How to study Pharmacognosy for GPAT?

Pharmacognosy is one of the core subjects of pharmacy curriculum and to crack GPAT with high percentile it is mandatory that a student must study this subject in detail. Here, I am giving you some worthy tips on how to study Pharmacognosy for GPAT to qualify the same with flying rank.

GPAT is the online national level exam conducted by AICTE to facilitate the admission into M.Pharma course by B.Pharma students. Every year around 40000 thousand students take this test to test their knowledge but very few of them are lucky enough to make through this exam with a very high rank. The whole GPAT revolves around four core subjects- Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Out of these four subjects, Pharmacognosy is the most scoring and easy to prepare in my own perception and analysis. I am saying this on the basis of my own personal experience.
If you are planning to prepare for GPAT and don't know how to prepare for GPAT then I strongly recommend you to start with Pharmacognosy as it will take lesser time and will provide more fruitful result. Now, I am coming to the main theme of the resource.

Important topics to be covered for GPAT in Pharmacognosy

Although, it is difficult to point to certain topic which should be covered in Pharmacognosy but still I have extracted some hot topics from the Pharmacognosy from which every year plenty of questions asked in the GPAT. Here I am giving the detail of these topics with guidance for how to study them?

Important drugs to be studied in Pharmacognosy for GPAT

When I prepared for the GPAT exam, I made a list of around 30 important drugs which are asked most of the time in GPAT exam. Here I am sharing these drugs with you. But before giving you the name of these drugs, first I must tell you that what should you study in these drugs? Whenever you start study a drug divide it into following parts- Biological source of the drug, microscopy of the drug, chemical constituent of the drug and chemical tests of the drug. These are the four must read parts of any drug you are going to study. Make notes of these drugs while studying them as it will help you in the revision. Now I am hiving the list of most important drugs in Pharmacognosy for GPAT.
Important glycosides to be studied for GPAT- Digitallis, Senna, Aloe, Liquorice, Dioscera and Ginseng.
Important alkaloids to be studied for GPAT- Ergot, Vinca, Opium, Atropa, Kurchi, Cinchona, Ephedrine and Physostigmine.
Important terpenoids to be studied for GPAT- Eucalyptus, Cardamon, Fennel, Cassia Cinnamom, Garlic, Tulsi, Clove, Ginger and Turmeric.

Here, one must thing should be kept in mind by the aspirants that they should also study the general pharmacognosy of Glycosides, Alkaloids and Terpenoids along with the classification as these topics also have high weightage in the GPAT.

Study Analytical Pharmacognosy in detail to have high score in GPAT

I have seen most of the students don't pay much attention to this topic while preparing for the GPAT. But, I must tell you that this single topic is the secret to achieve high rank in the GPAT as there are lots of questions asked in the GPAT from this section and not much of the student pay attention to this topic.
Topics which should be studied in Analytical Pharmacognosy for GPAT-
  • Study the leaf constants in detail.
  • Trichomes and types of trichomes is one of the most hitting topics of analytical pharmacognosy. So, prepare it in detail.
  • Stomata and its types should also be studied in detail by the GPAT aspirants.
  • Other topics which should be studied in analytical pharmacognosy include limit for moisture content, water soluble extract, flurosence exhibited by some drugs and WHO guidelines for general limits.

Weightage of Phytochemical screening in GPAT

Phytochemical screening is another hot topic which carries high weightage in the GPAT exam. While studying phytochemical screening of the drugs you must study the name of test, reagent used in it and the result obtained. The Imortant chemical classes which should be studied in the section for GPAT include Alkaloids, Glycosides, Tannins, Flavonoids and steroids. But I recommend you to study the whole section in detail as it is not too much long but carry high weightage.

Books to be studied of pharmacognosy for GPAT

If you ask me to name the single sufficient book of Pharmacognosy for GPAT then I will recommend you CK Kokate. This is the best book of Pharmacognosy for GPAT on the basis of my personal experience. All of the sections are dealt in detail in this book. But, still you are interested in other book then you can go for Trease & Evans as this book also have great content for GPAT exam.

Some last minute tips in Pharmacognosy for GPAT aspirants

I highly recommend you that while studying you should prepare notes of pharmacognosy for GPAT separately. It will help you to revise the topic in last moments. Here are some last minutes tips for all the GPAT aspirants-
  • Study all the amino acid precursors of the drugs as every year you will find 2-3 questions on this topic.
  • Remember the biological source of all the drugs of CK Kokate as you will find lots of questions on biological source of drugs in GPAT.
  • You will definitely find the question on chemical constituents of drugs in GPAT, so must revise these for the above said 30 drugs.

And last but not the least, have ability in your abilities and you will definitely be through GPAT with flying colours. All what I have discussed is my personal analysis and will be happy in solving your any query regarding the GPAT. All the comments are invited with open heart so feel free to jot down your comment below.

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Guest Author: sujatha12 Aug 2013

hi how to prepare gpat in that we require special focus to preparation of pharmacognosy in that detailed information about microscopical characters and adulterants.

Guest Author: rajeshree11 Feb 2014

Please help me with last minute preparation for pharmacology subject.
thank you.

Guest Author: R.Prathyusha24 Sep 2015

Thank you very much for your advice. Now I have got a clear idea in preparing for studying Pharmacognosy for GPAT after reading your advice.

Guest Author: M.Rathna07 Jan 2016

Thank you for your advice on how to study Pharmacology for GPAT!

Author: Lakshmi08 May 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

In introduction of alkaloids & lipids, what points we should stress? Alkaloids extraction and phyto chemical screening involves many reagents and procedures. Is it required for GPAT? I am following Kokate.

Author: Lakshmi08 May 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Is this resource best to understand Pharmacognosy for GPAT?

Guest Author: harika samyuktha24 May 2017

Thanks for providing valuable information. Is biological source, microscopy, chemical constituents, chemical tests sufficient to attain a good score in cognosy? Moreover can I ignore standards (ash value, acid insoluble value, foreign organic matter value....) - is this important?

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