and they make students familiar with the type of exam questions and conditions. These were helpful in preparing students mentally for the examination.

At last I want to conclude that if a student wants to qualify the PMT exam then he/she have to study regularly and have to concentrate more on biology because it is most scoring and it constitutes the major part of the examination. For qualifying the PMT exam students have to perform hard and intelligent work because "there is no other substitute for hard work".
For the more details and some worthy tips on the preparation of the PMT, you can also have a look on this article; Tips and tricks for PMT exam.

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