Migraine: Why it Torments Women the Most?

As for that, migrate is a common disease which can afflict anybody but specialists opine its incidence is three times more prevalent in women compared to men. This article lists the reasons of why this is common among the women comparative more than men, what to do when suffering from migraine and the precautions to be taken.

In the majority of the cases of women, migraine strikes them first around from 30 to 40 years of ages. Its symptoms as for that matter begin surfacing up in the childhood itself the concentration of which ascends up by reaching the stage of young hood. This condition torments the most between the ages of 30-40. Though, its virulence diminishes with the advancement in age.

Experts are of the opinion that it is hereditary i.e. if someone had migraine in the family of women the chances of the next generation of inhibiting this disease of migraine rise up to 80 % whereas men have 60 % chance of getting afflicted with migraine if someone in his family line had suffered from it.

Migraine- why the women the worse sufferer?

The experts regarding this have to say that it torments the women the most before and after menses. The reason of this is changes obtaining in their estrogens. It occurs due to the diseases of thyroid glands and the ovaries also. Before the and after the menstrual cycle of women, the estrogens and the progesterone levels deplete sharply. During the course of this time, these levels become at the lowest ebb. Hormones directly impact the functioning of their brain and migraine begins troubling the women. As per experts, for the menopause, this problem could be ridden off through the hormones replacement therapy process.

Around 2/3rd women suffering from migraine agree due to their responsibilities of the family, the incidence of migraine amongst them is on higher side. The factors of looking after the entire family and the children form grounds for the incidence of the migraine amongst them. The working women often complain of headache after returning from their work. The tension of office and then again cooking food after coming from office, looking after the home and the children triggers unbearable pain.

Cause of migraine?

As to why the pain of migraine occurs couldn't be specifically pin pointed but this much could be safely said that the faulty dietary habits and some physical disorders aggravate this for certain. The pain is deeply related with the fried and heavy foods. The attack of migraine could come owing to many reasons for example, tension, high blood pressure, and from the smells of food stuffs as well. Some people fall prey to migraine from chocolates, coffee or sour fruits also. Some patients feel relieved after vomiting, while some don't. It has also been seen happening by eating of onion, tomato and garlic etc.

Location and types of migraine?

Intense pain occurs in the left side of the head. Owing to its occurrence in half of the portion of the head, it is also called the headache of ½ cc.

Around 15 % people suffer from this disease. This could be also of two types- normal and special. The pain of the migraine of the normal nature comes in all of a sudden. Whereas in the special type of it, some forewarning symptoms surface up before its visitations as foe examples, spinning of head, sightings of flashing lights in front eyes, lack of hunger etc. The greatest speciality of the migraine is that it occurs in the morning at the time of leaving the bed. Soon after waking up in the morning, pain starts on the left or the right sides of the eyes. The pain of migraine could stay formed up from hours to weeks.

Tackling migraine

    The migraine patients shouldn't go out in the open in strong sunlight. If it is urgent to go out, they must wear sun goggles. The migraine patients should not remain empty stomach specially the morning breakfast is highly important.
  • When the attack of migraine falls on, the patient should be made to lie down straight on bed without pillows because the pillows would aggravate the pain more. The migraine patient cannot tolerate light; therefore they should be made to sleep in dark.
  • The migraine suffering patients should get their eyes and blood pressure at the interval of every six months. If the blood pressure is on the higher sides, treatments should be resorted to immediately. The patients might the need of some power in their goggle.
  • Migraine patients should shun the uses of some items such as wine, meat, tea, coffee, oil, cream etc.
  • In condition of migraine pain, the patients could feel relieved from the pain if cold water bandages are put on the forehead. The person suffering from migraine should get treated by a neurologist.
  • Migraine patients mustn't resort to taking medicines on their own as it might affect adversely on them causing hardships.
  • Apart from this, the migraine suffering patients can be ridden of the disease by undergoing a small operation. According to American Doctors, by removing some muscles from head and neck, the problem could be distanced away for ever. The poisonous Botox chemical is also used to remove this pain for good.

Morning walk wards off migraine

  • The morning time atmosphere is considered to be congenial to the health of human body. Particularly, the time of sunrise is enormously beneficial to health. Purity at this hour pervades everywhere. The environs is filled with fresh air. When the fresh air mixes with blood, it invigorates the entire body functions.
  • The migraine pain makes the patients restless. The word 'Mai' means ½ and 'Graine' means head- the pain of ½ cc- ardhkapali.
  • Women are more prone to migraine than men. Women are suffering from migraine in great number. The pain of migraine begins with morning and reaches to its peak by the middle of noon. It disappears after the sunset.

Overview: The migraine patients should walk early in the morning on open road or park to get immediate pain from the recurring pain. The enclosed up carbon Di oxide of the closed home and room aggravates the migraine pain. Fresh oxygen lowers down the aggravation of migraine pain.

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