How To Increase Glow In Your Face In A Natural Way?

If you are looking for natural ways to increase the glow on your face, just go through this article to find some simple and easy ways to be followed to enhance the glow on your face in a natural way and enjoy a pristine skin on your face.


Face in fact is the real identity of a person and each and every individual likes to have a fair and pristine face. Almost all the emotions are expressed through the face of an individual and this is the most important part of a human body which needs much care. A fair and pristine skin of the face adds to the beauty of the individual and most of the people, in particular women, take various measures and follow different methods to enhance the beauty of their facial skin and thereby maintain it. In general women across the world are more particular about enhancing the beauty of their face and they keep trying their level best to maintain the same. Unfortunately, though many of the Indian women have a naturally beautiful face, yet they are either not paying much attention or just ignoring to maintain the beauty of their facial skin. You might be wondering what could be the factors that reduce the glow on your facial skin.

What factors affect in reducing the glow in your face?

There are several factors that affect the natural glow of the face which eventually keeps reducing over a period of time. Some of the major factors include aging, environmental pollution, poor dietary habits, lack of personal hygiene etc. Following are some of the factors that affect in reducing the natural glow in the face:

  • Natural process of aging / dead cells: Aging is one of the foremost factors that affect / reduce the glow facial skin. Aging is a natural biological process in all humans which affects the functioning of almost all the organs both internal and external. However women who are keen on retaining their facial glow, take all necessary steps to enhance their natural facial glow and thereby maintain the same.

  • Environmental pollution: When your facial skin is much exposed in the open air, then the dirt and pollutants in the environment get accumulated on the face which eventually reduces the natural glow on your face. The accumulated dirt and pollutants on the facial skin result in clogging / blocking the pores of the facial skin which leads to various facial problems like acne, blackheads, pimples and the like which act as anti-beauty elements.

  • Poor dietary habits and lack of nutrients: If you happen to consume food with less nutritive value or if your dietary habits are poor it results in not only affecting the overall health of the body but also it affects the health of your facial skin. Intake of food that is not balanced with all nutrients will naturally reduce the facial glow. In addition to improper diet, lack of hydration in the facial skin leads to wrinkle formation on the face which gives an ugly look to the otherwise beautiful face of an individual.

  • Lack of proper facial care: Many a times due to the busy life style in the present days people hardly find time to take care of their skin and face in particular so as to maintain its original luster. So, if you happen to not take a proper care of your face and skin, over a period of time the skin will lose its glow and fairness due to the accumulation of dirt and pollutants on it.

  • Poor health conditions: If a person is suffering from poor health or has a chronic health problem, such an ill health is naturally reflected on the face as well and this makes the face to look pale and dull and there will be a lack of luster in facial skin.

  • Stressful life: Even a stressful life is one of the major factors that affects the overall health conditions of an individual with a much affect on the face as well which is the most affected part of the body due to such a stressful life. The face loses its normal glow and beauty as well if you happen to lead a stressful life. Moreover, a stressful life results in insomnia or sleepless nights and thus on whole the health of an individual is adversely affected. Such a stress in one's life is most reflected in one's eyes which become sunken and dark circles form around the eyes which is a prominent feature of insomnia and stressful life.

  • Insomnia / lack of proper sleep: The body requires a certain period of sleep which is normally 7-8 hours in the night time and if a person happens to spend sleepless nights, this is first reflected on the face and eyes.. But due to the night shifts in the office front, people have insufficient sleep and in some cases this leads to insomnia as well. And when you happen to spend sleepless nights for a long period, this results in the formation of dark circles around the eyes and the eyes are sunken resulting in an unhealthy look on the face.

  • Prolonged use of commercial products: In this ever busy life, most of the women tend to depend on the commercially available beauty products and if they happen to use these over a long period of time, it results in lack of luster and formation of wrinkles or spots or marks on the face,

  • Hormonal imbalance in women: Hormones in women play an important role in keeping the body in sound health and thereby maintaining it. And any imbalance in the hormones estrogen and progesterone is in most cases reflected on the face with a pigmentation or marks on the face which is prominently visible on the cheeks.

  • Too much exposure to the sun's radiation / UV rays: People who are too much exposed to the direct sun and the ultra violet rays, naturally the skin is the organ that is the most affected due to such a radiation. And this leads to pigmentation or formation of dark spots on the face. Moreover, if you happen to use commercial face products and then expose to direct sun rays, then the skin on the face is much likely to become darker.

  • Family disturbances: In case of a disturbed family life, the health of the individual gets affected which is first reflected on the face thus reducing the glow on the face with a lack of luster.

How to get back the glow on your face in a natural way?

