Precautions To Be Taken By Pregnant Women From The Day You Conceive Till Your Delivery.

Here in this article I have given detailed information on some important points on what precautions should be taken when you are pregnant from the day you conceive till you deliver the baby. It includes precautions from the day you conceive till 3 months (First trimester); precautions to be taken from fourth month to sixth month of pregnancy (second trimester); precautions to be taken from seventh to ninth month of pregnancy (third trimester); Some important points to remember during pregnancy.

It is one of the best feeling that you can get once you come to know that you have conceive and to say it in special way I would say that it feels great that you are actually carrying a life inside you and you will be the one because of which that life is going to enter this world. I exactly know how t feels; but with this excitement it becomes so important that you start taking care of yourself; not because your are pregnant but also because not you are now carrying a life which is your responsibility from now. So now I am going to give you some precautions that you can follow up from the day you have conceive till delivery.

The following are the precautions from conceive tell delivery :

1. From the day you conceive till 3 months (First trimester) :

As I told you earlier that once you come to know that you are pregnant then with the excitement it becomes very important that you start taking carry of yourself. These are some of the important precautions that you should take when you get pregnant.

i. It is very important that as soon as you come to know that you are pregnant you should change your sleeping habits; many women have a habit of sleeping straight with stomach in the mattress and many women like it when they sleep with the support of their back. Both of the position is not safe for the baby.

ii. Then which position is best at early stage of pregnancy? The best position is sleeping to the left side; yes it is good for you and your growing fetus. Sleeping in the left side help to digest your food properly and also it helps with the proper circulation of blood.

iii. Till you reach the 2nd month of the pregnancy it is important that you should do any work with carelessness that is to say you should start making a habit of working slowly and carefully.

iv. You can go on with your normal routine of work. If you are a housewife you can care on with your household work; but being little careful and if you are a working women, then you can carry out with your job; but be careful when you are travelling to reach your workplace.

v. But if you become week or you were quite week; when you got pregnant and your doctor suggested you to not to do anything heavy; then it will be a good idea that you share this with your family and also share the work. Your family members can do the heavy duty work like washing and cleaning. Rest small and light work can be carried by you.

2. Precautions to be taken from fourth month to sixth month of pregnancy (second trimester) :

Now as you have reached second trimester; so it is likely that you will start showing up a little bit of your pregnant stomach; so now let us see what precautions have to be taken by you during these time.

i. When your second trimester starts it is sure that your walking pattern will change and that is good; because at last trimester it will be helpful. So now it is important that you be little careful when you are walking and see that you don't bang on something; that will be totally carelessness and it will badly affect your baby.

ii. It is possible that in your second trimester you might feel lot more of craving for a specific kind of taste or dish; just don't feel insecure about it. Have whatever you feel like; but make sure that it is healthy and if possible make it home to be sure of the quality and don't have anything in hurry and definitely any type of dish or beverages you are having this time should not be hot. Take it only when it comes to the normal room temperature.

iii. It is will be a good idea to avoid hot beverages like tea and coffee totally from your daily intake; the caffeine in it is not good for your baby If you are feeling little crave for it; then have it to very little extent and if you can manage not to have it; then please don't consume it. And even if you do then make sure that they are not too hot.

iv. That really doesn't mean that you can have as much as cold beverages. No you can't. Avoid cold drinks and if you felt like have it once in a week. But make sure that you don't have any kind of alcohol; regardless of it be light drink or hard drink.

v. Avoid smoking; it will definitely affect you; but the worst thing is that it will affect your baby like anything. And there is a possibility that because of your smoking habits; it may cause serve health problem to your coming baby.

vi. Make sure that you change your sitting pattern as well. It will be good that whenever you sit; try to be slow and don't limit yourself to some extent. Try to be as spacious as you can be when you are sitting anywhere let it be floor; chair and even when you are in relaxing chair. That way; your baby will have lots of space to move around; when you are taking a nap.

3. Precautions to be taken from seventh to ninth month of pregnancy (third trimester) :

After reaching your third trimester; it becomes very important to take care of your health and also that of your baby. In this trimester your baby is quite well secured in your womb and your baby is now quite Strong enough to give you little pain when he or she kicks. As now your baby is growing it becomes difficult for your baby to move around a lot. So let see what are the precautions that you should take when you are at your last trimester.

i. As I have mentioned earlier that your baby is growing very fast now; it can be said that your baby is growing everyday; so it is very important that you increase your food intake. It is not that you have to eat for two; but it is compulsory that you should have at least twenty percent of more proteins; calcium and other minerals which will be for your baby and it is very important for your baby's growth.

ii. In this last trimester; it will be very difficult for you to have a large amount of meal. Let it be I your lunch time or dinner time. It is sure that you will have problems if you have a good amount of food at a single time. So for this you should divide your time such a way that you are having something eatables in every two hour. So that you won't be facing the problem of full stomach and you stomach will have less work digesting your food and also your baby will not have any kind of problem.

iii. This it is bound that you will have leg cramps and backache. Especially after you come from a long walk. So it is important that you take proper rest after you come from your walk and if the pain is very much; then simply tell someone to apply some pain relief palm with soft hand; you will feel better after sometime.

iv. This time the best exercise that you can do is lots and lots of walking Yes it is true that you can continue with your normal work; but it is important that you should have your daily walk. And it is really not important to walk for hours; which will be suggested by your elders. It should be comfortable to you. If you feel like walking less and you feel tired at lot after sometime then go for small walk.

v. It is also possible that now after getting huge from your stomach; it might be difficult for you to go out; and also to have long walk. So for that you can simply have small walk at your home and whenever you feel like. This way your feel of all the insecurity of going out and also you can have your walk whenever you like.

vi. Sleeping will be a very big issue at the last trimester; so it will be best that you go keep on taking turns from left side to right side. It is sure that you will woke up every time you take a turn or go to bathroom; so for that take a nap whenever you can; by that you will be able to have your proper amount of sleep and also resting at this time is important for you and for your baby.

  • Some important points to remember during pregnancy:

  • 1. It is important to remember that you are two at the time of pregnancy; so always have your food at time. It is possible that you might don't feel like; but make it a habit to have your breakfast; lunch and dinner at time.

    2. Don't have outside food a lot. They are first of all not healthy and also they can be very spicy which may give you some stomachache which is not at this time when you are pregnant.

    3. Always do your work on time; let it be your daily walks; having food and sleep. You should have a proper timetable during pregnancy time; and that will definitely benefit you and your baby.

    4. It is possible that you may have mood Swings a lot during this time; here you should be able to share your worries and problem with your family and especially your husband. And if you think the problem is worst then it is better to consult your doctor.

    5. Carrying a pregnancy for whole nine month is not a joke; but that really doesn't mean that you ignore your husband. Still at this time it is possible to show that you care for him; by cooking something special for him or simply by having a good chat time and just holding his hand with full of love will assure him that you really love him.

    6. Don't avoid your normal exercises and yoga which you were doing before you got pregnant. Yes it is obvious that you can't go on with your hard exercises or yoga. But you can simply switch it to light exercise and yoga which are specially done at the time of pregnancy.

    These are some of the important precautions that you are supposed to take once you come to know that you are pregnant and the same should be followed once you deliver you baby for at least six months after delivery. I hope this article on pregnancy was useful to you and now you have got smart enough to carry your pregnancy with great enthusiasm and love for your baby.

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    my wife is in 9th month of pregnancy. she keep working her rutine house work. she has to wash utensils for 30~50 mitute continuously,4~5 times everyday and by seating down( no standing wash basin).
    will this lead to some problem.

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