The Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil not only removes heart diseases but also reduces bad cholesterol and increases the quantity of good cholesterol. For the heart, the benefits of mustard all are almost as good as olive oil. In this article I will talk more about the benefits of mustard oil.

Some facts about mustard oil

Mustard oil contains 70% mono unsaturated fats and is rich of omega 3. This fact alone proves that mustard oil is not only beneficial in preventing heart diseases but is also excellent in lowering bad cholesterol(ldl) and increasing good cholesterol(hdl) in the body. Mustard oil also helps in lowering blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. Some doctors prescribe mustard oil for patients with heart problems. This is because doctors say that mustard oil has high omega-3 levels and it has the lowest amount of saturated fats. Food cooked in mustard oil is also very tasty. Mustard oil is cheap and easily available at any store. This oil has is the best in cooking oils today and is rated the best after olive oil. Puri Oil Mills Limited has helped to popularize a variety of mustard oils in the market. The 'P brand kacchi ghani mustard oil', 'P sparkle mustard oil', 'P Sanjivini mustard oil' and 'P Mild mustard oil' in the category of mustard oils launched by this company are very famous in India.

Benefits of mustard oil

There are many local oils which are bad for the arteries and block them. However mustard oil is good in clearing up blocked arteries as it has negligible amounts of saturated fats. Mustard oils are also shown to remove toxins and are effective at removing stomach disorders, improve blood circulation and reduce the chances of many kinds of cancer. Mustard oil reduces blood fats, prevents blood clots, ashtama and swellings. It is also found to reduce depression increase the efficiency of the brain and memory. The vitamin E found in mustard oil works as an anti-oxidant.

The Puri Oils Limited

The The Puri Oils Mills Limited is a branch of the Puri Group of Industries. This company has got an award from the Central Government for its production of 'P' brand mustard oils. This company has maintained its goodwill even after 70 years of production. This company has also got a international quality star at Geneva. This company dominates the Jammu and Kashmir markets by 33% in cooking oils. In 2007 the turnover of the company was more than 7 crore rupees and has increased ever since. The network of the company is all over India, specially in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Chandigarh.

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