How to remove hurdles in a delayed marriage?

Delay in marriages forms grounds for worries. There are some panaceas according to the astrology which forms grounds for sooner marriages. This article suggests you ways to be adopted to remove the stumbling block lying on the paths of marriages causing delays.

It is said the day the parents begin worrying for the marriage from the very day the girl takes birth. The family doesn’t want more than the girl’s marriage in a happy and prosperous home. Sweats ooze out in the majority of the parent’s cases in making the hands of their daughters yellow. Marriage is such a social custom which is important for all. This applies more on girls. No matter how much the girl is talented, after a certain stage, what to speak of the relatives, even neighbours begin worrying for their marriage. The day’s peace and the night’s sleeps of the parents vanish. Some people get surprised why the marriage is being delayed despite being laced with all the qualifications.

According to the astrological calculations, there are some star defects that cause delays in the solemnisation of the marriage.

Causes of delayed marriages?

It could be found out from astrological calculations as to why the delay is being caused in the marriage of a girl or a boy. There are so many factors such as coincidences of planets responsible for a delay in marriages. Some important factors are mentioned below:-

  • When the ‘lagna in case of the girl and the shukra in case of a boy is parched up in the constant star of ‘saptam lagnesh’ and ‘saptmesh guru’, delay in marriages in respect of them occur.
  • If the ‘Shani (saturn) and ‘Mangal’ along with ‘Shukra’ is placed in the 7nth position of moon, yet again the delay is caused.
  • If ‘Mangal is placed in the 1,4,7,8 and 12th bhav (animus) from the moon or if the shani, ketu, rahu, surya and weak moon and weak shukra guru are placed from the moon in the 7nth position, delay crops up.
  • If rahu is on top of ketu in the centre from the moon and Guru on top of shukra on the 7nth centre, delay happens.
  • Delay is also caused when the rahu is present in the 7nth position on the pap grah drishti
  • Delay also may be possible when in the 7nth place is placed the moon and eyes of shani pap zodiac are casting.

Above mentioned are the reasons what causes the delay based on astrological calculations which not necessary for the general readers to understand. What is important is to do what to alleviate these compunctions raising hurdles in the ways of getting married which are now explained to you.

Remedies to prevent delay in marriages

If this is felt marriage is being delayed, the ‘janma kundali’ (birth chart) should be shown to a learned jyotishi so that the tars could be pacified to the maximum extents. There are of course some remedies which help chase away the delays in marriages which bring results provided done in a purified and sacred manner with the full force of faith. There are some panaceas as well which bear fruits sooner too.
“Hey Gaurishankar karardhini yathatva
Shankar priyaI
Tatha ma kuru Katyayani Kant Kanti
  • Rise early in the morning on Friday and feed gur (jaggery), bread and wet gram pulses to a cow. Take 5 pieces of while turmeric buds and flow it in a river or nearby pond water. Both the remedies mentioned above should be repeated for continuous 5 Fridays. The marriage times will descend sooner than later.
  • Worship the photo of ‘Ma Bhagwati’ and daily with a strict routine, do the jap of the above detailed mantra 3-5 times over with a tulsi mala basil garland.

Step -2:
“Katyayani mahamayeymahayoginyadhishwasihI
Nandgope stam devi patim mey kuru tet namah”II
  • Worship the idol or the photo of Ma Bhagwati. Wear a ring of pukhraj (6-7 ratti) in gold or silver on Friday after 11:30 AM. Do japa of the above mantra for 5 times over in a day for 21 days in continuity.

“Ohm klim Vishwasurnamgandharvah
Kanya nadhipati tabhavamiI
Devdatamkanya surupam salan Karan
Tasme vishwasaney swaha”II
  • Wear phiroja maala (garland) on a friday or a thursday. Complete 10,000 mala jaap of the above mantra within a period of 7 days. Wherever the word ‘Devdatam’ in the above mantra is mentioned, pronounce the word ‘kanya’ in its place.

“Ohm vijay sundari klim”I
  • Make a swastika on a yellow piece of cloth with roli and do the japa of the above mantra for lack times over. If this japa is not possible from you, you could get it done from a pandit.

Ohm Gaurya shi Shivaya namahI
  • This experiment is highly effective and well proven. Grind hyena leaves on a Monday and make a Gauri idol out of its paste. Grind also bhang leaves to make Shiv Lingam. Worship with rituals. Worship these idols for 11 days and fuse these two idols together on the 11nth day at the end and float it into a stream of water. Apart from this worship, do mala of the above mantra or 5 times over also.

Other remedies

  • Bathe the Lord Shankar every Monday. Fill the maang of Parvati ji. Pray for the early marriage. Repeat this for 11 Mondays.
  • Go to a Shiva temple and worship him. Offer water on the Shiv lingam.
  • On a Thursday, put 7 betel nuts in a yellow coloured piece of cloth, 7 janeu, 7 knots of turmeric, seven pieces of jaggery, 7 yellow flowers, 7 pieces of brass, and one fistful of gram pulse. Offer prayer to MahaGauri and put the packets in your house. After marriage, float the pack in water.

An overview: I have to add at the end of this all people offer water to sun knowing well that it doesn’t reaches to the Sun God. Even then people do so thinking that if it is beneficial then it would benefit them and even when it’s not useful what harm would be caused by offering water to Sun?

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My husband's name is Partha Pratim Basak. DOB details is 7th July 1981 10:30 PM Place KOLKATA.

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My name is sarita DOB 15th Dec 1985 Time 2.05 am place - Mumbai. Please let us know any dosh for delayed marriage in kundali also know the remedies too.

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