Different Types Of Mechanical Ladders And Their Uses

This article describes the different types of mechanical ladders that have been made and find application according to the needs and requirements of the user. Know the different design and accordingly the various situations under which different ladders are used

Ladders have become an indispensable tool for household chores as it provides you with multiple functionalities. So one thing that you should have in mind while using a ladder, is to choose the right type. The ladders are of different types and considering the functionality and convenience we use different types of ladders. So knowing the type of ladder to choose from will help you to make wise decisions. Now as I have explained the use of ladders let us have a peek over the various types of ladders available.

  1. First and foremost ladder we are going to discuss are step ladders. They are the type of ladders used most generally in industries. One of the great features provided in step ladders is that it is self-supportable as it doesn't need an external support to stand erect. So because of this feature it can be used wherever you are not having an external support to lean the ladder like underneath a tree or in the middle of a room etc. One more point to be noted about the step ladders is that there are two types of step ladders available in the market one is the front step ladder and the other one the twin step ladder. Front step ladder is the type of step ladder which is provided with rungs on one side and other side for support to climb and cannot be actually used to climb. Whereas in twin step ladder both the sides are provided to climb so that two people can climb simultaneously in this type of step ladder.

  2. The second type of ladder we are going to discuss is the extension or straight ladder. They are nothing but the normal ladders which are used for normal household chores. They are not self-supportable and hence it does require a surface to lean to get support.

    There are two parts to an extension ladder. They are base and fly. Base is that part of the ladder which should be held firmly to the ground. The fly is that part of the ladder which is movable and provides extra height to the ladder by allowing it to extend above the bed.

  3. Next type of ladder we are going to discuss are the platform ladders. This type of ladder is a refinement over the front step ladder where in a front step ladder a platform is provided at the top and a rail guard around it for safety purposes which is around two feet higher. So with a platform ladder you can actually work as if you were standing down at the ground using both your hands for your work. So with platform ladder you can do works like changing chandeliers, cleaning your fan etc.

  4. Next ladder we are going to have a peek is the step stool. These are normal stools you use in your home. It provides you with an easy method to reach out to your top shelves in kitchen, in the laundry room to reach the overhead cabinets, to pick up the clothes hanging beyond your reach. So it is an efficient tool to reach out to places where your height otherwise doesn't allow you to reach.

  5. Yet another type of ladder available in the market is the multipurpose ladder. These are the types of ladders which can be used to accomplish the tasks of more than one ladder. So it is a multipurpose ladder. It is one of the most popular ladder as you can vary it to any shape according to your requirement and convenience. It was originally manufactured by little giant but today there are a lot of ladder manufacturers who manufacture this type of ladder. Multipurpose ladders can be used as a step ladder which is fully self-supportable or as an extended ladder which can be extended from its normal size above the bed. One of the most convenient things about this type of ladder is that it can be completely closed into a storage position and stored accordingly.

  6. The next type of ladder I am going to discuss with you is the telescoping ladder. This type of ladder is a normal ladder which can extend and curtailed according to our convenience using the overlapping sections. One company that manufactures some of the finest telescoping ladders is telesteps. Like any other telescoping ladder, the telesteps ladder can also extend into a fully usable extension ladder and contract into a small easy to carry ladder.

  7. The last but not the least are the folding ladders. These are the ladders which can be completely folded for easy storage options. They provide a great help as they save a lot of space.

Thus we have covered just every type of ladders and it is our convenience, our requirement which should be taken care while choosing the right kind of ladder.


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