How To Apply For VISA To Dubai?

Dubai is one the seven emirates forming United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ever year many Indian tourists, and shoppers visit Dubai. They have to follow step by step procedure for applying to visa for Dubai. This covers information about types of Dubai visa, visa requirements, guidelines and application centers in India.

Dubai is the gem of desert. If you can associate any one city in the world with best infrastructure, most entertainment facilities, maximum employment opportunities, finest hotels, tallest buildings and of course the best shopping experience, then it has to be Dubai. Dubai has so much to offer to everyone, be it a business-person, tourist or a shopaholic. In fact, a short holiday break in this shopper's paradise is enough to drive someone crazy with loads of offers and discounts along with sheer range of shopping articles on display! It is a must visit destination for everyone to experience Dubai's history and culture. One of the significant things to prepare for this sojourn is application for visa to Dubai.

What are different types of Dubai visa?

There are 4 different visas which can be issued depending upon the purpose and duration of travel.

  1. Transit Visa/ 96 hours visa: If you plan to wait in Dubai in between 2 flights for at least 8 hours, you are required to issue 96 hours visa. This visa, as the name suggests is valid for 96 hours or 4 days maximum. This visa is issued by Emirates airline only. Transit visa can also be issued on arrival to Dubai international airport. You may need Dubai transit visa if you are applying for Schengen visa for tour to European countries via Dubai and you expect your transit period to extend 96 hours.

  2. Tourist visa/Short Stay Visa: Most of you would require this kind of visa if your sole aim of Dubai trip is travel and tourism. Tourist visa is valid for a maximum duration of 30 days.
  3. Visit Visa: If you are visiting a close family member, or sponsored by an establishment or hotel licensed to operate in Dubai, you need to apply for Visit visa. This visa facilitates the visitors intending to stay for at least 14 days up to 60 days. Visit visa can renewed to allow the total stay of up to 90 days.

  4. Residence Visa: If you are planning of migrating to Dubai for employment or any other purposes which extends the duration of all the above categories, you must apply for a residence visa. Residence visa is valid for at most 3 years.

Application details for visa to Dubai :

  • Where to apply?

    Embassy of United Arab Emirates issues Dubai visa. But, unless you are a diplomat or on a specific business tour, you need not bother to apply directly to the Embassy. Usually, Dubai visa is granted according to the sponsors to your visit. It can be your close relative based in Dubai, your employer or simply a tour company or major airline. Prominent airlines like Emirates airlines let you mail your application through courier services in India. There can be many other Dubai visa application centers in India.

  • How to apply?

    Steps to application for visa to Dubai can be summarised as:

    1. Purpose of visit: This is preliminary step to decide your actual purpose of visit. You need to be very clear about your reason for visiting Dubai, be it family visit, tourist visit or business visit. Having determined purpose of visit gives clear picture of duration of visit which can help you decide which type of visa you need to apply for.

    2. Form filling:Download your application form and fill up your details exactly. Affix recent colour passport size photograph in good contrast preferably in light background.

    3. Required documents: Attach the required documents according to type of visa you aspire for. Ensure that you have supported all the claims made in application form with appropriate documents.

    4. Submit application: Submit duly filled application form along with all the required documents and processing fees to the visa submission centres.

    5. Receive your Dubai visa!

  • What are the documents required for Dubai visa?

    The submission of required documents exactly in the format specified by visa issuer means you have won more than half the battle. I have compiled a list of documents you need to submit for visa application:

    1. Application form and photographs: You must properly fill each and every column of visa application form as it is the same data which is required for visa authentication. Ensure that you affix recent colour passport size photograph. Keep multiple copies of same photograph with you.

    2. Passport: An Indian passport with at least 6 months validity is a must document. Please take care that your passport is not soiled or torn.

    3. Proof of Airline tickets: If you are applying for tourist or short visit visa, then most of the times your visa will be Airlines sponsored and so proof of confirmed airlines ticket clearly mentioning PNR and date of departure, becomes a very important document. It is a vital document even in case of any other type of visa.

    4. Covering letter: Covering letter from your travel agent or yourself clearly stating your duration and purpose of visit along with list of enclosed documents.

    5. Accommodation proof: It is very important to attach proof of confirmed hotel reservation at Dubai. Hotel/lodging must be licensed for operation in Dubai.

    6. Proof of your financial status:In some cases, you may also be required to submit proof of (a)I.T. returns, (b) Recent Salary slips from your current employer and (c) Copy of your bank statement recently updated.

    7. Additional documents in case of acquiring visa for employment and residency in Dubai:You are required to submit signed covering letter recently drafted by your employer, proof of entry permit to Dubai. You are also expected to submit health certificate issued from public hospitals in Dubai every 3 years for residential visa.

  • What is the cost for getting Dubai visa?

    Most visas to Dubai are being sponsored by different airlines/ tour operators/ hotels in Dubai and so cost for visa varies accordingly. Usually the costs involved in different types of visas to Dubai are:

    • Cost for Tourist visa: Most airlines sponsored tourist visa are charged at around Rs.4000 for adults. Emirates airlines offers Express visa services through courier which delivers visa in about 36 hours on regular working days charges about Rs.5000 for adults.

    • Cost of Transit/ 96 hours visa: This type of visa can be issued even after arriving in Dubai or can be obtained in India from Airlines at about Rs.3000.

    • Cost of Dubai residence visa: In most cases, your sponsor(can be your family member resident in Dubai or your employer) needs to deposit AED 5000(about Rs.67000) for each individual residence visa. The actual residence visa burns a smaller hole in your pocket at about AED 120 (about Rs.1600) for 1 year and about AED 360 (about Rs. 4800) for 3 years. Very important requirement for Dubai resident visa is annual health certificate issued by competent authority which can set you back by around AED 300 (about Rs.4000).

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I need to apply for work permit in Dubai. So if you can help out, let me know.

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I wanted to know that how long will it take to get dubai work visa issued from kolkota for north east region. Any details would be appreciated

Guest Author: Harry23 May 2013

I wanted to know that how long will it take to get Dubai work visa issued from Kolkota for north east region. Any details would be appreciated

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