How to get job in any Multi National company(MNC)?

This article explains all the tips that a candidate should know before going to seek a job opportunity in any Multinational company especially Wipro, InfoTech, Geodesic. It includes all the do's and don'ts. I have explained all these things with my own experiences. This article plays a crucial role in getting job. It also includes resume preparation tips, Interview tips and tips to clear the written test.

Getting a job in any multinational company is a dream for all the students who are going to step out from their college life. They will put their full efforts to succeed. But only a few succeed in their 1st attempt and others require few more trails.

This article covers all my mistakes that I have done and the lessons I learned during the selection process. Myself Pilli Krishna Mohan Reddy according to the X class marks list, I also tried to get the job in 1st attempt but it failed for two times. Finally succeed in my 3rd attempt.

I strongly believe success teaches us only half lesson and the remaining half we should learn from our failure. Now I have a complete lesson which will help you to taste the success in your 1st trail, let's discuss more on this.

Eligibility Criteria:

In job acquiring trails the very first thing you have to satisfy is to meet their eligibility criteria. For the year 2011-2012 many MNC's kept 60% marks in student educational background as cutoff. For some companies it was extended to 65, 70 and 75 also.

It would be better if you have a minimum of 65% of marks. Another important point you have to take care is on the standing errors. It would be better if you clear all the subjects. If not do not worry, put fake marks on your resume because they will not check your certificates at the time of interview.

Written Test:

The next step in the selection process is written test. In this the candidates technical and aptitude skills are tested. Every company has its own pattern. Some companies prefer online test, while some other prefer "Pen-Paper" mode. Companies with large requirement of employees prefer multiple choice type question paper. Some companies give the test paper in the descriptive manner also. In my experience I have covered all the types of exams.
My first trail is for InfoTech Company.

InfoTech Written test pattern:

Eligibility criteria: 60%, no standing errors.
• It was an online test.
• 60 questions in 60 minutes.
• 20 English questions
• 20 aptitude questions
• 20 Technical questions
• Sectional cutoff.
• No Negative Marking.

Do not neglect the preparation, though it's an easy one. To clear the written test you must thorough with the aptitude.Practice the bits in "R.S.Agarwal". This book is very useful in preparing for competitive exams. Many of the questions are taken directly from this book. Have a look at the previous questions papers; you can download them from As this is online test it would be better if you practice it from

Time management is very important, since there is a sectional cutoff. I suggest starting the exam with aptitude questions because English and Technical questions do not need much rough work to do and you can mark them easily at end by having a glance at them, while it is not possible with the aptitude questions. Carry a mobile dictionary with you, it will fetch you at least five marks.

Coming to statistics in our college a total of 300 students attended the written test but only 45 members cleared it. I also cleared it.

Geodesic Written test pattern:

• It was a descriptive test
• 20 questions in 60 minutes
• Ten Technical questions each carry one mark.
• Five Technical questions each carry three marks.
• Five Aptitude questions each carry three marks.
• No questions from English
• No Multiple choice questions.
• No Negative Marking.

Geodesic company requirement is very less, so they have chosen a very tough selection process. The cutoff marks for eligibility also high for us it is 67%. To clear this one should have a good knowledge at C, C++, JAVA, especially "Discrete Mathematics". But I will say a tip for you, attempt all the questions surely you will be the cleared candidate.

Coming to statistics 130 students attended the test and only 13 cleared the written test. I also cleared it.

Wipro Written test pattern:

Eligibility criteria: 60%, no standing errors.
• "Pen-Paper" test
• All are multiple choice questions.
• 60 questions in 60 minutes.
• 20 English questions
• 20 aptitude questions
• 20 Technical questions
• Sectional cutoff.
• No Negative Marking.

To clear this you only prepare previous question papers of Wipro, Not only the questions sometimes complete paper may also be repetitive. Tip to clear written test is only by malpractice. Though the question paper is easy it takes more time to solve, so it would be better if you form teams among the students and pass answers to each other.

Coming to statistics in our college a total of 350 students attended the written test but only 97 members cleared it. I also cleared it.

Technical Interview:

Many of the students loose their chances in this area only. Even clever students also take a few trails to pass this if they not prepare well. I have taken two trails at InfoTech and Geodesic, finally succeeded at Wipro.

• Dress well (formal light color shirt (prefer blue or white) with dark color pant.)
• Wear shoe and belt if possible (not mandatory)
• Take three copies of Resume, marks lists, certificates, seven pass port size photographs and insert them neatly in a good looking formal file.
• Be confident.
• Eat well.

• Take care of your hair style.
• Do not forget your important things.
• Do not loose patience, confidence.
• Do not be over confident.
• Do not eat spicy items before interview especially onions.

Let's discuss more on this topic,
After clearing the Written Test do not waste time, start memorizing the definitions of your subjects. Because interview is conducted at most for 30 minutes, you should have a short and "Straight" answer. Try your level best to not to drag him in the topic deeply because they are experts and can go to any level if their ego is hurt but produce a significant and clear answer.

At Geodesic interview I have taken him deep into the topic and lost my chances. In their company they will give training to you, so they do not want miracles from you. They just check you know the basics or not.

Resume Preparation tips:

Interviewers ask questions only from the resume, so take care of it. Do not place anything that you do not know on the resume. In my first interview at InfoTech I have written in the resume that I know JDBC even I do not know complete basics in it. They stressed on that topic and my chances are gone but my friend kept only C got the job.

Limit your resume to two pages. Do not use complete capital letters, or bold, italic. Be clear at the objective; prepare a good statement for it. This statement should not drag you into problems and it should enhance your chances. Use "Times New Roman font" for preparing your resume. Take a high quality print.

Coming back to the discussion, in the interview room when you enter greet him with a smile. Do not sit unless he tells you. Tell your name, where are from, educational details and your achievements and finally family background, Let him to speak more and ask more about yourself rather than subject. Most of the interviewers will ask questions about your "Engineering projects and mini projects" so prepare a good story for that. Maintain eye contact with interviewer.

If you do not know answer to any question then say "sorry, sir, I am unable to remember it" but do not try to bluff them, Remember they have a lot of experience and seen many students like you.

HR Interview:

Once you completed the "Technical interview" think you are at the door of the company. "HR Manager" will decide whether to allow you into the firm or not. HR Manager will only check whether you suits for the company or not. Sometimes this would be a tough one than the Technical interview.

In HR round do not give arrogant and complicated answers. My HR interview was a tough one, stress interview; He tested that how I react in the stress conditions. I almost lost hopes for his behavior, but when the result came I was very happy. The only tip to pass HR round is to maintain a pleasant smile on your face.

Follow my tips and get success in your trail, I wish all the best for you and your career.
Thank you.

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When the exam is held? Intimate me as soon as possible

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thank you for information I real want get job,bless me .

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The information you gave us is very helpful, but tell me how to give these exams. Do these companies give any advertisements or how can I apply in them?

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Sir I have 49 % in class 12 but 68 % in BCA. Am I eligible for interview?

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