Job Options In Abundance For The Students Of Science Stream

Every small-big changes obtaining in today’s times is not untouched from the shadow of science. Somewhere in some form or the other, science touches every of the change some how. Under such a scenario, all those students, who are from the science stream in search of a better career, have a lot to get and do here in this sector. On the occasion of science day that falls on 28, February, this item is acquainting you with the career options available in the field of science for you to be grabbed.

"Science encompasses all those powers from which could be fulfilled every of needs. The question is this only what do we want to attain from it".
--Former President and missile man, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad.

This incidence dates back in the early of 2004. A Texas Resident of Indian origin began uploading his lectures on different subjects in his spare times on YouTube after video recording them for his niece living in New Carolina. Now his niece could find out the solutions to her every problem from these videos, that also according to her convenience. This beginning happened in the area of studying and teaching has been given the status of 'Education Revolution' in America today.

Question arises as to how all this happened after all? How could this impossible seeming incident happen? The answer is by the constructive uses of science! This proves one subtle moot point too and that is if there is a sort of balancing act between science human being, it doesn't take longer to change the face of the world. This is the reason why every government of the entire countries of world is giving encouragements and incentive to youths to study science full blast.

What is the craze for science?

Due to being too many career options in the field of science, this field is called the treasure trove of career. Today imagination of development without the help of science is incomplete because a newer discovery is gotten through a continual study and experimentation. The science students, apart from shining their own career prospects also contribute much to the growth of the country. Newer invention is not possible without science. Science professional play important roles right from manufacturing the life saving drugs to the defence of the country. Today science has so many branches that you can make a career in any of the branch by having your picks from among the plethora of branches available in accordance with your interests and choice. Due to the maximum number of people thronging the field of science, we are running on treadmill of so much of growth and success in the comity of world. No matter slowly, but things are getting favourable in our favour.

If you are studying science at your 12th standard, you can switch over to any stream as per your choice.

Mindset is important

  • Way of thinking should be something out of the beaten track.
  • Should have full confidence on self.
  • To make something out of the mill item than others.
  • The burning desire to do continual effort.
  • A better calculation competence and logical prowess.
  • Interest in analysis and experiments.
  • Good marks in science subjects at the academic level.

Top career, top examination

  1. AIEEE & IIT/JEE: The most significant examinations for the engineering sector are AIEEE and IIT/JEE. Lacks of youths of the country participate in these examinations conducted every year round.

    For admission into the Indian technology institutes, the government has put forward a new proposal. In it, 50 % marks of the marks obtained in the 12th, 30 % marks of the aptitude test, and 30% of the marks of the subjects will be taken into account to prepare the final merit list. On the one side, this decision is being taken as a discrimination against the students hailing from the rural background and the meritorious students obtaining lesser marks, on the other hand the human resource ministry is treating as freedom from the unwanted pressure of the coaching institute.

  2. AIPMT: This examination is the key for those students of 12th standard from the biology stream who want to deck up their career by becoming a Doctor. This examination is held on a all India and state levels.

  3. IFS: Indian Forest Service is the third link after the IAS and IPS in the Indian Civil Services Examination. There are state forest services and the subordinate services at the state levels also. This examination creates immense potentialities for for those students looking out for a career in agriculture and forestry.

  4. ICAR: Students willing to enter into agriculture have the opportunities galore through this examination. The Indian Council of Agriculture Research (i.e. ICAR) organise the AIEEA examination for UG and PG programmes.

  5. BITSAT: This examination too is of immense importance for the science students. Apart from the engineering courses, several other subjects related to science are also taught in this.

  6. JNU combined bio technology test: This examination is most significant for the students to enter into the field of bio technology. For entry into the bio technology, besides IIT and JNU, there are other bigger institutes also in the country, in which a better career could be carved out.

  7. IIST: The Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology gives admission to the students with an interest in the space science. By taking admission into this, you can do courses in related space science.

Science- necessities changed its picture

The fast pace of science is not a myth but a pleasant reality. This has been reason why science has developed several newer sectors according to needs due to which the science students get immense opportunities of career options.

It's said that the human's first invention was made by the round stem of tree giving it the shape of a wheel. This is the same wheel which has caught up the momentum of progress rolling and rolling in form of the modern world as we see it today. During those olden times, the humanoids neither had any idea of the momentum of Newton's speed nor were they aware of the principles of friction. Despite this, the principle of necessity remained lurking somewhere prompting humans to invent as per needs that retrospectively arose. Due to the faster classification during this course, many branches of science have taken birth. There is neither the dearth of opportunities nor the gifts to be gotten from it. The only need for a student is to choose wisely an area of pursuit and do the required labour honestly into the field of his choosing.

Engineering is the backbone

Engineering sector is the backbone of the nation. Its importance is due mainly to this also that several such sectors are connected with this field which are contributing enormously in the growth and the prosperity of the country. This sector has become favourites of the youths today owing to the faster growth with immense employability potentials. The inclination of students after the 12th tilting towards this direction is indicative to this emerging fact. There are options galore in the country if you wish to try out them.

