How To Succeed In The Interview

This article discusses about the tips and ways which will be beneficial for a person if he or she follows them. Interview is very important as it guarantees our at any stage of life. Well very few know exactly what to do and what not do for an interview. This article will help you to guide for a good interview.

Interview is a process by which the company judges the person whether he or she is good for the company or not. But getting success in the interview is another side of this process. You have to be different from the rest of the candidates; I mean you should have that 'extra thing' in you to get the success. As you will read this article, you will find certain practices which acts as catalyst in you selection for a company. The article is mainly written by me in keeping the view of college students but yes these tips are for everybody. When you get a chance of interview means that you are shortlisted fro bunch of students and I think wasting the opportunity of no selection is not a better idea. An intelligent candidate (not necessarily with mind) is the one who do his or her home work perfectly; by homework I mean that you should some type of research about the company. It includes various things and you will find them in this article. Well maintaining the confidence level in an interview is most good thing and that can be only be achieved if you know good enough about the company.

This is article is mainly divided on three main things which are following:
1) What to do before interview.
2) What to do during interview.
3) What to do after interview.
Let's start the article with first topic called as what to do after interview.

What to do before interview

This is the most important part of your preparation for an interview. You can say this is the base for your confidence and best performance at an interview.
The three secrets of the successful selection at an interview.
1) Chemistry: It is defined as how you mix up the people. I t also says that how you will work in the team, as it is very essential for a company to improve and touch the deadlines at time. So the interviewer always checks whether you are introvert or social person. Always try to create an environment that yes I am social person.
2) Commitment and dedication: Interviewers will never hire a person who is not committed to his work. After a series of question they will come to know the nature of yours and dedication about the work. It is a natural thing and comes within yourself. So try a habit of doing work at time if you are not doing it.
3) Knowledge: The interviewer always sees towards the people who have knowledge, skills and other qualities like leadership. It is very important for you to know what is important part of syllabus which can be asked by the interviewer. I would suggest you to have a sound knowledge of your core subjects.

Doing some research about the company

This is very important of your preparation. Doing research about the company will you to identify which type of candidates they will take. So a good research about the company will help you for an interview. Below I have given the list some aspects which you should do for researching about the company.
1) What is the core business of the company: Try to find out how company works and what type of products they produce. Also try to remember the names of founder, CEO and other big post people.
2) Future planning of the company: Try to find out what they are planning for future, means which new products they will introduce in the market. This will help you to find the status of the company.
3) Type of workforce they look for: Finding this is very beneficial as it will give hint about the expectations of an interviewer.
4) Company profits and investments: This is also very important as it will be asked by the interviewer
5) Opponent of the company: It includes companies which are in competition with this company.
Before one or two day before the company go to the place where you will be interviewed. Try to politely talk with people around there as it will give you lot of information. May be interviewing is not a process of one day, so it can happen that the interview of other batch is still going on. Try to ask the people who come outside the interview room. Ask them about the number of interviewer, how many stages is there in the interview and what type of question they are asking.

Dressing and things to take for the interview

Dressing is very necessary for the interview. The better you look that day, the better you have impressions on the interviewer. But wait a minute do you know the meaning of 'better look'? It simply means that you don't be fancy at that day. Please don't wear those clothes which you wear for parties and all other occasions. My advice is that for men, a black trouser, formal shoes, tie and white shirt is good enough. You can wear any other color too but it should be formal. For the girls you can have simple jeans and t-shirts. Always keep in mind that the way look gives the first impression to the interviewer. You should have a proper haircut and properly shaved. Use mild deodorant but do not over do it.
Pack your bag suitably according to the need. You should have extra photocopy of your documents. Keep something to eat like biscuit packet and also keep a bottle of water. Just take a sip of water before going to interviewer. Make a list of items before you pack so that you can do a recheck of that. Forgetting anything will only create mess there. Keep a good amount of your recently clicked photographs.
The next topic deals with things you should do during the interview.

What to do during the interview

Arrive the interview place early and try to talk to the people who are outside as it will give certain knowledge and also some key points. Try to talk to the human resources department people. They are the one who are involved in the interview. Try to find out the names of interviewers, as it is helpful. When your name is called hen just make sure that you dress is all right and no dust is on the shoes. But don't take too much of time in this as interviewers are waiting for you. Before that always ask the candidates coming out of the room for the question which the interviewer asked to them.
When you enter the just say 'may I come in sir' with a good smile. Go straight towards the seating area and if they handshake you, do it with smile. Wish them good morning and if you remember the names of the persons then you can use name too. You don't have to sit until you are not said to do so and always try to talk with eye contact. Always maintain posture of your body, a loose body is sign of laziness and lethargy. Always sit in a good position comfortable for you. You have to 100 percent attentive on the interview time and don't let your face go down as if your are bored. You should look fresh and attentive to the interviewer.