As discussed above there are various factors that affect the health of the skin on the face. So if we happen to come under any one of these factors we need to correct ourselves and take proper steps to get back the natural glow on our face and thus enhance the fairness and pristine look on the face. Following are some effective ways of taking care of your face to get back the pristine glow in a natural way:

  • Take a balanced diet: Taking a balanced diet i.e, including foods from all food groups in the diet is very important for healthy body and a healthy skin. For a healthy and lustrous skin you need to take a healthy and balanced diet. And an overall health of the body is well reflected on the face which retains its natural glow.

  • Protect your skin and face from direct sun: Protecting your skin and face from the direct sunlight by the use of either sunglasses or hat or even an umbrella would be helpful in retaining as well as maintaining the facial glow. Thereby this would prevent the pigmentation of the skin. Remember that you should never go out in the sun after applying facial creams or lotions or even moisturizers as this would darken the skin on the face.

  • Increase the intake of fresh juicy fruits / vegetables: Juicy fruits like watermelon, cucumber and other fresh fruits and vegetables helps in keeping the body and face as well hydrated and thus a face which is full of hydration has a natural glow and also gets a pristine look.

  • Consume sufficient water: Consuming the required / sufficient amount of water in a day keeps the body and face hydrated and thus helps in maintaining the natural glow of the facial skin. Hence drink as much water as you can to keep the body healthy and hydrated. And this even helps in flushing out the toxins in through metabolic wastes and thus keeps the skin of the body and face naturally pristine.

  • Reduce the use of commercial beauty products: People in their hectic life are much used to these commercial beauty products in particular facial products and a prolonged usage of these products will make the face dull and spotted. Hence instead of too much of using these face make ups, it is better to minimize the use of commercial face products and use these only when required. And keep the face as much natural as possible instead of depending too much on these commercial face make-ups.

  • Practice regular exercises or yogasanas: Regular physical exercises to the body helps in good circulation of blood and thus helps in the rich supply of blood to the cells of the skin. When the cells of the facial skin get enough supply of blood, they grow healthily and thus make the face to glow in luster. A regular exercise is a good way of keeping the body in a healthy condition.

  • Practice meditation regularly: Meditation is an excellent medicine for relaxing the mind and is also effective in maintaining an overall healthy condition of the body. On regular meditation, the mind gets recharged and becomes fresh. And such a relaxed and recharged mind helps in providing a sound sleep to the person which in turn is an effective way of maintaining the health of the skin on the face. A regular meditation even helps in getting rid from insomnia and thus it helps in giving you a sound sleep at night. And this in turn helps in having freshness and fresh look on the face and also there will be no dark circles under the eyes.

  • Stay calm and cool: Try to stay as calm and cool as possible under all circumstances and avoid getting into unnecessary stress and worries. Staying calm helps in retaining the fresh and pristine look on the face.

  • Always keep smiling: A smile on the face is very important for having a pleasant look of the face which helps in keep the skin on the face clear and pristine. Not a smile but also even a laugh is good for a healthy living. So always keep smiling and retain as well as maintain the freshness on your face.

Home remedies for a glow in your face

There are several home remedies that are very effective in retaining as well as maintaining the fresh look, glow and natural luster in the face. Of course, people these days are much used to going to spas or beauty parlours for enhancing the beauty of their face. Yet at some when it is a matter of urgency you can follow certain home remedies which helps in giving a pristine look in the skin of your face. Here are few simple and easy home remedies which are very effective in getting a fair and crystal clear skin on the face:

  1. Natural home-based face packs: A natural home-based face pack is one of the best home remedies for having a glow in the face. There are several commercial face packs available in the market which can be bought and used at home. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind for maintaining a natural fresh look on the face is to keep the face clean by cleaning it with natural home based cleansers. And once the accumulated dirt and pollutants are removed from the face, the natural glow on the face is restored and it gets the pristine and fresh look. However, some of the face packs can be easily prepared at home and applied on the face. Few of such face packs are:

    • Orange peel pack: This is one of the best face packs that is every effective in giving the natural look on the face and also helps in clearing the skin to remove the accumulated dirt and pollutant. For this, you can dry the orange peel in the sun and on completely drying, add some Bengal gram to it and grind it to a powder. Take one or two spoons of this powder and make it to paste either using cool water or milk or even cream less sour curd. And apply this paste on the face as a face pack and wash your face after half-an-hour. And this really gives a fresh look and luster to the face. You can have such face pack at home at least twice a month which would retain the natural glow on the face.

    • Face pack with the pulp of other fruits: You can even just make a face pack with the pulp of certain juicy fruits like orange, water-melon, cucumber and the like. And a pack with the pulp of such fruits not only helps in giving a fresh look to the face but also helps in keeping the face hydrated and thus helps in maintaining the water levels in the facial skin which is very essential for a pristine look.

