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How to control hair loss in a natural way

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Are you facing hair fall problem and looking for various methods to control it in the best natural ways? This article provides effective home remedies and natural ways to control hair fall.


Hair fall is a common problem and can be controlled by following certain simple and natural ways. Hair is one of the important possessions of human beings. A healthy and luxurious hair adds to the beauty of man. Indian women in general give utmost importance to their hair and they keep following various steps / methods to protect the health of their hair and try to control the loss of hair if any. Thick, long and healthy growth of hair is considered as a sign of beauty. Hence it needs to be protected at every stage of life.

What are the main causes of hair loss?

It is normal for everyone to lose hair at least 40-50 strands of hair per day. It becomes a matter of concern when there is a considerable increase in the loss of hair. Unfortunately hair fall has become one of the most common and serious problems in the present days. Particularly, hair fall in the youngsters has become a common disorder. It has become a serious concern for those who face the problem of hair fall. Before getting into the natural ways of controlling hair fall, let's have a look at the causes.

  1. Improper nutrition / poor diet

    There are several factors that affect the health of the hair thus resulting in hair fall. Inadequate / improper nutrition or poor diet leads to deficiency of various nutrients in the body which is one of the major causes of hair fall. Deficiency of iron and Vitamin B in the diet generally result in hair loss. When there is lack of nutrients in the diet even partially, it leads to hair fall. Some of the most important nutrients that are essential for the healthy growth of hair are vitamin B6 and iron / folic acid. If you happen to take less amounts of these vitamins / minerals then you may suffer from hair loss. Lack of folic acid in the diet might lead to complete baldness of the head.

  2. Environmental pollution

    The ever increasing pollution of the environment has become a serious matter of concern for many health related problems. Hair fall is one such problem that is caused due to pollution. You need to take care of your health when you go outdoors. Man needs to follow the best practices to bring positive change in the environment for a healthy living.

  3. Stressful life and insomnia

    In the present ever busy life style, people are much prone to stress, anxiety, tension, panic attacks etc which has an adverse effect on the health. The present generation of students are undergoing too much pressure due to tough competition, heavy work load etc which makes their life stressful which in turn results in hair fall. A stressful life leads to insomnia or sleepless nights which might result in hair fall.

  4. General health problems

    There are other general health problems like chronic cold, anemia, prolonged diseases etc. Such health issues make the body weak and hair roots too become weak which results in hair fall. Some of the problems like increased levels of blood pressure might cause hair fall. Similarly delayed periods or irregular periods in women might also cause hair fall.

  5. Chronic / prolonged disease

    Some times when a person suffers or suffered from a chronic illness like typhoid, jaundice etc, the body's immune system is affected and the body becomes too weak. In such cases, the person suffers a severe hair loss.

  6. Improper cleaning of scalp

    Due to busy life style people tend to neglect the hygiene of their hair. Such an unclean / unhygienic scalp results in dandruff problem which eventually leads to hair loss.

  7. Hereditary factors

    Sometimes loss of hair or baldness is inherited from parents. If there is a family history of hair loss, then you are much likely to face the problem.

  8. Dandruff problem

    Dandruff is one of the serious and very common problem in both men and women which results in falling of hair. The scalp that becomes dry and scaly leads to loss of hair.

  9. Other important reasons

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that hair fall is normal in every day life and you lose around 40-100 hair a day. So, you should not get panicky at the very sight of hair fall and jump to conclusions that you are having hair fall problem. When you get panicky, you start finding out for solutions and then immediately you keep experimenting with various ways without giving a thought whether the method you are following will suit you (your hair) or not. So when you keep experimenting with a variety of ways, this might worsen the situation unnecessarily and might result in increased hair fall.

How to control hair fall in a natural way?

There are many important natural ways of controlling hair which are being ignored or neglected by you due to lack of time in this hectic life.

  1. Intake of nutritious food

    Intake of nutritious food is very important for a healthy hair as well as for an overall health. You have to include protein-rich foods in your daily diet for controlling hair loss. Adequate intake of protein rich food helps in the growth of luxurious hair. Foods like milk, buttermilk, yogurt, soyabean, chickpeas, eggs, cheese, meat and fish are rich sources of proteins and hence you need to increase the intake of these foods so that you can have a healthy growth of your hair.

    Try to increase the intake of green leafy vegetables like spinach, amaranthus leaves etc, as these are rich sources of iron and thus help in controlling the hair fall. You can even include other green vegetables in your daily diet. Try to take curry leaves along with the other green vegetables as these are effective not only in controlling hair fall but also in keeping the natural black color of the hair and thus helps in avoiding premature graying of hair.

    Generally there is a deficiency of iodine and vitamin B1 in women and due to this deficiency the blood supply to the scalp slows down which finally results in hair loss. So women need to include adequate amount of iodine, B vitamins and iron in their diet which would be helpful in the healthy growth of hair. In general people who have a natural tendency to lose hair should have a well balanced and nutritious diet. The daily diet should include foods which is a combination of all the essential nutrients.