Try to listen the questions perfectly and give a little time to give the answer. The answer should be given short and precise. You should always keep an example of the solution which you are giving to the interviewer. Try to make eye contact with interviewer while you are giving answer and the gesture of the body, especially of hands should be there to enhance your presentations. One thing which I wanted to tell you that never tries to hide anything from the interviewer and tell the truth. Many interviewer ask about the personal life of yours, so don't hesitate to do give right answer. If you are not that good in communications skills then you should practice it at your home with somebody as it will build up you confidence here. Below I have given the list of common question which are asked by the interviewer.
1) Tell me about yourself: Always give the answer of this question in short. Try to keep only to your family and your achievements. Don't try to speak the whole mountain of qualities about yourself.
2) How much salary you want: First of all give a little smile and say it is a very difficult question sir but If I can get something more than my previous job. This is the only answer you have to say. Don't try to speak about the topic which is irrelevant. But if you are fresher then go for saying that since I am only the beginner and my first priority is to learn, so whatever the company pays is all right to me.
3) Why you left the previous company: A difficult question to answer but yes you can say that I was having some personal problem there or this company will give me more opportunity as other. The research you have done will come handy at this position.
4) Why do you want to join this field: Never give the answer that I was interested in this field from my childhood. Try to make you answer more different than others.
5) Why we hire you only: This is a good question and interviewer wants to know the extra quality which you have to serve the organization.

What to do after interview

After your interview is over then comes some major step you have to take to have an edge over others. I f you are ejected or selected then ask for the feedback form. It will help you to improve to improve the skills you have. Wish the interviewer and say it was very wonderful to talk to you people. You can ask the names of the interviewer. You have to mail to the interviewer after 2 hours so that he or she can remember the name of yours and have edge on others. But if you result come early at the time you are in the company, the discussion of salary comes. Try to patient and give a deep thought about the salary. I you are fresher as I have already told you that go for learn rather than salary. But always keep a record of present salary package in the market. Ask your friends who are working in other companies about the present salary scenario.

Keep in touch with HR department and find out the latest happenings. If you result comes later then go for regular conformation of the latest happening. Politely you can ask the HR department that how many vacancies does the job had and what exactly the interviewer were look for. I did not discuss the questions which are involved to the knowledge because they vary branch to branch wise. The mechanical students will be asked for different question and computer science students will be asked for different question. So I have not included the question. But only which I wanted to tell you that if you sound enough about your topic then no question will be difficult. It can happen that the interviewer knows less then you too.

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Author: AKSHAY26 Jan 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

This is a very good article. It will be very useful for the job aspirants. Keep posting such useful information.


Author: Jeet Singh07 Dec 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

A well written articles which will solve the problem of those who are going for the interviews. You have explain it very simple way and kept the speed understandable to all. This is the most important part I liked it from your this article.

As from my experience I would have a suggestion and hope you would not mind if I express it here.

1. Before interview, its better if we keep ourselves with limited people. Talking with others and getting negative feedback from other candidate will not going to help any way. Also with the authority people, we should talk as much as it required. Unnecessary talking might divert your mind. So, before the interview, be positive without even thinking of any kind of outcome. Be with yourself, no smart acting, you are not coming here to show above than others. Behave as you are in real, be confidant but not overconfident. If you are nervous no problem, even Sachin Tendulkar was nervous playing his 200th test match. Small nervousness is ok but not don't take it very seriously. Be sure that if you are not selected for this interview, the world is not going to end for you.

2. During the Interview, never put your hand forward for the handshake unless the interviewer offer you. Be calm and positive, reply only after the interviewer has finished. Don't be in hurry with your reply. Don't create any noise from your throat or clean your sweating again and again from your face. Answer as much as it has asked. Keep simple till the end.

Sometime the interviewer try to confuse you, so please be straight and truthful. Talk only which you know and if you don't know, tell them that you have not much idea about it. Speak always truth no matter what.

That's all I would like to add in this article, rest everything is written wonderfully.

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