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How To Control Pre-Mature Graying Of Hair In A Natural Way?

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A healthy hair helps in giving a good look as well as helps in increasing the confidence levels. Hence looking after the health of the hair is very important. If your are facing the problem of pre-mature graying of your hair, I would suggest you to go through this article and find some useful and natural ways of controlling this problem.

Graying of hair

In general the hair of the human beings loses its natural color as the age advances and in India graying of hair is considered as a sign of aging. And because of this reason in general people in India and women in particular don't like to have a gray hair. Graying of hair is a natural biological phenomenon in the human beings yet people dislike this natural process. In general graying of hair starts when an individual crosses the age of 35 and hence graying of hair after 35 years is considered as a normal phenomenon. But when the hair starts graying before a person attains 35 years of age, then it is considered as a premature graying of hair.

And graying of hair at a young age makes the young people to look old and premature graying of hair has become a main cause of concern for the people who are affected with such a graying of hair at a young age particularly to the Indian women who never like to have gray hair. And they take pride in having a black, thick, healthy and luxurious hair. In fact black and luxurious hair adds to the beauty of an Indian women whose confidence levels become high due to the possession of a luxurious hair. On the other hand women with a gray hair lose their confidence levels and suffer at times from low self esteem and find it difficult to move freely in the society and hence their social life is badly affected due to the graying of hair.

For a black and lustrous hair internal nutrition plays a vital role than taking care of the hair externally. And for such a nourishment the scalp requires rich supply of nutrients which it gets mainly from the bloodstream and hence a rich supply of blood is very much essential for the overall health of the hair.

Causes of premature graying of hair

The are several causes for premature graying of hair. The main causes are an improper diet or poor dietary habits and too much of mental worries that result in premature graying of hair.

  • Poor dietary habits: When there is a deficiency of essential nutrients particularly B vitamins and minerals like iron, copper and iodine in the diet, it leads to hair disorders and thus results in graying of hair at a young age.

  • Mental pressures: People who are put to too much of mental worries and suffer from extra ordinary mental tensions are easily prone to graying of hair at a young age. Too much of tension affects the scalp which results in poor supply of necessary nutrients to the root hairs and thus adversely affects the health of the hair. In a similar way anxiety, panic attacks, fear, jealousy and all such mental related problems adversely affect the health of the hair and thus result in premature graying of hair and hair loss as well.

  • Hereditary factors: Hereditary factor plays a vital role in premature graying of hair. People who have a family history of early graying of hair are easily affected by graying of hair at a young age and at times it is even difficult to deal with the problem.

  • Unhygienic conditions: Unclean condition of the scalp is one of the causes of premature graying of hair. An unclean scalp affects the health of the hair and thus a hair with poor health conditions is easily prone to various health problems of the hair like early graying of hair and hair loss.

  • Chronic health problems: Many a times a chronic health ailment results in weakening the body on the whole and thus there is a poor supply of nutrients to the roots of the hair. And when the roots won't get sufficient nutrients naturally this results in the dying of the black coloring pigment called the melanin. And when melanin content is reduced it leads to graying of hair.

  • Environmental pollution: Many health-related problems crop up mainly due to the pollution in the environment. And when man is exposed to these pollutants, he / she will suffer from various health related problems. And as the hair is much exposed to the outside environment, it is very easily affected by the pollutants which results in either graying of hair, or dandruff problem or even hair fall as well. So we need to take proper steps to protect ourselves from the pollutants for a healthy living.

  • Use of commercial shampoos: Many of the these commercial shampoos are well advertised as a part of sales promotion and lure the consumers but a continuous use of such products affects the health of the hair. Though the hair looks good after the use of such shampoos but it is a temporary one and the hair loses its quality, health and luster after a prolonged use. As many of these shampoos contain harsh chemicals which directly affect the health of the hair.

  • Use of commercial scented hair oils: Commercial scented hair oils are not advisable to use as these too contain some chemicals which might damage the melanin pigment in the hair and thus lead to graying of hair.

  • Use of commercial hair colors / dyes: This is the most important thing to be kept in mind. As youngsters are crazy after hair colors, a prolonged use of hair colors lead to premature graying of hair. Even when the hair starts graying you should avoid the usage of hair dyes instead try to control the graying of hair in a natural way.