    The daily diet should contain liberal quantities of seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits that would provide adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients. Along with the daily nutritious food, there should be a supplementary diet which includes special foods such as milk, vegetable oils, honey, wheat germ, yeast and liver.

    An important point to note:

    Most of you do not concentrate on what you eat but simply push all the available food stuff into your mouth without looking after its nutritive part. The reason, either you are too busy with your work or you simply ignore / neglect because you don't feel the necessity of having nutritious diet. After a prolonged period, it is you who would be facing such a problem. So, make it a point to think for a long term solution and accordingly spare some time for yourself and your health. Instead of rushing with what you eat and repenting later, better concentrate on healthy and nutritious food through out your life for a healthy living and do not get satisfied with short term solutions. However, at the time of severity of the problem, you need to concentrate on the increased intake of specified foods for hair growth.

    You need to make a note of those food stuffs which help in the rich growth of hair and also make a note of the food stuffs that suits your body constitution the most. After analyzing, which foods suits you the best and helps in the hair growth, stick to it and stop experimenting as you know trying out with new things is for no good.

  2. Regular massage of the scalp

    Massaging the scalp or root hairs on a regular basis is one of the excellent ways of controlling hair fall. While massaging the scalp you need to massage it with warm plain coconut oil. Dip your finger tips in warm coconut oil and gently rub the oily fingers on the scalp at least for half-an-hour. By doing so, the blood circulation in the scalp region increases and thus the root hairs get enough supply of blood which helps in the healthy growth of hair.

    Even rubbing of the hair with the finger tips would be effective in increasing the blood circulation to the head region and thus it would help in controlling the loss of hair.

  3. Cleanliness of hair

    In the present days where there is lot of environmental pollution, the hair easily accumulates pollutants and dirt when we go out on our daily routing. And thus keeping the hair clean is one of the important remedies in controlling hair loss. When the problem is severe, at least washing the hair on alternate days helps a lot in controlling hair fall. Regular hair wash keeps the scalp clean and this in turn helps in the healthy growth of the root hair.
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  5. Avoid going out with oily hair

    Whenever you want to oil your hair apply it before bed time and the next day morning wash your hair with either herbal shampoos or girijan shikakai powder. And always avoid going out with oily hair as oily hair which is sticky helps in attracting the pollutants and dirt. These particles stick on to the hair and if not cleaned in time will lead to hair fall.

  6. Avoid the use of perfumed hair oils

    Scented hair oils contain certain chemicals which might irritate the scalp and thus cause the hair to fall. So avoid the use of such scented oils. Instead always use pure coconut oil which is helpful in enhancing the overall health of the hair and thus controls the hair fall.

  7. Regular practice of yoga and meditation

    In the present stressful life which causes many health related issues, a regular practice of yoga and meditation at least for an hour helps in maintaining a healthy stress-free life. By doing yogasanas in which the head bent down is most preferable as such asanas would help in the rich supply of blood to the head and thus helps in the hair growth. Similarly as stress is also one of the causes of hair loss, meditating daily for at least 10-15 minutes a day helps in releasing tension which in turn helps in the healthy growth of hair.

  8. Use herbal hair wash products

    When the hair loss problem is severe stop using the chemical shampoos and conditioners and switch on to herbals shampoos or products for washing the hair. Use girijan shikai or shikai powder which is effective in controlling hair loss. If desired you can even use the extract of rita boiled in hot water.

  9. Avoid using hair dryers

    In case of severe hair loss, complete avoid using hair dryers for drying the hair. As hair dryers enhance the hair loss. Moreover, never comb the hair when the hair is wet. For drying the hair gently rub or wipe your hair with a soft towel.

Top 10 home remedies for controlling hair fall

There are various home remedies that have been found useful and effective as well in the preventing the loss of hair.

An important point to note

The most important thing to keep in mind is that hair fall is normal for everyone and there is no point in getting panicky for this. The regular hair fall is replaced with growth of new hair. But if you see abnormal / unusual hair fall, then you need to take care of your hair.

The first thing you need to do in such a situation is stop getting panicky and stop experimenting with various methods. Stay cool and try to find out the best solution for your problem. Make a note of the method or few methods that suits you the best. Once you make a note of the method/s, try to stick to it and follow those methods only instead of continuously experimenting with several methods. At times, such an experimenting with methods might worsen the situation and make you repent. So the most important thing to note is stay cool even if the problem is severe, do not get panicky but face the situation rather courageously and find out the solution for yourself. Remember that you are the best solution finder for your problem and no one else. So also, you are the best decision-maker for the situations in your life. Stay calm and try to find out solutions for your problem with a cool mind. Keeping the mind cool is very effective in controlling hair fall.

