How to apply for a student Visa in America (USA)?

Are you thinking to apply for student Visa in America (USA) and confused about the requirements, rules, funds, eligibility and other criteria of application then don't worry here you will get all your doubts clear. Please go through them and make sure you are eligible to apply for student visa in America.

How to apply for student visa in America(USA)?

Getting a student Visa to study in a school or college of America is not an easy task. You have to be well qualified before you think to apply for the same. So Go through all the steps given below before you apply.

What are the different student visa types?

1.)F-1 Visa:F-1 visas are issued to the students who are ready to get into a full time course in any recognized college in USA. Students can be either those who are sponsored either by the governments of the parent country or USA.

2.)J-1 Visa: It is same like F-1 Visa.

3.)M-1 Visa: These Visas are issued for the students who are applying for non-academic schools and colleges like vocational training institute, etc.

How to apply for student Visa?

First of all, you need to apply in any institute of your choice which is a recognized college in USA. Then wait for few days. After you get accepted in that institution, school or college you will have to provide a proof or a guarantee that you are financially strong enough to fund and support during your stay in USA.

The institution, school or college will then confirm your financial information and when they get satisfied for the fact that you have enough fund to fund your stay in USA, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility(COE).
This is of two types:
1.)If you are applying for F-1 visa then you will receive form I-20 .
2.)If you are applying for M-1 visa then you will receive form DS-2019.

There is only a slight difference between the verification process of all the 3 types of Visa. But make sure what ever visa you are applying for, you are applying for a full time course.

Once you receive your COE, you can schedule your interviews at the US Emmbassy in your city through VFS(Visa Facilitation Service). They will schedule your interview with the nearest embassy. Click here for more information on VFS.
Don't forget to pay your SEVIS(The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)and application fee of Visa before the interview date.

After this you will have to fill a form - form DS-160 which is a Visa application form. You can get this form at you local US embassy or consulate office. To know more about DS-160 form click here

Documents required:

1.) A valid passport.
2.) SEVIS fee receipt.
3.) A passport size photograph. For photograph requirement and specification click on the given link: Photograph specifications
4.) Exam marksheets,LC, Diploma and Degree of previous school, college or institute that you have attended.
5) Hard copy proof of your financial information to prove that your parents, guardians are capable enough to bear your fees and stay expenses in US.
6.) Proof of your immovable property, relatives in your home country. This proof is the guarantee that you will leave US as soon as your studies are over.
7.) Score card of examination and test such as TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc.

Once your are done with all your documents, make an appointment with the US Embassy or consulate office through VFS as mentioned above. To get appropriate information about the visa interview process in your respective country click here.

On interview Day:

Don't get nervous on the interview day as it will make a negative impact on your application. The officer taking the interview will just make sure that your documents and the information that you have provided are 100% correct. Please don't provide any fake information in the application as visa rules are very strict.
The interview is taken to confirm your reason of travelling to US, your return date, your duration of stay, the course and college your have applied for. So don't get scared and provide the true information. An interview lasts maximum to a duration of 1/2 hour(30 minutes). Some get over within minutes.

When you need to apply for Visa:

Make sure you apply for visa well in advance so that you provide ample time for your visa to be processed.
Visas are issued within 120 days or less. So make sure you have your visa in your hand before the first day of your class in the applied college.

When you arrive:

The early arrival days should not exceed more than 30 days. You can arrive in the US for the maximum of 30 days in advance. If you want to arrive before 30 days then you also require a visitor visa and a student notation will be mentioned in your visitor visa to clarify that you are a student. After reaching there, you must report to your institutions international programs office where you can get all your doubts cleared. Also check whether your name is registered for the program that you have applied.

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