Natural treatment for premature graying of hair

Premature graying of hair can be controlled to a great extent at the starting stage itself without any negligence in the treatment. Moreover, it needs to be treated in a natural way rather than using hair colors or dyes which are further to worsen the situation. Following are some of the natural ways of treating premature graying of hair.

  1. Healthy and balanced diet: Diet plays an important role in the overall health of the body along with the health of the hair. Hence consuming a nutritive and balanced food is the best way of preventing as well as controlling premature graying of hair. A person suffering from this disorder need to take a diet that is rich in all the essential nutrients particularly a vitamin rich diet as vitamins are considered very useful in preventing premature graying of hair. Consumption of food rich in Vitamin B such as yeast, wheat germ and liver are found effective in controlling graying of hair. An increased intake of yogurt is an excellent remedy for the prevention and treatment of premature graying of hair. Even intake of foods rich in iron and iodine obtains a better result in the control of graying of hair.

    Consumption of adequate amounts of green vegetables and fruits give the best result for the overall development of the health of an individual. In particular carrots, bananas and similar other vegetables and fruits help in the overall health of the body. Carrots are helpful in supplying fresh blood to the head region and thus helps in maintaining the health of the hair.

  2. Avoid the use of hair colorants / dyes: Hair colorants and hair dyes contain harsh chemicals which have an adverse affect on the health of the hair. If you use the hair colorants or dyes at the initial stages of graying of hair, this will make the situation worse and you find more and more hair becomes gray. And a prolonged use of such hair colorants / dyes will further increase the graying of hair. Hence avoid the use of such chemical dyes and colorants at the beginning itself to prevent the further graying of hair.

  3. Avoid the use of perfumed hair oils: Scented hair oils too contain strong chemicals which help in promoting the graying of hair, hence avoid using these scented hair oils for having a control on the premature graying of hair. Instead use pure coconut oil for oiling the hair.

  4. Protect the hair from environmental pollution: Protecting the hair from external pollutants is one of the effective ways of preventing premature graying of hair. Cover the head with a head cap or a piece of cloth while you go outdoors. By doing so the pollutants and dirt can be avoided from entering into the hair and scalp and thus can to some extent help in controlling the graying of hair.

  5. Avoid the use of commercial shampoos: Extensive use of commercial shampoos might at times result in premature graying of hair. Hence avoid prolonged use of commercial shampoos and depend on herbal products as these are comparatively much safer.

Home remedies for premature graying of hair

There are certain home remedies which have been found very effective as well as useful in controlling / preventing the premature graying of hair. Such home remedies have been found to be safe to use as well as an effective way of treating the gray hair. Following are some of the home remedies that are used extensively by the people in India:

  1. Use of aamla: Indian gooseberry or aamla is one of the best hair tonic which has been found very effective in hair treatment. Indian gooseberry is a valuable hair tonic which helps in enriching the rich growth of the hair and also is very effective in the hair pigmentation. The several ways of using this fruit is:

    • The fruit should be cut into pieces, if possible cut it on the lines as it would be easier to cut on lines. And then dry these pieces preferably in the shady place till they become dehydrated. Boil these dry pieces in pure coconut oil till these pieces become little charred or black in color and the oil turns black. On cooling strain the oil and throw away the residue and store the dark oil in a dry glass bottle. Use this oil as and when required. This dark aamla oil is very useful in preventing premature graying of hair.

    • Another way is to soak the dry aamla pieces in water and leave it overnight. The next day morning strain the water and keep this black water aside and use this water for rinsing the hair as a last rinse after hair wash. Such a rinsing of hair with black aamla water is considered highly beneficial in the treatment of premature graying of hair. And it also helps in nourishing the hair with the required nutrients.

    • Yet another way of using Indian gooseberry is to extract a teaspoonful of juice from this fruit, mix with a teaspoonful of either almond oil or a few drops of lime juice, mix it well and massage the scalp with this juice at bedtime. Such a massage with the aamla juice on a regular basis has been found to be very beneficial in preventing as well as treating premature graying of hair. And it is also helps in supplying essential nutrients to the root hair and thus helps in the rich growth of dark hair.

  2. Intake of curry leaves: An increase in the intake of curry leaves is considered very beneficial for preventing premature graying of hair. Curry leaves have a natural property of giving vitality and strength to the hair roots. And thus helps in the growth of new hair roots which are healthier with normal pigment. And thus gives rich, black and lustrous look to the hair. Curry leaves can be used in the seasoning of various Indian veg curries and also it can be made in the form of chutney. Even finely chopped curry leaves or the extract of these leaves can be mixed in thin butter milk or lassi and can be consumed.

