Story As You Sow As You Reap

Here I am telling you a story that tell us that as we sow as we reap. This is a small story of a horse. Who wanted wrong for a buffalo & he had to pay for this. The story tell us not to think bad about other. Do good and you will always get good.


Once Upon a time there was a buffalo and a horse lived in a jungle. They were good friend. They lived together. They were good friends. One day they started fighting each other telling who is stronger among them.
The Horse said that he is stronger than buffalo and the buffalo said that she is stronger than the horse. This discussion changed to a fight. The horse became angry and he pushed his leg to the buffalo. The buffalo also got angry and she attacked on the horse through his horn.
The horse injured from the horns of buffalo and ran away.
He thought a trick how to take revenge from buffalo.
The horse went to a man who live outside the forest. He went to him and told how buffalo injured him and say the man to help him.
The man said how he can help the horse because if the buffalo harmed the horse then it means that she can also harm him also.
Then the horse told the man to ride on him and he told that he will run and said man to take a big and strong stick to attack on the buffalo. He told that he will run and the man will attack on the buffalo with the stick. Thus the buffalo will be about dead. and he said the main to tie the buffalo.
Then the man asked again what is the benefit if he beat the buffalo and tie her. Then the horse said she gives sweet milk which is healthy for your body. You will more stronger if you will dirnk that milk.
The man said yes to help him. He did the same as the buffalo told. He tied the buffalo and taste her milk it was really delicious.
Then the horse said the man to come down so that he can go back to forest and can graze grass.
But the man said the he will not free the horse because he have known that he can ride on him and he could be good source of riding for the man.
and the man tied the horse also. Thus they both became slave of the man.

Moral:- as you sow as you reap.


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