How To Insert Background Music In MS Powerpoint 2007 File

This article is to learn insert background music in the entire file of Ms PowerPoint 2007. The lesson is explained using step by step instructions. Steps are elaborated with the help of picture of Power Point slide below. Learning is made so easy that even the layman can learn and execute steps easily. It is a common practice to attach sound files to the animated text and pictures in Power Point slides. But sometimes we need to play soft background music while the slide show is on.

How to insert background music file in Ms PowerPoint 2007

What is the necessity of background music in a PowerPoint file.

• I have created tens of hundreds of PowerPoint files for making the learning easy for school children. In addition to PowerPoint (PPt) files for subjects like Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, I have created PPt files for learning English, Hindi and Telugu which are the three languages taught in the schools in Andhra Pradesh. I created files containing multiple slides to be used by the teachers in class rooms with the help of computers and LCD TVs in the classrooms. In addition to these, I created PPt games with lots of animation and sound effects for the students to interact individually in the computer labs of schools. The effects of these slides are enhanced by applying animation and sound effects to the animated text and objects in the slides. The other day I was asked by the managing editor the whom I know since I am also one of the editors on the panel of group of editors of IndiaStudyChannel. She asked me for a solution to the problem she faced while working with a PowerPoint file containing about 100 slides. She wanted to know how a music file can be inserted in the PowerPoint file so that it keeps on playing for the entire period of slide show.

• The problem was simple and the solution was also not very difficult. What shocked me most was that I couldn't immediately solve this problem even though the provision to insert the background music is there in the Ms PowerPoint. This happened because I never had to use this option for creating files for the school children. My colleague's request made me aware of the fact that the background music in a PowerPoint file is essential to play the slides one by one giving them automated slide transition timings. This way the audience in a hall can be enthralled with sweet and soft music running in the background while the slide show is on. I also learnt a very important fact that our learning is never complete and it increases when we share the knowledge with others. This brought to the fore the logo of IndiaStudyChannel "Learn to earn, earn to learn" and it also proved the saying that "it is never late to learn".

It is never late to learn

• As I have stated above that it is never late to learn and we learn more when we share our knowledge with others. My training started with my colleague's simple question. I conducted a Google search typing the question asked from me in the Google Search text box and I immediately got the answer to my question from a web page which is bookmarked by me as How to insert a background music in PowerPoint File. It took me about 10-15 minutes to learn the procedure and practically apply to one of my PowerPoint file. It gave me an immense pleasure when I heard the background music being played while my slides kept on moving from one to the other. I immediately informed my colleague, the step by step procedure to be followed to insert background music to the entire file.

Step by Step procedure to insert background music in the PowerPoint 2007 file.

  • Step – 1. On the menu bar, click on 'Insert'.

  • Step – 2. On the extreme right, click on small down arrow under the speaker icon.

  • Step – 3. A small menu bar will drop down showing four options, namely, Sound from file, Sound from Clip Organizer, Play CD Audio Track, and Record Sound. You may like to click on "Sound from file".

  • Step – 4. Insert sound dialogue box will open asking you to locate the sound file in your hard disk. Click on any .mp3 file containing music or song and click on 'OK' button. Don't insert .wav file since that will take a lot of memory. Convert your .wav file into .mp3 file if not already done.

  • Step – 5. A speaker icon will appear on your first slide. Click on the item 'Animations' on the Menu Bar. Click on custom animation. Look at the custom animation pane on the right. There will be play symbol with the name of the sound file. Click on the name of the sound file or the speaker symbol in the slide to show small down arrow to the right of the file name. Click on the down arrow. You will find the following entries in the Drop Down menu: Start on click, Start with previous, Start after previous (this will be already highlighted with a clock icon if the automatic transition time is given), Effect options, Timing, Show Advanced Timeline and Remove.

  • Step – 6. Please click on the 'Effect Options'. The Play sound dialogue box will now be visible with Effect, Timing, and Sound Settings. Under effect, the start playing should be 'from beginning'. Under Stop Playing, check the radio button for 'After' and in the number box type one number more than the number of slides in your file. If the number of slides in your file is 10, then type 11 in this box. Do not click on 'Ok' at this stage.

  • Step – 7. Click on item 'Timing'. Start effect will be 'After previous'. Click on the small down arrow against the item 'Repeat' against which 'none' will appear as default text. Click on the last option in Drop Down menu 'Until end of slide'. Now click on 'OK' button. Animation and sound effects are applied now to your file.

  • Step – 8. While you are still in custom animation mode, look at the right side top. You will find Transition sound, Transition speed, Apply to all slides. You can give the transition speed depending on your requirement. There are three options available: slow, medium and fast. Towards the right side top, you will find two options under 'Advance slide': 'On mouse click' and 'automatically after'. Check 'Automatically after' and fix the timings of movement of slide in number of seconds. Finally click on the tab "Apply to all". You have inserted the background music to your file which will play for the whole length of your file while the slides transit from one to the other according to the time set by you.

  • Step – 9. You can set up the slide show if you want the file and music to be played again and again until you press the 'Escape key'. Click on 'Slide Show' on the menu bar and click on 'Set up slide show'. Under the Set up dialogue box, click on 'Loop continuously until Esc' and then click on OK. Insert some soft music file and enjoy your Power Point slide show.

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