Make a note of those methods or remedies which suits you the best and accordingly try to follow those methods only for controlling the hair fall and enhancing the hair growth.

  1. Indian Gooseberry or amla are very good for enriching the hair growth. Dry amla pieces in the Sun and then boil these in pure coconut oil till the oil becomes dark in color. Applying this oil at bed time would be effective in controlling hair fall. This is even effective in preventing premature graying of hair.

  2. Take equal quantities of fresh amla juice and lime juice and mix it well. Use this for shampooing the hair. This is quite effective in controlling hair loss and thereby stimulating the hair growth as well. Please note that for some people amla might not suit the body and they instantly catch cold. So be careful before using fresh amla juice. Similarly for some people, even lime juice will not suit and the hair turns gray on using lime juice. Avoid using this if it doesn't suit your body.

  3. Taking half a liter of fresh juice of lettuce and spinach daily would help in the growth of healthy hair and thereby helps in the control of hair fall. Even taking a combination of juices of alfalfa, carrot and lettuce is every effective in the growth of hair.

  4. Mix lime juice in pure coconut milk and apply it on the head before a hair wash on alternate days and this would help in preventing the hair loss and also helps in increasing the length of the hair. Those who are fond of lengthy hair can try this out. But as mentioned earlier, be careful, lime juice might turn the hair gray for some people, so check whether it suits you or not before using the same.

  5. Even applying fresh juice of green coriander leaves as well as fresh juice of amaranth leaves on the head half-an-hour before a hair wash helps in enhancing the growth of the hair and is also an effective conditioner and thus keeps the hair softer.

  6. Boil henna leaves in pure coconut oil and on cooling apply this oil daily at bed time. Apply this oil is regularly till the hair fall is controlled. And this oil is not only effective in controlling hair fall but at the same time it helps in preventing premature graying of hair.

  7. Similarly boiling curry leaves in the coconut oil till the leaves become light in weight and float on the surface and the oil becomes dark in color. Then on cooling applying this oil at bed time is quite helpful in controlling hair loss as well as preventing whitening of hair at an early age.

  8. Extract the milk from coconut and apply the milk on the scalp and hair half-an-hour before a hair wash. This is an excellent home remedy for preventing hair loss. Massing the milk on the scalp helps in nourishing the hair roots and thus promotes hair growth. Coconut milk is prepared by grinding the white pulpy part of the fruit.

  9. Applying castor oil on the hair regularly helps in the luxurious growth of the hair. But avoid going out with oily hair as castor oil is too sticky and attracts the dirt particles to accumulate on the hair and this would in turn increase the hair fall if not cleaned regularly.

  10. Even steaming the head / hair is quite helpful in controlling hair fall. After a head massage with warm oil, dip a Turkish napkin in hot boiled water, squeeze out the water and then cover the head with this steaming hot napkin. Be careful of burns - place carefully on the hair only when the heat is tolerable. You can repeat this process for two-three times. By doing so, it helps in increasing the blood supply to the head region and thus nourishes the root hairs which in turn grow healthy without falling.

  11. Applying egg white on the scalp at least once a month is one of the best home remedies that help in preventing hair loss. Massage the scalp with the egg white and wash your hair after half-an-hour.

  12. Take very sour yogurt / thick buttermilk, remove the cream and apply it on the scalp. While applying massage the scalp vigorously with the fingers and then after half-an-hour wash your hair. By doing so at least once a month helps in controlling hair loss. And this is even effective in controlling dandruff if any from the hair.

  13. Take fresh hibiscus leaves / flowers preferably red ones and grind it to a paste. Apply this paste on the entire length of the hair, leave it for half-an-hour and then wash your hair. This is an excellent home remedy for controlling hair loss as well as preventing graying of hair at an early age.

  14. Soak fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) overnight, grind it to paste and apply the paste on the scalp and on the entire length of hair. This is a wonderful home remedy even for the control of dandruff.


Hair fall is not a serious health disorder but neglecting the problem might result in serious issues. Hair fall can be easily controllable on following the best methods / practices. Severe hair fall when neglected might result in baldness of hair. It is necessary to take care of the health of hair and provide proper nutrients to the hair roots for a healthy growth and crowning glory. Maintaining cleanliness of the hair clean is equally important for a luxurious and rich hair.

A word of caution The above mentioned remedies can be followed when the problem of hair fall is not too severe. In case of serious / severe hair fall problem, then you are advised to consult a dermatologist or a trichologist instead of neglecting the problem.

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Keeping good hair and attractive is the liking of many persons and ladies are most worried about their hail fall during their marriage age. I think the food habits among us are the main reasons for hair fall. More over we are attracted to the television advertisements stressing us to use shampoos of different combinations. Shampoos and conditioners contain harmful chemicals which may not upkeep our hair permanently. I suggest using natural henna for the permanent and best up keeping of long and silky hair. Though henna may be costly but a good brand is always affordable to the health conscious people.

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