What is the health related problems caused by over usage of mobile phones and its remedies

In this article, I would like to share the information regarding the health related problems and mental problems that are caused due to the usage of mobile phones. Now a day’s mobile phones are became a must-using item for all and people are using them for multipurpose. Continuous usage of the mobile phones can cause various skin diseases.

Introduction about the Mobile phone and its changed functions

Mobile phone is not only questioning the existence of our life but also helping others to question us. Even LKG studying kids are getting crazy about mobile phone in present days. as became an essential part of our body. We observe people becoming mad by not finding mobile in their hands for half an hour. We can find these kinds of problems in high-end mobile users. People feels lonely and having broken connection with the world if they cannot find a mobile in their hands. The campaigning regarding the bad effects of mobile phones being neglected due to the campaigning of cell companies. We are doing many functions by using the mobile phone. The number of public using for talking is decreasing day by day. Employees are facing job related stress per 24 hours a day due to Internet, Mobile phones. People are using mobile phones for the multipurpose of Internet, News, Games, SMS, Chating, and social networking sites. We all are observing from past that the technology, which crosses the limit definitely creates harm to humans. Mobile technology is also traveling in the same way. Usage of mobile phone for long hours and not using it properly are creating both physical and mental health problems.

Mobile phone has became a must part of our body

By hearing the name of Mobile, every individual feels restless first searches for our mobile phone in pockets and bags. We none intentionally waits every second for the ring tome of our mobile without knowing. We feels anxiety if we cannot get a call from other person by the time. If we gets an unknown call we feels this why we have this mobile. We feel angry if the opposite person will not lift the call. Presently Even small kids are also demanding for mobile days. Their behavior is changing if not allowed if allowed then only their behavior is changing. Parents are feeling tense regarding what to do. These kinds of tensions are leading to health-related problems and mobiles are causing many physical problems.

Germs on the Keypads and Touch-screens of Mobile phone

The keypads and touch screens are becoming as the dirtiest places and becoming as the home for various germs. These germs can reach our cheeks and hand fingers, which in result are causing many skin problems skin diseases experts said. These mobile phones are becoming as the reason for rashes on cheeks and near ear.

Skin problems due to the long usage of Mobile phones

Skin experts are warning usage of mobile phones is the reason for the appearance of black, white marks and allergy on cheeks even though we have using many skin caring actions. Researchers and skin diseases experts are stressing that the maximum usage of mobile phones is causing various types of skin problems. Even though we all are careful regarding neatness but we overviews the working of the items, which treated as parts of our body. The list includes smart phones and normal mobiles.

Various types of skin diseases due to the long usage of Mobile phones

Our classy mobile may become the reason for one skin allergy named Contact Dermatitis. Doctors are already identified these kind of symptoms in people who uses mobile phone daily for hours. This happens due to the nickel coating on the mobile phone. Common person not aware about this fact thinks the reason might by other problem. Some people's are e also treats it as a common problem and avoids it.

What are the other problems that are caused due to the long usage of Mobile phones

Mobile phones are creating problems in other ways too. Due to artificial electromagnetic waves(AEW), there is a danger of heating of human body cells. Recent studies have revealed that due to this problem there is a chance of change in proteins in skin. Medical Experts are warning that the long affect of this kind of mobile radiation may lead to various skin-cancers. Usage of mobile phone for long hours may bring difference in the age appearance of the person, as the person appears as aged.

What are the Remedies have to follow to overcome these problems

  • Daily every individual have to wash hands and face neatly for 2 to 3times. Most importantly in the situation of using the mobile, phone for hours.

  • The individual has to use Moisturizers containing Vitamin E and Emollients containing anti-oxidants. These product supplies wetness to skin and avoids the appearance of marks in such a small age.

  • Quality based sunscreen has to use for to give activeness for the skin's self-safety system.

  • The mobile phone's screen and keypad have to clean systematically for to avoid the growing of germs.

  • Using the earphones is a good act rather than attending a call by keeping the mobile at ear.

  • New technological inventions have given an opportunity of interacting with the world within our hands itself. However, the proper usage of these inventions and avoiding the bad effects that caused due to the long use of these inventions can avoided by systematic and disciplined usage only.

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    Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman10 Apr 2012 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

    Correct Ramprasad ji! a bus friend of mine who is aged 60 years got some heart problem in spite of his good health,due to his habit of keeping his mobile phone in his shirt packet. Yours is a good alert.

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