    • Gram flour and curd: You can even take ordinary Bengal gram flour or besan, add cream less sour curd to it to make it into a paste and apply this paste on the face for at least ten to fifteen minutes and then wash your wash. Gram flour and curd are the two natural cleanser which help in remvoing the dirt and pollutants from the face and thus give an excellent result in giving a fresh look on the face and also helps in making the skin on the face very smooth. Repeating this at least twice a weak would be very helpful in maintaining the natural glow on the face.

    • Multaani mitti: Multaani mitti makes an excellent face pack which has gained much popularity in the recent years.

    • Multaani mitti and chandan powder: Even a paste of multaani mitti and chandan powder applied on the face for few minutes works wonders in giving a natural glow to the face.

    • Chandan powder and rose water: A paste made of chandan powder and rose water when applied on the face for ten to fifteen minutes helps in making the face fresh with a new look.

  2. Honey and lime juice: Take a equal quantities of honey and lemon juice, blend it well and apply it on the face. After ten or fifteen minutes wash the face with clean water and see the wonderful result on your face. Lime juice acts as a bleaching agent and helps in giving a clean and fair look on the face.

  3. Apply cream less sour curd: Applying just cream less sour curd on the face will also give a good result for a fair skin on the face. As sour curd is as a natural cleaning agent.

  4. Aloe Vera juice / pulp: If you happen to have an aloe vera plant in your house, cut a small part from the thick leaf and you can see the sticky secretion from the cut leaf which you can apply on the face instantly. Or even you can crush the leaf, extract juice out of it and apply the juice on the face. This is an excellent way of enhancing the natural beauty of the face.


Though people are ever busy in the present day stressful life, yet they need to make time for themselves to look after the well being of their body parts and the over all health of their body. They need to devout some time for their personal care and try to follow certain simple and easy home based remedies and tips for regaining, retaining, maintaining and enhancing the overall looks of their face and also the other body parts however small it might yet they need to give importance and take care of it. A person whose has a well maintained body and with a well presentation of the self from top to toe gains confidence and can freely mingle in the society. So it is important for every individual to have a physical beauty of the body parts, but it is important to maintain the skin, hair, nails and other parts in a proper way and enhance the beauty of these parts with proper maintenance and care.

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Author: K Mohan01 Mar 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Keeping the face glowing is the liking of any human being and now the men are also getting into the mode of looking handsome and they are also trying methods to look smiling and attractive. There is nothing better than our desi items which are available in plenty to keep ourselves glowing. Instead of using artificial conditioner and face creams, go for desi version of Multani powder which has the excellent aroma and also glowing properties. Ladies can try Turmeric, cucumber and Methi combinations of face back which are free from chemical mix and hence there are no side effects.

Author: Sun07 Mar 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good article to increase the glow in our face. However, I suggest a simple way to increase the glow in our face in a very simple way without any much expenditure. What you should do is: As you get up in the morning, wash your face thoroughly with soap. Then take few drops of pure coconut oil and apply it on your face. Leave it for one hour. Again you wash your face with soap. If you repeat this procedure for a weak continuously, we can see our face glowing better than ever. You can try this, and add it in your recommendation.

Author: Jessica11 Jul 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Glowing skin make easily without any makeup just try to use natural serum that is eye rid serum really it’s great serum for unisex I'm also using that same product.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das21 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Having fair color is the wish of every Indian ( it is a common wish of every man and woman).
Some use lots of money for using cosmetics, some go regular beauty parlors, some do some make up using home products, some do it ion natural way and some does not have any option in mind so they cant take care of their face.
First of all always remember a healthy body and mind can bring you glow in your face.
You must have seen some people who are poor never been used any cosmetic but due to their happy life style they look fit and good.
So always do take care for your better health.
Like go for everyday jogging or exercises, or yoga.Try to sweat in natural process which removes extra fat from your body to make you fit as well as remove toxins which cause of reducing glow in your skin.
Then eat good diet, and balanced food, which contain carbohydrate, fats, protein, vitamins, so meat, milk, salad, bread, rice, green vegetables etc should be there in your meal.
Drink Fresh juices, carrot juices, mint,amla can be added to increase Vitamin C in your body which brings glow in your skin.

Guest Author: Angel Boscan02 Dec 2014

Eye rid serum helps to make glowing and healthy skin.

Guest Author: Peggy Rannick27 Aug 2015

I am using eyerid serum and it's really awesome - while using this product my face felt and looked so good. it was easy to use and doesn't take a lot to be used each time. You can quickly see results and that is definitely a plus for me. It arrived quickly and I was able to begin using it right away. I really enjoyed this product and will continue to use it and plan on buying more in the future as well as introducing it to my family and friends.

Guest Author: Jasmin Kocholl30 Apr 2016

I really like Dermalmd Glowing Serum. I would definitely recommend it for a nice glow on a special occasion. I did find that it caused me to break out, not horribly, but I'm guessing it clogs pores. Wish it didn't give me pimples because I loved the way it made my skin glow.

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