How to overcome superstitious beliefs and myths?

Here in this article I have given detail information on what is superstition and what is the Indian perspective on superstitions. I have also listed some of the famous superstitions believed in India and also my research on it. And finally I have given my view on should you believe in it and how to overcome the belief of superstition.

Superstition- An Indian point of view.

If we talk about India, three things comes to our mind which is very popular in India. And the three things are Corruption; population and last but not the least superstition. And here I'm going to discuss about superstition in India. So let's began a journey to India where superstition does play a big role.

Superstition - An Indian perspective :

India is truly a vast country with so many diversity in many of the things like religion, caste, society and many more. But it is true that we cannot deny the fact that superstition do exists in this holy country. India has too advanced in many ways just like other countries; but still it is consider a place of god, beliefs and also superstitions too. We can't deny the fact that even after getting listed in one of the developing countries and also into the way of getting modernized. But still there are so many people in India who still are superstitious about so many things which are now out-dated in true sense. Thanks to so many made up stories by our ancestors that the influence of such superstitions are still alive and still very strong.

What is superstition? If we look up to the dictionary it says that it is a belief on some supernatural things which may exists or may not exists. By the given definition we really cannot be sure whether super-natural things do exist or not. And believing in such doubtful super-natural things can surely be named as superstition. But in India many people believe in power which are not seen and try out so many things to overcome the bad sins or vibrate. But the questions is should we look up to such beliefs that our out-dated. And living in a modern world really doesn't allow us to do so. Then why still Indian gets influenced by superstition and act according to it. Let us see some of the famous superstitions which are still believed in India.

List of famous superstitions still believed in India :

If we start analysis all the Superstitions then I am sure that this article will get too long to finish up in a day. So to cut it in short I'm giving out some of the famous superstitions which you believe it or not are still believed and practiced in India.

The following are some of the famous superstitions believed in India :

1. If a black cat crosses your way then you will have a bad day, to overcome it you have to go back 10 steps in reverse.

2. You should not sleep or cry at evening times, this bring bad luck to the family.

3. If you are not feeling well and your medical reports don't show anything then it means that somebody have kept their bad eye on you. To overcome this you should burn chilly in the name of the person who have kept eye on you. And this superstition is believed more in the cases of small children.

4. Widow is considered to be a bad luck and they are not allowed to attain any ceremonies of their own family and that of others.

5. You should not see the sight of sun-set because it is believed that that life will also be downing like sun.

6. If a glass breaks accidently then it is considered to be bad and sometimes good also. The belief itself is confusing whether it is good signs or a bad signs.

7. The crying of a cat or dog is considered to be worst because it is said that somebody will die in the family.

8. Falling of milk from vessels accidentally means that the progress of the head of the family will also fall.

9. It is said that a pregnant lady should not buy anything for their coming child as it means that the arrival of the baby will be painful or may also result in death of the baby before coming to this world.

10. People in India hang lime and chilly tied together with the help of black thread to their homes and vehicles. It is said that by doing so it will keep away all the bad eyes from your home and vehicles.

11. If you are going out and somebody sneeze then it means that for whatever purpose you are going out will not be successful. And to overcome this you should drink a glass of water or should keep a bowl full of water inside the main entrance of the house and then you should leave the house for the work.

My research on the belief of superstitions in India :

yes you have heard it right. I had been doing a lot of research on this above mentioned famous superstitions believed in India. According to my research I didn't found any good reason on believing these superstitions and it is surely not to be trusted. As the resources itself is not relevant to the act done then how can we be hundred percent sure that this particular belief is right and it do works and should not be considered as superstition. According to me such act can happened by chance or accidentally too. So in such cases how you will be able to be sure about the act just happened.

And even if we believe that why it happened in this particular time only; then how can we be sure that by doing this trick, we will surely overcome this bad signs and it will surely not influence us in any way. It is so much confusing, you are really not sure about the initial and the final steps of the act. It is like walking with a candle in a deep dark place and you yourself don't know where you are heading too and at the same time the candle lights goes off.

Should we believe in such superstitions?

It is one of the tricky question that you will come across, especially when you are staying in India and also with an orthodox family members. But as discussed earlier in my research I really don't think that we should believe in such superstitions. And we are a citizen of modern times then it is way more important that we should not believe in such acts.

But to be very true to you I have to say that still getting into the phase of modernism, we the modern people still believe in so many superstitions which are actually countless. Then how it will possible for us to not believe in superstitions and start living a free life without any worries about black cat crossing our way or breaking of glass. If we will not change then I really don't think that we will never be able to change our country's wrong belief and will live a life full of superstitions. Then how it is possible to leave such thoughts and start to live a life without any false belief that is a life of superstitions- proof. Read on further to know how we can do it.

How to overcome such superstitions from our lives?

I will not say that it is very easy to do. Staying in India with conscious family members and relatives it will be very difficult for you not to believe in superstitions and also raise your child without letting him or her to get involved in all this superstition business of our families. Then how it will be possible to do so? If there is a will then there is a way. This proverb do applies here perfectly. The very first thing that you are supposed to do is to start analyzing all the superstitious beliefs that you hold in your life. In this you can't say that I don't believe in any of the superstitious act, because you know that you are not only lying to me but to yourself also. So it is better that you stop arguing with me and jot down all the superstitious beliefs that you have believed and performed till now.

Now you know that these are my false believes and it becomes very easy to correct a fault only if you know it by yourselves. Now try to get rid of it one by one like for example, if you believe in the superstitious act of a black cat crossing your way and it will result something in bad for the day. And if it happens to you then just go for it, don't hesitate. Just walk without noticing the cat or any bad thoughts coming to your mind. And you will be amazed to see that nothing bad happened to you on that day. The same attitude so be there for all the other superstitions. After this you will be able to live a life without any superstitious beliefs and then you will also be able to raise children who too will not believe in such false act and then at least we can hope for a nation which is free of superstitions and living a modernized lives.

I hope this article did help to understand what superstition is and how to overcome it to live life free of myths; beliefs and mainly superstitions.

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