  • Textile engineering: Due to the best quality of clothes manufactured in India, there is a rush of demand for the Indian clothes and its related raw materials through out the world. Due to this, the textile field gives off better career options to the youths of the country. All those youths have golden opportunities in the textile field who have the 4 year BE degree in textiles, B-Tech textile engineering degree, M-Tech, ME (textile) degree etc.
  • Nuclear engineering: Nuclear energy is considered to be energy alternative of future. The scope in the nuclear engineering has immensely increased due to the less pollution and infinite energy source.

  • Space engineering: Space engineering plays a very important role in the growth and development of agriculture, medical, environs, defence and many essential sectors. Hence the space industry is the best career option for the students of the science students.

  • IT: If you are 12th from science stream, then you can do courses of B-Tech in computer engineering, , BE, ME, M-Tech, etc to establish yourself well in this sector. There are several career opportunity cooking in the IT sector for the students of science stream due to the foreign demand in this sector.

Defence science

There is always the need of scientific outlook along with gusto in the areas of defence. To enter in this field as an officer, the minimum qualification required is a pas in 12th examination with the science stream. Both the math and the bio students are preferred here in this sector. Only the science students could apply for the various different wings of defence services such as engineering corps, medical corps, Air Force pilot, and other technical wings. You can carve out a place in any wing of defence services through passing out NDA, SSB, CDS, and direct entry etc. Besides you could be a nation builder by becoming lecturer/teacher in science subject.

Agriculture science- the perfect career option

Agriculture as on this day is the biggest employment provider sector of our country. It has a major chunk of share in contributing to the nation’s GDP. Efforts are afoot to boost up its expansion in a massive way. There is a great demand for the agricultural experts, professionals and fresher agriculture graduates in this arena.
  • Forestry: Forestry leaves a deep imprint on the condition and economy of a country. Due to this reason, governments are giving much stress on the management of forests. After doing the graduation and PG course in this field, you could attach yourself in this sector with wild life and animals, forest departments as well as a wild life consultant.

  • Agriculture science: Having a total share of 23 % in the nation’s GDP, scope in the agriculture sector cannot be underestimated. For the graduates of agriculture and PG degree holders, doors to the agriculture universities, NGO, agriculture officers, researchers are open to enter and grab the seat of jobs.

  • Fisheries: In the midst of globalization and the increasing popularity of seafood, the fishery has become a profitable carer option. Professionals in this field have to work in fishery management, fish genetics, oceanography, environmental science etc.

  • Soil conservation: In a country like India, the fertility of land , its capacity etc occupy a great meaning. This is the reason why the numerous courses related to soil/water conservation being run in many Indian universities are growing popular among the students of science stream. Under it are included works like soil survey, soil management, designs of hydraulic plans etc.

Job option in medical

In the science stream, not only for math but for bio students also, have opportunities in profusion. Hitherto fore, it was supposed that the only option that the bio students had of a career was the medical profession, which no more true now. These days, opportunities are replete in greater volumes for the bio students in the areas of biotechnology, bioinformatics, food processing, environmental science, agricultures- all these sectors are such which are the exclusive preserves of only the bio students- none else can enter into these fields.

  • Doctor- the first choice: Despite there being options galore, the dream of the 12th science student with the PCB stream is first to become a doctor. This is such an area where the 12th pass PCB students get place. In this field, you can give off your career a boost by doing the MBBS, MD, MS courses.

  • Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics is a faster growing sector. In it the concept of information technology is providing a newer direction to the knowledge of molecular biology. The 12th pass science students get priority in this area.

  • Biotechnology: The role of the biotechnology has magnified significantly in the changing environs due to which the number of students taking entry into this field have mounted aggressively. There options of BSc, B-Tech, BE including diploma courses in the biotechnology courses for the students of science stream.

  • Biochemical engineering: Here both the concepts of engineering and biology is imperative. The persons with the requisite qualifications of this field have the golden opportunities of joining the jobs in biotechnology firms, biological labs, food beverages companies, agriculture, chemical industries etc.

  • Food technology: Food technology has emerged up as the most reliable job option due to the busy life style, and the increasing needs of nutrition. Under it are included the food processing, storage and preservation, packaging, distribution, etc. There courses of food technology of 3 years duration and MSc of 2 years duration in this field apart from several other certificate courses.

Main scholarships for the science students

The prominent scholar ship schemes for the science students are:-
  1. Kishore baigyanic protsahan Yojana.
  2. Rajiv Gandhi National Felloship.
  3. National science Olympiad.
  4. Fast Track Scheme for Young Scholarship,
  5. Ramanna Scholarship programme.
  6. Lady Meharbai D Tata Scholarship.
  7. CSIR Scholarship Programme.
  8. Indira Gandhi Centre forAtomic Research.
  9. Vikram Sarabhai Space entre (JRF Programme).
  10. NCERT Junior Project Fellowship.

National science day

The well renowned scientist of our country C V Raman had declared his world famous discovery ‘Raman Effects’ on 28 February1928. To commemorate this achievement of his, the Indian Government for the first time round had celebrated the science day on 28 February, 1987. Since then, every year round, science day is celebrated under the auspices of the National Science and Technology Council. C V Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1930. He was awarded the ‘Bharat Ratna’ in 1954 for his attainments of wide and far ramifications.

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