Reddit: Increase Traffic to Your Articles

Reddit has capability of providing you more than 5 thousands of views! Reddit is a site that has more than 50 million users, and it is ranked 115th worldwide! Learn how to use Reddit to drive thousands of visitors to your articles or blogs

Most of us try many ways to promote our articles and get views on them. When you get views, there will be more chances of getting clicks.

There are many sites on the Internet that will help you to get views on your articles and blogs. The best sites for getting traffic to your articles are Bookmarking Sites. Some of the bookmarking sites are: Stumble Upon, Digg, Delicious, and Reddit. I use all of the sites mentioned above. But Reddit has amazed me! It is really awesome and amazing.

What Actually is Reddit?

Reddit is a Social Bokmarking Site that allows you to post and share links to the site and millions of active users there! Reddit is ranked 114th worldwide. It is because of its users, and activeness of the site. Reddit has a lot of users, and it is very strict. Your account can be terminated if your submitted links get negative votes and comments! Reddit requires good links. It doesn't like users spamming at all. You cannot post multiple links at the same time.

Reddit: Categories

There are different categories in Reddit. They are called Sub Reddits. I mostly post links to TIL (Today I Learned) and YSK (You Should Know). After you post a link, it will appear on that Sub Reddit, under "New". Users will see your link, and click on it. If they like it, they will vote it up, or if they don't, they will vote it down. If you have too many down votes, then your link will be deleted. But, if you get good comments and up votes, your Reddit will come under "What's Hot" tab, and if it gets more famous, it will come on "Top" tab which means thousands of visits waiting for your link!

Reddit: Regulations

I recommend you to read all the Guidelines, FAQs and Terms of Services which are the most important ones. Please do not break any of the rules, or they will ban your account. However, you are allowed to create another account. It is also important to maintain good Link and Comment Karma. It shows how helpful have you been to Reddit community. Post more comments, do vote ups and vote downs, and post good links (that's not only of your articles, but also of some other articles).

How I Got Thousands of Views?

Once I had posted a link of one of my good articles, and within 30 minutes, it got more than 15 comments (good comments!), and 9 up votes. With just that, I got more than 500 views from it and that continued for more than 3 days! Same happened with some of my articles too!

Promote Articles and the Reddit Links

If you have a GOOD and INTERESTING article, which is not known to all, you can post it to Reddit under the sub Reddit "TIL" or "YSK" or any other you think would be appropriate.

You can promote your Reddit Links by sharing it with your friends and families in Facebook, sharing with Twitter Followers, and sharing the Reddit Link on other Social Bookmarking Sites.

You can increase your Twitter Followers, Facebook Fan-Page Likes, Digg Followers, My Space friends by using a site called You Like Hits. It is ranked 3,102 in Alexa, which is really good. You can use You Like Hits very easily. This will help you to promote your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Profile, and there you can share the Reddit Links.

I also recommend you to keep friendship with other Reddit Users there, see their Links, and comment and vote. By doing so, many users will click on your profile to see who are you, and then they go to your Reddit Links! If they like the links, they are going to Up vote and give a good comment too!

So, if you use Reddit efficiently, you will earn from Ad Sense and India Study Channel efficiently!

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