Bronchitis: Its Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

Taking this disease lightly may prove to be deadly for your health. This disorder could be defeated during the beginning of its onsets by getting it treated on time. This article details its causes, its forms and symptoms as well as its remedial cure.

Form of bronchitis disease

The swelling and infection of the respiratory tracts beneath the inner parts of lungs is called bronchitis. In such a condition, the inner walls of the respiratory weaken taking shapes of balloon or cylinder in stead of a capillary. Due to the swelling, the phlegm begins forming more than normal. The weaker walls of the respiratory tracts become unable to flush out the accumulated phlegm. Its ill result is that phlegm accumulates in excess of its normal level obstructing the capillaries. Owing to this obstruction, the lungs get damaged and shrunken or expands after taking the shape of a balloon. This incapacitates the normal functions of the respiratory tracts and the lungs inviting bronchitis disease to spread tentacles..

Types of bronchitis

This is of two types- acute and chronic bronchitis.
  1. Acute bronchitis: This type occurs 90 % due to virus infection and 10 % due to the bacteria infection. The problem of cough and phlegm crops up due to this. This is more common in children. The acute bronchitis setting in due to the virus disappears after a few weeks and in some cases antibiotic drugs are prescribed to cure.

  2. Chronic bronchitis: Repeated gash and burning sensation in the respiratory tract form the chief reason of this type of bronchitis. The problem of interrupted coughing for long period surfaces up. The chronic bronchitis can emerge up repeatedly lasting up to 1 year and stretching to 4 years longer.

    There is one more type of bronchitis as well apart from the above type i.e. ‘Protracted bacterial bronchitis’ which cures up on taking anti bacterial drug.

Symptoms of bronchitis

Wheezing and gasping breathes, distension and puffiness in breathes, excess of phlegm.

Causes of bronchitis

The infection in lungs occurs more in this present wintry season because air become more polluted due to the external elements, filled with odour, dust particles, fog and smog. This disease is noticed much among smokers.

Besides above, living longer under tension, carelessness in diet, living in a polluted and dirty place etc also give invitation to this problem. This is also common amongst persons working in weaving or spinning mills, plastic factory, cement factory, chemical factory, mines and blast furnaces etc.

This could be caused due to the hereditary factors. Sometimes, lack of the alpha-1 present in the blood, antitrypsin named enzymes and rheumatoid arthritis also form ground of the disease of bronchitis.

Prevention and Treatment

  • When the fever begins rising and intense cold is felt, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Doctor will this whether the antibiotics should be given or not.
  • Quit smoking immediately. Keep away from smokers as well.
  • Don’t include excessive cold and sour items in your food.
  • Do regular exercise and keep off your tension.
  • Save against, smoke, smog. Make use of anti dampers and vaporiser.
  • Drink adequate quantity of water to keep the phlegm diluted

Attack bronchitis by the methods suggested above.

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