    Or else even boiling the curry leaves in pure coconut oil is an effective hair tonic. Boil the leaves in coconut oil till the oil becomes dark in color and then on cooling strain the oil and store in a dry glass bottle. Massaging the scalp with this oil as and when require is considered an excellent hair tonic which helps in stimulating the hair growth and thus helps in bringing back the natural pigmentation of hair.

  3. Boiling pieces of ridge gourd in coconut oil is also another effective remedy for premature graying of hair. The pieces of this vegetable should be dried in a shady place and then these dried pieces should be soaked in coconut oil and kept aside for three or four days. And then the oil should then be boiled till the solid is reduced to a blackened residue. This oil should be massaged into the scalp. It will help enrich the hair roots and restore pigment to the hair.

Natural hair dyes for premature graying of hair:

In case there is much of gray hair, then you can go for natural hair dyes instead of using the chemical dyes. Natural hair dyes are safer and also help in controlling the further graying of hair when compared to the chemical hair dyes. Here are some natural hair dyes:

  1. Applying henna paste is one of the most popular and extensively used hair dye in India which is quite effective in giving a rich look lustrous look to the hair. For preparing henna paste either fresh leaves can be ground to a paste or a paste can be prepared from the henna powder which is available in the market. For this you need to mix tea decoction in the henna powder to make it into a paste and leave the paste in a iron container overnight. Next day morning you can apply the paste all over the hair, leave it for at least an hour or so and then wash the hair thoroughly with clean water without using a shampoo.

  2. Another natural hair dye is boiling the paste of henna leaves in pure coconut oil till the oil becomes dark in color. And then using this dark oil as a hair dye for blackening the gray hair is a nice way of dyeing the gray hair in a natural way. If required the hair can be washed thoroughly with clean water after a hour or so and without shampooing.

  3. Washing the hair with concentrated tea extract twice a week is also helps in coloring gray hair to brown or black in a natural way.

  4. Even beet root juice / extract can be used for coloring the hair. Apply beet root juice on the hair for at least an hour before washing the hair. This gives a rich color to the hair and also conditions the hair and makes it very soft.


Though people desire to have a healthy, black and luxurious hair yet they sometimes neglect to take care of the health of their hair due to their involvement in the busy schedule of life. And such a negligence results in various health related problems. As it is said that prevention is better than cure so also taking care of the health of the hair from the very beginning is advisable than neglecting the hair at the initial stages and then suffering from various hair problems and then looking after a proper treatment for these problems. A healthy and rich hairs not only adds to the beauty of an individual but also helps in enhancing the confidence levels of the person.

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Responses to "How To Control Pre-Mature Graying Of Hair In A Natural Way?"
Author: Kalyani  06 Mar 2012   Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2
@Sam, these natural ways of treatment would be effective at the start of premature graying and these might not give excellent result once all the hair becomes gray. So, it is advised to the readers to take preventive measures in a natural way from the very beginning. And one of my aunts tried beetroot extract and got a fair result which gave her hair a good color as well as soft hair. However, this is not a permanent solution. Anyway thank you for letting me know of it.

Guest Author: monika   07 Jun 2013
Your article is very good. My little baby age 3 yrs has 2-3 gray hairs - please give me some remedies.

Guest Author: Karthik Raj   13 Aug 2013
Hello Kalyani,

Thanks for the information about controlling premature greying of hair.

I am 28 and facing hair greyness. Day by Day the grey count is increasing this started happening before 6 months when I shifted to new city.

I use shampoo (DOVE) in every alternate days but no use. So finally I consulted a dermatologist and he suggested "NO GREY" Serum. I want to know is it safe to use these kind of products?

Author: Kalyani  17 Aug 2013   Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5
@ Mounika, at such a tender age, it advisable to give nutritious food to your 2-3 yrs old baby. Give her green leafy vegetables which include spinach, cilantro, amaranthus, curry leaves, and the foods rich in Vitamin B. Use plain / pure coconut oil for oiling the hair and do not use perfumed oils. Also do not use commercial shampooing for shampooing the hair instead use herbal products like rita powder or shikai powder. Or else simply you can use paste made of besan for shampooing the hair. But make it sure to keep the baby's eyes closed.

@ Karthik Raj, generally the medication contain chemicals which is usually not advisable to use. Instead you need to depend on purely natural products.


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