Qualities Of Good Citizen

To quote an author Citizenship is the status of citizen with the right and duties. Good citizens are an asset to every country. An individual can be a scholar good family guy successful businessman but yet not follow his social duties can not be a good citizen.

Man is a social animal. Because of his nature of fear for loneliness he always crave for society. the society where he expect others to be good to him. It is possible only if he himself become good member of society. Different societies have grown in to Nations & men become good citizen of one or other country. Hence, the need of defining good qualities of citizen.

As i said, earlier that good citizens are an asset to the country. It is duty of every country to make condition suitable to promote good citizenship. Gives and take, right and duties always go hand-in-hand within the country a citizen has not only the right to live and prosper but has some duties towards the country. A citizen who perform his duty honestly is known as good citizen.

The future of any country depends upon his citizens as they are the pillars of the society.If they are they are not basically cultured and educated they can not do lot more for the progress of country. A good citizen should be loyal and faithful, he should have strong morals and will power for positive changes. However, he should not follow dictates of country blindly. He is expected to has power and knowledge of thinking to take fair decision.

The duties of good citizen are of complex type. At some times, a good person has to move against the flow of thought in the larger interest of the nation and to uphold the value of truth and mortality. It is legal right and duty of an person to stand against the corruption, injustice and forceful actions in a legal way. Good citizenship is the result of practice and experience which life gives us.

To be ready and willing to serve the society is one of the essential qualities of good citizen because social service has a great influence. It takes citizens out of his selfish pursuit in to wider field of activity. In other words social service is like Antidote to individualism. The more a citizen furnish this habit of doing something for general good, the more will he be contributing towards the welfare of society , Because social activity bring the best of his inner qualities to the surface.

Hence, there is need of application of these ideas in our routine life to make our relation strong and better to the people among whom we live.
Jay Hind.

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