An Overview Of Apple New Operating System Mountain Lion

This article discusses about the new operating system of Apple that is ‘Mountain lion’. The operating system comes with all new and a whole new bunch of features which you will see in the upcoming operating system. Let’s check out this article to know more about this operating system.

Software and hardware giant Apple will launch its new operating system called as 'Mountain Lion'. The software is expected to come this summer. This operating system will be the first launch of this type after the death of Steve jobs. This operating system comes with lot new features that will make you experience with Mac operating system little more best. Although the release is not exact but the month is told by the company is in summers. So we can expect this operating system in the month of June or July. This operating is said to have mixture of the operating system which is used in iPad and other devices of the apple. This operating system will offer you lot of new features like twitter integration and iCloud services. Last operating system of this range was OS X Lion which was launched in July last year. The increased sales of the apple electronic devices in the last year have resulted in the coming of this new operating system. One more factor which led to the making and launching of this new operating system in difference of one year only, is that Microsoft is launching its new window 8 this summer. So for both of the companies the race is on for selling the maximum copies of this software. Let's check out the first topic of this article that is Minimum requirement of the system.

System requirement for the new operating system

System requirements are little bit more than the earlier version. The reason is that lot of other additional features haves been added in the operating system. So you have to have these following configurations in your PC. But the system requirements are more or less same as in the earlier version which was launched in July last year. Although there is not official release by the company in this regard but yes some configuration can go high as per the software. Following configuration will be needed:
1) 2 Gigabytes Random access memory
2) 7 Gigabytes of free space in the hard disk
3) 64 bit Intel processor or same processor of other company.
4) An advanced Graphic processing unit(GPU)
5) Good internet connectivity.
These were the minimum system requirement you hardware should meet to run this program. Nest topic deals with price point of the operating system.

Price and Installation of the new operating system

The price of the new operating system will around Rs 1500/- and it is the approximate figure. The price can go high or down as per the conditions. Earlier version of this type of operating system will was costing close to it. So we can expect little increment in the prices of the operating systems. Now I will talk about the installation process of the new operating system. First of all I wanted to make you aware of this fact that if your Mac Book Air or Mack mini released before 2007 will not able to run this software. The new software is not compatible to this time devices. So you need to have the latest device.
Now about the installation of this new software, the procedure is little different as compared to the procedure which was followed by the earlier version to download. You have to download the new operating system from the Mac App Store directly. So you need to have a reliable and high speed internet like broadband. No Disc or USB will be available for you this time. You have to download it from the store. Avoid downloading if you internet connection is not reliable. Earlier versions were provided by with facility of the USB drives but this time it is directly from the internet.

New features in the coming operating system

As I already told you that lot of modification, addictions and deletion are done to make this new operating system. Let's check out the new features one by one.

Storage facility-iCloud

Apple I phones were having this facility earlier also. Apple iPad was the first to inculcate these type of services. By iCloud facility you can store you data on internet same like your email but on larger scales. Some modifications are, made in this series which are following:
1) Operating system mountain lion has better integration with iCloud service to let you sign in. Now you don't have to sign in separately, it will automatically take your apple id and it will do the sign in.
2) The synchronization of all your devices with this facility is the best modification in this category. Now you don't have to separately do the synchronization with every device like your phone or even you iPad.
3) One new feature in the document category is that you can edit that document when you are using iCloud services. Earlier you were no able to do that because this facility was not there in the older operating system.

A new Game centre

For game lovers, some modifications are done by the Apple. This time you will have new experience as to how you connect with your friend when you are playing with your friends. Following are the modification done in the game centre:
1) It will easily allow you to see that which games are game centre enabled. I mean you can now see which friends of yours are having the same game you have.
2) You can add more friends for playing by just sending them request. The request can be send to friends on mobile. But in all these cases the other user should have the Apple device to use this.
3) You can add multiple email addresses by which your visibility will increase or you can say that your friends can easily search you with so many options of email addresses.
This was all about the games. Now comes the next topic Social networking.

Twitter integration

This feature is already coming in the new iOS 5 for the apple phone. But now this feature is also coming for the Personal computers. Now you simply have to login the twitter from the computer only like G talk. You will able to directly share your ideas, views, picture, videos etc directly from the twitter with supported application like safari or Photo Booth.
One new feature which is coming in the new operating system is the 'share sheets'. With the help of this you can now share pictures, notes etc by the use of messages or emails through social networking. This will give you whole new experience of social networking and how you connect with your friends.

New reminder and notes in this operating system

In this new operating system you will get reminders in the desktop and you can create the multiple lists of reminders. So you can put the reminders on the desktop. You can even put the alerts and deadlines in these reminders. You will be notified when you reach your deadline and you will be notified in your any device of Apple. So this will be helpful for you.
Notes are very similar to the notes which we use in our day today life. You can write on them your thought and you can even pin them on the desktop. The best thing is that you will be able to share these notes to anybody and you can access these notes in your any device of Apple. You can put thoughts in your photos and videos and share with your colleagues or even friends. The iCloud services are used by this service and hence connect to every device.

Security features in new operating features

The facility of 'Gate Keeper' is the facility of antivirus in the Mac computer. Like in windows you have inbuilt firewall. In Mac computers you have the service called 'Gate Keeper' which will protect your computer from malicious program. You can now set your settings which will protect your computer from foreign software which can affect your setting. In higher settings you can only download the application from Mac store and hence you will only able to download those files which are having some security certificates with them. You can also put the settings to low which will allow you to download any software from any place from the net or any hardware systems.

All new message and notification centre

In new operating system you will experience little discrepancy in your notification centre. Notification centre is meant for notifying you about any recent activity. For example if you have placed a song for download then you will get notification when your downloading gets finished. When you get an email or anything like this you will be notified with small windows which will appear on your screen for very few seconds and will disappear. This ensures that you are not disturbed by it and yes your are aware about any happening. If you are sports lover then you can set the update of scores as you notifications and hence you will be kept update about the score. But when you click on the notifications button then you will be taken to the area from the notification came.
The message box will be all new and not like earlier version. I mean the iChat option will not be there anymore in this operating system. In place of it a new messenger will come. Now you can send or receive you messages with attachments like pictures and videos too. It also supports other services like GTalk and yahoo messenger too. Apple really has work hard in this area and they have done quite good homework in this direction. So from message side it is a whole new experience for you. The same function can be used on any device of apple like Computer to mobile too.


Although Apple is very fast in launching new operating system within a year launching it's another operating stem. As far as my concerned is that you can stick with earlier version of this like OS X Lion which was launched last year. If you really want to take the advantage of iCloud service then surely you should go for this new operating system. But for this you should have a good and reliable internet connection. So in India I will suggests the consumer to remain with the earlier version of the Apple Mac but as the 3G will improve in India ,then you should go for the latest version.

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